Nump Jump Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 5 min
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 4 / Bronze 2
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


 Greetings gamers and welcome to the Nump Jump trophy guide!
Nump Jump is a singular level platform jumping game developed by Zakym. The game itself is a very short and easy platinum trophy, which features a singular level to complete in order to obtain the completion.


Step 1: Complete The Only Level
I would be very surprised if you did not obtain the platinum when you completed the only level, however in order to clear things up I will point out below a couple things that you are required to keep an eye out for.

  • For Gold Jump 6 times on jumper you need to ensure you use the auto jumper pads 6 times. These come along about mid-way through the level and will automatically jump you up.
  • Make sure to collect enough coins for Gold Score 150 points. There are plenty of coins on the route up the level

The rest of the trophies will come naturally without even thinking about, so as long as you focus on the above, you’ll have the platinum when you cross the 1000 target and end the level.

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Nump Jump
You have collected all trophies!
Jump 5 times Gold
Jump 5 times
Jump 15 times Gold
Jump 15 times
Jump 30 times Gold
Jump 30 times
Jump 50 times Gold
Jump 50 times

Hap-Bee Birthday 🙂Gold
Hap-Bee Birthday 🙂
Make first jump on jumper Gold
Make first jump on jumper
Jump 3 times on jumper Gold
Jump 3 times on jumper
Jump 6 times on jumper Gold
Jump 6 times on jumper
Score 10 points Gold
Score 10 points
Score 50 points
Score 50 points
Score 100 points Gold
Score 100 points
Score 150 points Gold
Score 150 points
Reach target 100 Gold
Reach target 100
Reach target 300 Gold
Reach target 300
Reach target 600 Gold
Reach target 600
Reach target 1000
Reach target 1000

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