Alphadia Genesis 2 Review


Created by Exe-Create and ported to Console by Kemco, this is the follow up to Alphadia Genesis! Originally released in 2014, it was released on consoles in 2021.


The Atramians and Lucerians are the biggest of enemies. They’ve fought for over 300 years, and just had a war 10 years ago. The reason? The Lucerians want to commit genocide on the entire Atramians race. What’s the difference between them? The Atramians are filled with Black Energi, while the Lucerians have Light Energi. So it’s basically a fight of “good and evil”. Though I guess it depends on how you view each side. You play as Dion Pholus, who’s out one day getting food and herbs from a nearby forest, only to return to your village to see it’s being destroyed by the Lucerian Empire. You manage to escape the carnage, and make it your mission to exact revenge on the empire. Not only for your father, but for everyone.

On your way, you of course run into a bunch of people who have reasons to want to defeat the empire too, so you team up with them on your adventures. But as you travel the world, you find out that not every Lucerian is like the ones who reside in the Empire city. Some don’t want war and bloodshed. They just want a world of peace. Maybe because they’re nice people, or because the war has drawn on for 300 years! Throughout the game, you also see the side of the Empire through the eyes of Prince Julius and his family. You see his struggles as he tries to do as his father says, but realizes he has quite the set of Morales, and doesn’t always agree. But as a soldier of the army, he has to do as he’s told. 

Dion and his friends on the other hand go through a cliche kind of development. One second they want to topple the Empire and save the world, but then they realize that won’t do much. So instead they want to try and come to terms to live side by side. Though of course I’m just paraphrasing and there’s a whole lot of in-between. The story itself is really well written, and it kept me chugging through, especially when things started getting going! It definitely made up for the gameplay. When you beat the game though, you get what’s basically the bad ending. You then have to load up your game again so you can get the true ending!

The gameplay on the other hand is very basic until I hit about the last quarter of the game. When you’re in battle, you choose to attack or use skills. You then have “slots” that you can use to increase your attack power on basic attacks or skills. You then get a slot back every turn, or when you block. So a lot of battles just worked the same way. I started the fight, basic attacks with 5 slots, did a ton of damage, and moved on. At the end of the game I at least needed to strategize who to attack and how! 

You do get necklaces for items, so that every character can learn every skill in the game. So you can have everyone know how to heal. But the one downside is that if you unequip the item, you then lose access to every single skill you learned while it was on. So I didn’t know this until I got in a boss fight, and went “where are Dion’s healing skills that he knows?”. So it felt pointless to be able to have the ability for everyone to learn every skill, but then make it set to an item that always needed to be equipped.

The dungeons though we’re very uninspired. They were all just one long corridor. This was my issue with the first one. Though the one thing that doesn’t make sense to me, is there are lights on the ground that show you where to go when you’re in a dungeon. It didn’t make sense considering it’s one linear hallway on almost every single dungeon! So you walk down a hallway, getting into random battles, until you fight the boss. You can switch the encounter rate though. From normal, or half, or double, or none. Or if you’re a true masochist, you could get into a fight literally every step!

After you finish each dungeon though, when you return to the town that you were just at, it then has side quests. Some of these are killing random enemies, or going back to dungeons. After about the third town, I just stopped doing them because I never really got anything worthwhile from them. Eventually you get a boat and a flying ship, as in every single JRPG, so it was fun flying around the map to see how big it truly was. Plus when you’re flying around, you get such a fun little tune to bounce around to! I listened to it for longer than I should’ve.

The game looks fairly good though. Just like the first one though, I was disappointed that none of your gear changes the way you look in battle. So your swords and everything stay the exact same. The battle skills also looked a touch lame. Especially one where you conjure up “tornados” to harm enemies. Even the boss’s bad skills weren’t all that spectacular to see. Or there’s just a basic enemy design that appears in cutscenes. So the characters will go “oh no, it’s a wolf!” but the design of the monster looks nothing like it. It kind of looks like a black ghost with blue crystals all over it.


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Engaging Story
  • Encounter Rate Settings
  • Flying Music


  • Combat Is Basic
  • Pointless Dungeon Guidance System
  • Dungeons Are Very Linear


I really enjoyed the story, and figuring out how it correlated to the first one. I felt for Dion and Julius and all of their struggles. The characters were fun that you meet on your adventure, and the flying music is fantastic. But the dungeons are linear hallways, the combat is basic and boring for most of the game, and the side quests don’t give you anything worthwhile. If you enjoyed the first, you’ll probably enjoy this one though!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Exe-Create
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: KEMCO
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £11.99/€14.99 Europe / $14.99 North America
Trophy Information: 20. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 4 / Bronze 6

Alphadia Genesis 2 – Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4


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