Kick It, Bunny! Review


Kick It, Bunny is a puzzle game by DillyFrame Games, which also includes collectibles and activities.


This cute little puzzle game is only 2 hours, but feels longer due to becoming so immersed into the collectible hunting and puzzle solving.

The smooth movements and controls are as simple as blinking, which you need to remember to do when playing this, as with each puzzle comes great focus. So, please do remember to blink, okay?

The colours and polished finish on everything in view is crisp and seamless. And with the music being a little jivy, it helps you skip along to the next collectible.

For a short game the map is fairly decent and there’s lots to explore and find. And, if you find yourself feeling weary from all the walking, you can always take a break by the river, or maybe go for a swim to cool off.

The puzzles themselves are fairly simple, however, some can be more challenging than others without a guide. And there are many puzzles to choose from, each being as thought provoking and enjoyable as the last.

I had a lot of fun playing this and, for a pretty simple platinum, what’s not to like?


Rating: 7 out of 10.


  • Simple controls
  • Short playtime (with guide)
  • Cute characters


  • Puzzles can be time consuming without a guide


Very easy and straightforward game with enjoyable music and exploration. Fun to play and an easy platinum at the end of it. I personally, really enjoyed it.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: DillyFrame Games
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £7.99/€9.99 Europe / $9.99 North America
Trophy Information: 27. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 7 / Silver 9 / Bronze 10

Images –

“Kick it, Bunny!” Trailer

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