DOOM II (Classic) Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 10/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 20 – 25 hours
Trophies: 20. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 6 / Bronze 5
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: Yes – Gold When I’m With You
Playthrough: 1 – 2


Welcome to the DOOM II (Classic) trophy guide!
Doom II, also known as Doom II: Hell on Earth, is a first-person shooter game by id Software. It was released for MS-DOS in 1994 and Macintosh in 1995. Unlike the original Doom, which was initially only available through shareware and mail order, Doom II was sold in stores.

Compared to its predecessor, Doom II features larger levels, new enemies, a new “super shotgun” weapon, and a new power-up. Master Levels for Doom II, an expansion pack with 21 new levels, was released on December 26, 1995. Another expansion, No Rest for the Living, which adds nine extra levels, was developed for the release of the game on Xbox Live Arcade and is also included in the Doom 3: BFG Edition, as part of Doom Classic Complete, and as a free add-on for the 2019 Unity engine port of Doom II.


Step 1: Multiplayer

Bronze Butcher [25G]
Silver Glorious [50G]
Bronze Heavenly Joy [25G]

To get these, Local Multiplayer then Deathmatch. Make sure you have a second controller for these three. From there, set Frag Limit to 25 and Time Limit to 10 or more minutes with the best level being MAP03 of Hell on Earth. To get “Heavenly Joy”, there is an area where there is a chaingun and pack of 50 bullets. Pick up the chaingun and 2 packs of bullets (it will respawn) and once at 200 bullets, let the chaingun rip and do not let go of the (L2). Once you get 25 Kills, repeat the process four more times.

Step 2: Miscellaneous

Silver It’s a Secret [15G]
Gold Not a Very Good Secret [25G]

There are two secret maps in Doom II (Classic). The main is accessed from MAP15 and the second is found within the first secret level, MAP32. These are to be done before the main campaign play because if you do them during the gameplay, you will skip over completing MAP15 and “The City” will not be given. Here are videos on how to find them all:

Silver Slip of the Finger [5G]

To set this up, it would be Local Multiplayer then Cooperative. Make sure you have a second controller for this one as well. This is easily achieved on MAP01 of Doom ][ as you will spawn pretty much on top of a BFG9000. Fire at the teammate and should unlock.

Silver That Can’t Be Good [5G]

Map 18: Courtyard is the best place to unlock “That Can’t Be Good” because as soon as you shoot the door to open it, there is a river of acidic slime ahead of you. Go down into it and you will be awarded.

Bronze Until It Is Done [50G]

Upon starting the first level, go to your immediate left. There will be a chainsaw there. Since the 100 kills is cumulative, there are 2 options. Replay the first level over and over again or playing through the game and making sure you remember to use the chainsaw.

Bronze Bad Monster! [25G]

The easiest level would be the first or second levels. You’ll find the rocket launcher in a super secret alcove in the first level and if you haven’t killed all the enemies, level 2 would provide plenty of fodder for this. Just find a weak enemy and blow both of you up. Best if you have some damage taken to make sure it works.

Bronze Skeet Shooting [25G]

The Super Shotgun can be found on MAP02 of Hell on Earth and that level, plus the next couple, are good to take down 4 enemies at once but make sure that they don’t die from one another.

Gold Superior Firepower [25G]

The best combination for this would be running through MAP31 on “I’m Too Young to Die”, collect a hidden BFG9000, save it for NOT using the secret exit, on MAP16, grab the blue skull key, and monsters (mainly Imps) would be pouring out. Fire one shot and should unlock, if you are close enough to enough Imps. Here is a video on how to pull it off (first being the full MAP31 and the second being MAP16 which comes as the next non-secret level):

There is also MAP08 of Hell on Earth where the BFG9000 is first located. Within the same level, there is a bunch of Imps to use the BFG9000 on so that would also be a posibility.

Step 3: Singleplayer

Gold The Space Station [100G]
Gold The City [100G]
Gold Hell [100G]
Silver I’m Superbad! [150G]
Silver Not So Friendly Fire [25G]
Gold Indiscriminate [50G]

These trophies are “campaign” trophies from each Episode. There are 8 levels and 1 secret in each Episode. “Indiscriminate” will arrive in due time when playing through the game. “Not So Friendly Fire” will be available once an enemy hits a different enemy and they start fighting each other. Once that happens, leave them be. “I’m Superbad!” can be unlocked if the first 3 episodes are completed in under 2 hours and can be unlocked with the “I’m Too Young to Die” difficulty, if done fast enough. If you want to get some insight and get used to Doom and some of the gameplay before trying the first, Episode 1 is available as a free download for PC’s (personal computers):

Windows Port
Apple Macintosh Port
Episode 1 Shareware

Gold The Master Levels [150G]

There are 20 extra levels that has been released called Master Levels. Good News: You can choose which order you do them in. Bad News: Nothing from the previous rolls over. You can play them on “I’m Too Young to Die” and still get “The Master Levels” yet a couple might be a bit harder than the main Doom 2 levels. Here is a video of how to run through the levels:

WARNING!!! I suggest you learn some of the tactics in the following videos before continuing as the skill level isn’t even remotely fair.

Step 4: Painful

Gold When I’m With You [50G]

This is pretty much the toughest to achieve. Make sure you have a second controller for this one. If you were like a speedrunner, you could get this plus at least 4, at most 12, other trophies but I doubt it and just trying to enjoy the game.

There is some insight on what Nightmare difficulty actually is from a YouTuber by the name of Decino. Here is one of his videos outlining Nightmare:

There are a number of factors of respawn and damage and the best way is to watch Doom’s RNG by decino.

To get an idea of completing Doom 2 on Nightmare, I have linked videos to Zero Master and WhiteshirtGames who have shown some possible tactics of completing Nightmare. I know some won’t get any speed records but that this trophy is dead last to be achieved, unless you know what you are doing and where you are going.

No Secrets (Zero Master)
With Secrets (Zero Master)
Maps 1-10 [WhiteshirtGames]
Maps 11-20 [WhiteshirtGames]
Maps 21-30 [WhiteshirtGames]

Step 5: Celebration

40-platinum Completionist
You have the platinum for Doom II (Classic).

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Trophy List

Unlock all trophies in DOOM 2
The Space Station Gold
Beat all the space station levels (episodes 1-11)
The City Gold
Beat all the city levels (episodes 12-20)
Hell Gold
Beat all the hell levels (episodes 21-30)
The Master Levels Gold
Beat all the Master Levels
I’m Superbad! Silver
Beat DOOM 2 in under 2 hours
Butcher Bronze
Get 25 kills in deathmatch
Glorious Silver
Get 100 kills in deathmatch
When I’m With You Gold
Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode
Until It Is Done Bronze
Get 100 chainsaw kills
Heavenly Joy Bronze
Shoot 200 bullets consecutively with the machine gun
Bad Monster! Bronze
Kill yourself and an enemy with your own rocket explosion
Skeet Shooting Bronze
Kill 4 enemies in 1 shot with the super shotgun
Superior Firepower Gold
Kill 12 enemies in one shot with the BFG
That Can’t Be Good Silver
Take damage from an environmental hazard
Not So Friendly Fire Silver
Cause an enemy to kill another enemy
Slip of the Finger Silver
Kill a teammate in co-operative multiplayer
It’s a Secret Silver
Find a secret level
Not a Very Good Secret Gold
Find all the secret levels
Indiscriminate Gold
Kill one of every enemy

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