Crisis Wing Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 120 min
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 7 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 3 Modes


Welcome to the Crisis Wing trophy guide!
This brilliant throwback to 90’s arcade shoot’em ups is brought to you by EastAsiaSoft and one-man indie games studio Pieslice Productions.

This game is amazing and gave me trouble to begin with, but I guarantee it will bring back the nostalgia of the 90s to many of you. Me however, it reminded me massively of a 2016 Facebook messenger game I was addicted to named EverWing!


This game has 3 modes, and I’d recommend starting with “One Player Mode”, then you can do “Time Attack” or “Boss Rush” in whatever order you wish!
My best advice is to read over my descriptions for how to get each trophy, then follow the Text/Video strategies used on the trophies for Gold High Scorer III, Gold Time Attack Scorer, and Gold Boss Rush Scorer.

Tips and Strategies

  • You do not have to grab everything if it will kill you; you will get more points staying alive
  • You become invincible for a small time after using a bomb, you can use this if you are about to be hit.
  • You get 3 new bombs each life.
  • You may prefer a different power up, but my favourite was the green one.
  • Always stick to one colour of power up, as it upgrades each time.
  • Each game plays exactly the same, so if you die a lot like me you will learn the pattern quickly.
  • My first PS4 platinum was 2 hours; PS5 was 30 minutes and my guide videos less than 15 minutes – This starts off frustrating (at least for me), but you will learn the patterns and get used to it or follow my Text/Video strategies found below!

I have written quick notes under the three most difficult points based trophies for specific tips for those.

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Trophy Guide

Crisis Wing Hero
Unlock all other trophies

Unlock all other trophies.

Eat This Gold
Use a bomb

Press to use a bomb, you start with three and gain three after each death on one player mode.

Power Up Gold
Collect a power up item

Shoot down the Space Rubble that has a big ‘P’ on there and then collect the power up that drops out from it.

Be Prepared Gold
Collect a bomb item

You will get this on time attack mode; later on in the game you will see a ‘Green Skull’ drop from a box you shoot, collect this.

Combo I Gold
Collect a 100-point medal

These will continue to fall each game when you shoot enemies; catch your first one and this trophy will be yours.

Combo II Gold
Collect a 1000-point medal

After each combo item you pick up the score you gain will continue to increase by 100 each time up to 1000. Catch 10 in a row without missing one and this trophy is yours, if you miss one it resets to 100.

Combo III Gold
Collect a 10,000-point medal

After each combo item you pick up the score you gain will continue to increase – after reaching 1000 it increases by 1000 each time up to 10000, if you miss one it resets to 100.

Red Ship Gold
Play One Player Mode with the red ship

Just play a game and die, trophy is yours.

Blue Ship Gold
Play One Player Mode with the blue ship

You must go into options, then game options then change the colour to blue. Play a game then die.

Boss Rush Gold
Play Boss Rush Mode

After you play this mode and die, the trophy is yours.

Time Attack Gold
Play Time Attack Mode

After you play this mode and die, the trophy is yours.

First Boss Gold
Defeat the first boss

Just defeat the first boss. Strategy will be posted on Gold High Scorer III trophy on text and video.

High Scorer I Gold
Score at least 50,000 points in One Player Mode

See Gold High Scorer III.

High Scorer II Gold
Score at least 100,000 points in One Player Mode

See Gold High Scorer III.

High Scorer III Gold
Score at least 200,000 points in One Player Mode

To get this simply score 200k in one player mode. I will provide a rough text strategy and also a video guide of me carrying out said strategy.

Note: Make sure to try collect coins consecutively this will decide how fast you reach 200k however don’t lose a life over it!


