Don’t Touch this Button! Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10 (Because of Boss fight)
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 45 min
Trophies: 14. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 2 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 66 Levels
Stacks: 6 (EU/JP/NA – PS4 & PS5) – Crossbuy: Yes


Greetings comrades and welcome to the Don’t Touch this Button! trophy guide!
This one comes from 9 Eyes Game Studio and publisher Ratalaika Games, and I must admit, I rather liked this short puzzle game.

This game is one of those where opposite is the way to go, and even late in the game I kept trying to do what the game told me to before I realized I needed to do the opposite.

Tips and Strategies

All the trophies will pop along the way to the final level. The only one to be aware of is the one for breaking 25 vases. Try to break every one you can when you come across them.

Now, I fully realize most will be stacking this game, so with that said the guide is formatted more into a bullet point for each level to make stacking easier. This may make the first playthrough a little harder, but each stack so much quicker.

With that being said, away we go. Oh, and one final tip, hold to run the whole time to make quicker.

  • Level 1. Press the button in middle
  • Level 2. Press the button in bottom right corner. It will be behind you
  • Level 3. Press the button while on spikes for trophy(spikes), then walk behind them and press the button
  • Level 4. Press the right button
  • Level 5. Press the button in top right corner
  • Level 6. Solution is on the wall
  • Level 7. Solution is opposite of the wall
  • Level 8. Bottom right hand pedestal with button
    • Okay folks I’m not going to keep saying button after this point.
  • Level 9. Second row, far right pedestal
  • Level 10. Go the opposite way of the arrows
  • Level 11. Throw the cube up to switch on the ceiling
  • Level 12. Throw the cubes into areas labelled “NO”, which opens up pedestal area
  • Level 13. Take cubes from the wall and place on the green spots on floor
  • Level 14. Take cubes from the wall and place on the spots on floor, then you step into last empty spot
  • Level 15. Take cubes from the floor and place on wall. If to close to wall the game will glitch and the wall will absorb the cube, if this happens, just restart level.
  • Level 16. Break all the vases.
  • Level 17. Use cube to break down locked cell door . Also breaking all the vases will give you the trophy (Gold Vandal) and you don’t have to worry about breaking vases now.
  • Level 18. Go to left (spikes don’t work), walk over them pull switch on wall to left.
  • Level 19. On right wall, pull far left and far right switches, on opposite wall pull switch.
  • Level 20. On right wall, pull 2 right switches, then far left switch, then one on hall with spike floor.
  • Level 21. Right wall, far left, middle right, and one in hall with spikes.
  • Level 22. Pull switches with a vase across from them. Then one above the spikes.
  • Level 23. Just wait till sealed room opens.
  • Level 24. Bottom of pedestal in left corner is the switch.
  • Level 25. Push floating box in middle of room under switch, use empty pedestal to jump up.
  • Level 26. Go left, then left and move floating box out of way and press the switch.
  • Level 27. Push floating box in front of each window.
  • Level 28. Mimic the pattern of vases with the floating boxes. But make single box be on the right instead of left.
  • Level 29. Push the floating boxes under the windows in ceiling.
  • Level 30. Push one box towards bottom left corner, behind it (by the window) you can jump higher, then push another box under switch in ceiling.
  • Level 31. Turn left and press against bottom left wall to find hidden hallway.
  • Level 32. Turn left and and press upon left hand corner for (Gold Fall).  Further down same wall is another hidden hallway and on its left side is another hidden hall way with the switch.
  • Level 33. Press the switch first and die (for Gold Laser). Then activate the switch while on side closest to exit door, there is gap in lasers.
  • Level 34. Push floating boxes in the way of lasers.
  • Level 35. Arrange the boxes so that they will block the lasers. It will be a L shape or right angle.

  • Level 36. Jump over switches to both sides and activate the switches which unlock room with a cube, then throw cube onto switches.
  • Level 37. Hit the switch. The lasers will not harm you.
  • Level 38. Activate lasers with switch then wait till they turn off.
  • Level 39. Jump over vases to the right and hit switch.
  • Level 40. Go to knobs on left and enter 3012
  • Level 41. Enter code 0312 on the knobs
  • Level 42. Enter code 0303 on the knobs
  • Level 43. The number on the knob needs to match the number of vases in the room.
  • Level 44. The rooms with a knob match the number of vases, use the box to break the vases in the other rooms with zero on the wall.
  • Level 45. Bottom right room 2 on knob. Top right room 1 on knob. Bottom left room 0 on knob, top left room 3 on knob.
  • Level 46. Enter 3021 on the knobs on the wall.
  • Level 47. Turn right and in alcove repeatedly jump on green tear in the floor
  • Level 48. First green tear on the floor on the left.
  • Level 49. Throw into the space on the floor. Also throw one at the minion hiding in the hole in the floor for a trophy (Gold Do not look at me!).
    • After this minion you will need to kill 4 more within the latter levels (I will point out locations).
  • Level 50. Toss the cubes out the open diamond shaped windows.
  • Level 51. On left hand side past 2 windows, jump behind them for the button.
  • Level 52. Minion hiding behind left wall, Use cube found near the exit. Bottom Right dial enter 2 , Bottom Left dial enter 3 , Near minion dial enter 1
  • Level 53. Cross tiles, pull switch (Tiles disappear, so leave yourself a path to go back and forth 3 times).
  • Level 54. Go down the right path and hit switches, then down the left path and hit the switch, then down middle to exit.
  • Level 55. Again leave enough tiles to get around. Enter 3313 on the knobs on wall. Then walk on tiles near exit on right hand side to find another minion.
  • Level 56. Use to run and jump between tiles to leave yourself a way back.
  • Level 57. Hit switch, hole in floor is fake. You can walk on it.
  • Level 58. You can walk across the gap on the top left, then circle back down and walk across the second gap using picture for reference form the other side. There is also a minion behind the back left wall in this level.

  • Level 59. Memorize the path you take as it disappears when you hit the switch.
  • Level 60. There are floating green signs that you need to jump on (Trust the opposite, remember). Will need to run and jump to get to some. Also minion in this level towards end on left, opposite the exit door (Gold You can’t hide!).
  • Level 61. Pull switch on wall, then fall off. Will spawn next to button, press it and fall off again.
  • Level 62. Back left hand vase is the button.
  • Level 63. Press left corner edge of green sign for the button.
  • Level 64. Press on your controller to open door.
  • Level 65. Pass through the exit door, its not really there.
  • Level 66. Boss fight. You have to press the 6 switches while the boss tries to blow you off the path. The path I took was top right switch, then middle right switch, then bottom right switch. Then go across to lower left switch, then middle left and finally top left.  After that you will press the big button and earn the trophy for completing all levels and the plat.

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Trophy List

Puzzle Master
Get all other trophies.
First Step Gold
Complete the first level
Level 15 Gold
Complete the fifteenth level
Level 30 Gold
Complete the thirtieth level
Level 45 Gold
Complete the forty-five level
Level 60 Gold
Complete the sixty level
Last Step Gold
Сomplete the game
Fall Gold
Death by falling
Spikes Gold
Death by spikes
Lasers Gold
Death by lasers
It Was Hard Gold
Spend two minutes to complete one level
Vandal Gold
Destroy 25 vases
Do not look at me! Gold
Destroy one minion
You can’t hide! Gold
Destroy five different minions

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