Boyfriend Dungeon Review


Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawling / dating sim game that was developed and published by indie studio Kitfox Games. It saw a release on PC, Switch, and Xbox in August 2021.


It’s summer vacation, and you find yourself in the luxurious city of Verona Beach. Beaches everywhere, nightclubs, restaurants, and the only one you know is your cousin, Jessie, unfortunately. But he’s going to be your best chance at getting a date for the entire summer and a job! So you go to the local dungeon, or dunj, as all the hip locals call it, and find yourself a weapon who just so happens to be a man named Isaac. He tells you about people that can transform into weapons, and how people who can’t transform are called “wielders”. Thus begins your crazy summer!

The story is a bit all over the place in a way. The main story is mostly about trying to find out what’s causing all these weapon transforming people to be taken into the local dungeons and being broken, with no memory of what happened. It’s kind of bland and boring to be honest. But the other half of the story all centers around all of the people you can date! As the game is half dating sim, half action RPG! I didn’t care so much for the main story, but holy crap I was invested in the side stories of every character you meet. From Sunder, the super friendly and very promiscuous night club owner, to Valeria the artist, to Pocket the adorable (and best) kitty in town, I loved everyone. When you’re not running around dating or fighting, you’re in your room texting them all to see what they’re up to!

The downside to advancing all of these awesome stories, is that to do that, you need to play the dungeons, over and over and over and over again. Defeating enemies and doing the same relationship building events just to advance a specific character’s story. By the time I finished Valeria, Pockets, and Sevens’ stories, I was far too annoyed to finish the other four characters, even though I really wanted to. It was just boring to rank up the relationships with no other real way.

When you aren’t seducing all the wonderful people of the town with your charm, you’re exploring through the dungeons of Verona Beach, which unfortunately there are only two of. You start on the top floor, working your way down to the bottom, every other floor acts as a checkpoint, so when you quit, you can at least easily return to the point you stopped at. Each of the dungeons all tackle a manner of insecurity that your character has about themselves, which somehow correlates to the enemies you see. The game plays like an action RPG, but is a little basic in that regard. You’re only able to roll, do a basic attack, and do a heavy attack. Honestly most of the time I stuck to doing a heavy attack because they were surprisingly quick and dealt AoE damage.

As you defeat enemies, see relationship events in the dungeons, and clear floors, you earn EXP, which is all compiled once you leave the dungeon, by either taking the elevator or dying. This then levels you up, but the only upside to leveling up is that you get more health, and even then it’s only one more point of health per level up. You don’t get extra defense, or damage, or any cool abilities. The extra damage comes from leveling up your relationships with weapons, which I’ve already talked about. So I hated trying to use a new weapon because I knew it was going to be so much worse than what I was using most of the time. Although a few weapons that were highly leveled up didn’t feel like they balanced well to the second dungeon. When you level up weapons, they get new skills on their related skill tree at least, that are tailored to how they play. So you could slow enemies with your heavy attack, or confuse them when you roll which then lets you get critical hits on them. That part at least made it fun to use the few moves I had in my pocket.

I really wish the game had more content honestly. Two dungeons did not seem long enough for the other half of the game. There’s tons of dialogue to read while dating your favourite weapon, or dating all the weapons like the hussy you know that you are, but again on the flipside, there’s not much to do. There’s so many possibilities they could’ve done for dungeons. Between a beach, or a big mansion, or be crazy and make your house a dungeon! So much of the map just went unused and it was a shame because there’re so many different design possibilities. But if there’s a sequel, hopefully it goes bigger!


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Awesome Characters
  • Pocket The Cat
  • Generous Checkpoint System In Dungeons


  • Main Story Is Dull And Boring
  • Not Enough Dungeons
  • Grinding For Weapons Levels Is Ridiculous


For someone who just wants a great story about weird characters and premise, I’d say the game is definitely worth it, just for them. But the main story and the dungeon gameplay isn’t exactly the best selling point for it all either. If you ever play this, just go in with tempered expectations, or you may be very disappointed.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Kitfox Games
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter

Boyfriend Dungeon – Launch Trailer


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