Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle Review


Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle is a sliding block puzzler, developed by Blue Wizard Digital. It was released on iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2018. It then saw a PS4 and Xbox One release in 2020.


Have you ever wanted to play through all of Jason Vorhees adventures in a silly art style? Look no further! With block heads and weapons galore, you can be the crazy killer everyone loves! I have no knowledge of the source material, but even I loved the silly humour the game brought to it all!

But if you don’t know the source material, there’s not much you’d understand. I mean I knew what levels were meant to be inspired by what movies, but there’s no real context to the levels other than that. There’s no dialogue, there’s no true story, but the gameplay is what makes this game what it is.

It may be as simple as a sliding floor puzzle at first, but eventually the game ramps up. Adding hazards like electric fences. Or mechanics like light switches, so you don’t scare people when you’re beside them. Or so cops don’t fire at you if you stand in front of them. These really made the puzzle hard sometimes. But the consistency of the puzzles was a bit strange. I’d be stuck on a puzzle for 20 minutes, slowly going through each move before I made it, until I eventually thought up the solution. Only for the next three levels to be completed on my first try.

As you complete levels, you gain experience towards your bloodlust level. Once you level up, you earn a loot crate that contains four random weapons. You can then use these weapons in game, or trade them in to try and get different weapons. But it was all very random, and none of the weapons did anything different. But that’s okay, because it was funny to see someone get stabbed through the chest with a toilet seat! 

During the course of the game, some kills in levels would give you a scene of Jason killing his victim. Then the last person of the puzzle would also be a scene, if you managed to stop a meter while it was in the necessary “killzone”. These were enjoyable and really funny at first. But eventually they started to repeat and I found myself skilling them more and more. But the final kill of each series of levels was always unique and funny due to the art style.

There’s a few side modes to keep you coming back if you’re really interested. Like a puzzle that changes daily, or a high score mode. All you do in it is try to get the meter in the killzone while it slowly shrinks. This was fun for a bit, until it just gets way too small. But I got up to 28, so I was happy.


Rating: 7 out of 10.


  • Thought Provoking Puzzles
  • Silly Artstyle
  • Tons Of Weapons


  • Need A Bit Of Source Material Knowledge
  • Inconsistent Puzzle Difficulty


I can’t recommend this game enough. It’s silly, violent, and seeing a toilet seat decapitate someone is funny. I feel I would’ve enjoyed the settings to each level a bit more though if I was familiar with the source material though. But if you don’t know the source material, so don’t want to play it, I recommend the developers’ other game, Slayaway Camp as well. It’s basically the same thing!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Blue Wizard Digital
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £8.99/€10.99 Europe / $12.99 North America
Trophy Information: 54. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 2 / Silver 5 / Bronze 46

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Trailer

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