PlayStation Showcase, September 9th, 2021


This PlayStation Showcase showed off plenty of new games, along with a few remastered things, and some highly anticipated news. So without saying much else, let’s just get down to business shall we, and talk about some video games!

The Games

First off we had Lucasfilm Games, and developer Aspyr showing off a quick teaser for Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake. There wasn’t a date specified though. But if you’re a fan, I hope you’re looking forward to it!

Next up we had Shift Up Studios, showing off Project Eve. It looked like a Dystopian Sci-Fi Action Adventure RPG. At first I thought it was Bayonetta 3, but then it shifted. The way the trailer looked, it seems like it’ll be a linear adventure! Here’s hoping. Though I wish we knew more about the story!  

2K and Gearbox Studios came out swinging with Tiny Tina Wonderlands! A standalone game, all about Tiny Tina and her silly world of magic and fantasy! I have to be honest, I can’t wait for this! Tiny Tina is easily one of my favourite Borderlands characters. She’s silly, she’s crazy, and she loves fantasy worlds and Dungeons and Dragons! Plus we have a release date of March 25, 2022.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions came up next with Forespoken, where you seem to get transported to a fantasy world! Definitely an open world and a medieval setting with dragons and monsters galore! I guarantee there will be RPG elements in it, with side quests and a wide world to explore. We were given a date of Spring 2022.

We finally got more word about Rainbow 6 Extraction by Ubisoft. It is definitely not tactical in the sense that Siege is. It looks like you’ll be fighting monsters with a team of friends or AI partners! Whether it’ll be one off missions, or a full fledged story is yet to be seen, but it half looked like there were some characters from the Siege series! It is set to be released in January 2022.

One game I’m really excited about is Alan Wake Remastered! Originally developed by Remedy Entertainment as an Xbox 360 exclusive, it’s being remastered for current gen systems. I can’t wait to step into the shoes of Alan, as this was one game I missed that generation, and the disc I have doesn’t even work! So here’s hoping I can pick it up when it releases on October 5th of this year.

Everyone and their mother knows what GTA 5 is. The PS5 version releases in March 2022. That’s the news.

Ghostwire Tokyo by Tango Gameworks is the next thrilling adventure by Survival Horror veteran Shinji Mikami! It’s being released in 2022 on PlayStation 5. Though with the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, it’s guaranteed to be a timed exclusive. This is gonna be a wild ride, as you’re in a city that seems to have people disappearing from supernatural causes and you’re going to find out why. Turns out it’s going to be in first person! If the trailer was anything to go off of.

We got yet another look at Eidos Montreal, and the Guardians Of The Galaxy! The single player, story driven game. To be honest, my hype has been growing more and more for this game. We get space combat, 3rd person shooting fun, and I guarantee we’ll be able to play as anyone on the team. So here’s to being able to play as Rocket Raccoon, the smart mouthed little bastard. We have a release date of October 26th 2021.

Bloodhunt looks like it’s going to be a 3rd person competitive multiplayer game, where you’re given a target, and are meant to take them out any way possible. Between stealth, or being able to fly up into the air, it looks like this game will be a lot different from most multiplayer games. I guess we’ll see if it fails or not, but it does come out this year.

Deathloop. Everyone knows what Deathloop is. You’re stuck in a time loop, and the only way out is to kill the 8 others who are trying to kill you first. Can you do it?

Radiohead and Epic Games are developing a game called Kid A Mnesia Exhibition. What’s the game about? No idea! There was a weird horror looking teaser, but that’s it.

Tchia is up next and it’s an adventure puzzler game! You get to play as Tchia and explore an island while taking control of bugs and animals and objects to help you overcome your obstacles! No release date though.

PlayStation Studios present Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy on PC and PS5! I’m happy to hear people on PC finally get to play this! 

Insomniac revealed they are working on a Wolverine game! All we saw was a brief snippet of someone sitting at a bar, then Wolverine’s claws came out.

Polyphony Digital provided more information on Gran Turismo 7. There will be a full fledged campaign, arcade, missions, and cars galore to drive! It was revealed that it will be released in March 2022.

Insomniac decided to reveal they are working on Spiderman 2. The villain will be Venom, along with a huge cast of other villains I’m sure. Unfortunately we have to wait till 2023 for this one. But Miles and Peter may both be playable characters!

Finally, last but not least, is the big one everyone was waiting for. God of War Ragnarok! Ragnarok is coming and Atreus wants to find Loki because he has questions he wants answered. But Kratos fears a war with Asgard, and demands they find Tyr for help. The old god of war. It honestly makes me want to replay God Of War 2018 and give it another shot. But the combat is what lost me.

That is all for this showcase! I hope you liked my brief rundown of everything shown, and I promise I will do it again!

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