  • The mode will simply start with yellow space ships coming from left, right, left, right and then will green ships will start coming out.
  • A power up will then appear, shoot it but don’t go grab it; either kill or avoid the two blue ships that come from the right and the go get it when its green as ships come out from the left. They cant kill you as they only shoot forward.
  • You will then have green ships coming down the middle, and blue ships on each side. Just stay in the middle and shoot forward whilst avoiding the green ship single bullets coming towards you.
  • The next mini boss should come out now; either kill this without using a bomb but don’t worry if you need to spare a bomb here to get through, just don’t die here.
  • You will get another power up here which is another trap, green ships that can shoot from any angle appear here, try kill them and collect another green power up.
  • The first big boss will appear here and you may earn (First Boss) trophy if you haven’t already done another mode! Shoot and dodge, try use your last two bombs on this one and kill it, don’t worry if you die and need to use 1 more bomb.
  • You will be around the 120k mark by this point and will move onto the second area.
  • Lots of ships will appear but you can shoot or dodge them but keep an eye on the box ships that appear from the top corner, shoot to kill these every time they can get annoying if left to shoot.
  • This will then just become an area that throws lots of box ships, white ships and green ships at you, try stay alive and get past this point
  • Keep an eye on the right side as a large blue ship will appear but if you kept collecting green power up it should be quick and easy to kill
  • Larger blue ships and smaller green ships will keep appearing but just kill of these and use one green bomb if you are about to die. You should have 2 left.
  • The final part is when 2 blue ships appear, shoot them till your about to get hit, you your green bomb and shoot to kill – you should be around 200k at this point if not it’ll be shortly after.
  • This will bring you past 200k

Time Attack Scorer Gold
Score at least 100,000 points in Time Attack Mode

To get this simply score 100k in Time Attack mode. I will provide a rough text strategy and also a video guide of me carrying out said strategy.

Note: Getting the coin boxes consecutively makes this so much easier although in video i miss one but still make it with plenty of time.
Also don’t die you will lose 15sec which can decide your fate.


  • It will start off with easy to kill blue ships which drops coins, get them
  • Then there will be two power ups make sure you get 1 green one
  • This will be followed by circle ships and then green ships that can only shoot forward.
  • You should try be around 30k points with 1 minute 50 sec remaining.
  • Get the next green power up and green bomb for trophy (Be prepared) and avoid the Harrier Jet ships and when they move into middle, move to avoid at the sides – no need to kill these.
  • The mini snake ship boss is next, it shoots 3 bullets out its head easy enough to dodge and shoot, use one bomb here to get past quickly – if you have picked up 2 or 3 green power ups it will die fast.
  • the next boss can be tricky, I try shoot then go left so you are not caught in middle, I found this impossible to dodge so I had to use 1 or 2 bombs here to do damage and shoot whilst invincible.
  • Two power ups will appear here, I recommend staying green.
  • Next two ships will shoot down the sides, stay in middle and shoot circle ships.
  • You will then get more power ups, another bomb, two Harrier Jet ships and lots of blue ships, you may have 1 or 2 bombs here just shoot to kill and get 100k
  • This will bring you past 100K

Boss Rush Scorer Gold
Score at least 75,000 points in Boss Rush Mode

To get this simply score 75k in Boss Rush mode. I will provide a rough text strategy and also a video guide of me carrying out said strategy.

Note: Try to get as many points as you can from the bosses in between using green bombs.
Also try and get as many ‘points items’ as you can as all points help in this mode


  • Shoot out the first few waves of spinning ships
  • The next two mini bosses appear at same time, try for as many points as you can and before you are hit use a green bomb, do this twice.
  • You will be around 25k get the green power up
  • The first boss from one player mode will appear, its faster, try shoot till your about to die then use your last bomb of this life. Shoot as much as you can in between using another two green bombs on your 2nd life, for a total of 3 green bombs on this boss.
  • 3 waves of spinning ships will appear and also collect the ‘point items’
  • Immediately start shooting up left at the blue ship, you should kill this before it shoots. Then shoot the middle and right blue ships and use green bomb before you are hit.
  • You should be around the 70k mark here and get another green power up. You will have no bombs however one life to spare with 3 green bombs on next life.
  • Shoot and dodge till you die, then just shoot, dodge and use your last 3 green bombs to stay alive and collect points.
  • This will bring you past 75k

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