Trigger Witch Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 4 – 8 Hours
Trophies: 58 40-platinum 1 / Gold 1 / Silver 8 / Bronze 48
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: No, but it’s recommended to play on at least Normal difficulty to lessen the gem collection grind.  You can change difficulties at any time, so don’t be afraid to knock the difficulty down for certain trophies.
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Trigger Witch trophy guide!
Trigger Witch is a 16-bit twin-stick shooter developed by Rainbite Limited (Reverie).  It tells the tale of young Colette, a gun-toting young witch who must save the world from a mysterious Man in Black – and perhaps repair an ancient feud between the peoples of Evertonia.

It’s a fun game to explore and take at your own pace, but if you want a walkthrough, YouTuber Green Z-Saber has done a full playthrough with an eye towards trophies HERE.


Step 1: Play through the campaign
Simply play through the game until the end credits roll. Work on miscellaneous trophies and gather collectibles if you want, but don’t worry if you don’t, because you’ll be put right back in Harikoa once you load your completed save. Just enjoy it!

You’ll be earning these trophies (in likely order):
Bronze Glockamole
Bronze Going Fully Auto!
Bronze Top of The Stock
Bronze Boom! Shake The Room
Bronze Hot Wings
Bronze Unaccompanied Miners
Bronze Cooking With Gas
Bronze Ice to See You
Bronze Potent Potable
Bronze Are You Not Entertained?
Bronze Some Birds Aren’t Meant To Be Caged
Bronze The Tragedy of the Goblin Prince
Bronze .50 Caliber Love Letter
Bronze Sacred Symbols
Bronze The Power of Friendship
Bronze Shout-Out To Nikola
Silver To the Moon and Back
Gold Evertonian Legend

And likely:
Silver Every Witch Way
Bronze Friendly Fire
Silver Gemologist
Silver Population Control
Bronze Sweet, Tasty, Life Essence
Bronze Who’s Afraid Of The Dark?

Step 2: Post-game trophy and optional cleanup

You can unlock all but one trophy prior to finishing the game – for the only-post game trophy, you will need to speak to eight specific characters, all of whom are marked on the world map. If this is the only trophy you have left, then congratulations on your platinum! If not, use this step to clean up whatever you missed during your initial playthrough.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Colette the Courageous

And the collectible trophies:
Bronze Guns. Lots of Guns
Bronze How Do You Fold These Things?
Silver The Power Is Yours
Bronze This Ain’t Light
Bronze Two Barrels Is Better Than One
Bronze What’s This Doing Here?
Bronze Uzi Does It

And the miscellaneous:
Bronze As Good As It Gets
Bronze Beam Me Up
Bronze Blink And You’re Dead
Bronze Clean Sweep
Bronze Confetti Explosion
Bronze Did You Expect Cake?
Bronze Don’t Call Me “Sabrina”
Bronze Firearm Safety 101 – Failed
Bronze Hunting Blind
Bronze Need For Speed
Bronze Ri¢hie Wit¢h
Bronze Ring of Fire
Bronze Safety Hazard
Bronze Sergeant Angle
Bronze Supporting Small Business
Bronze There’s No Place Like Home
Bronze They Drew First Blood
Bronze This Feels Familiar
Bronze Three For One
Silver Triggernometry 101
Silver Upped Your Arsenal
Bronze Uzi On The Eyes
Bronze Why Run When You Can Stand Still?
Silver Wicked Witch
Bronze Word On The Street
40-platinum Trigger Witch

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Trophy Guide:

Trigger Witch
Unlocked all other Relics!

Well done, Colette!

Top of The Stock Bronze
Beat the Stock Gauntlet and join The Clip

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Stock Gauntlet serves as the game’s tutorial. This will be one of the first trophies you unlock.

The Stock Gauntlet has a time trial with a trophy attached to it ( Bronze Need For Speed ) that can be unlocked during your initial playthrough, but does not need to be. It also ends with a boss fight against Mean Magnuma – she’s not difficult; just keep your distance, and make sure you take care of the enemies she spawns. The symbols you just need to dodge.

Hot Wings Bronze
Complete the Firearm Foundry

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The boss of the Firearm Foundry is the Deadly Dragon.  You have to fight him while flying on a broom over the lava.  It’s worth bumping up your damage multiplier in the gameplay options in exchange for not getting any gems for the fight; it’s entirely your call.

You want to aim for the Xs on the dragon’s wings, until its chest opens.  Once it does, take shots at its heart until it closes again.  Once it goes, be ready to move – the dragon will charge you.  While aiming for the Xs, you will need to dodge enemies that spawn from either side of the screen as well as a sweeping fire spray from the dragon.

One you get the Deadly Dragon’s tongue post-battle, you will unlock this trophy.

Unaccompanied Miners Bronze
Complete the Shimmer Lode Mine

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The boss of the Shimmer Lode Mine is Mad Mole.  To start the actual fight, you must first dodge falling rocks and enemies while shooting a mine cart of dynamite along the entire track, where it will dead-end at Mad Mole and explode, revealing him.

After Mad Mole is revealed, shoot at him (he does not move) while dodging the dynamite he throws and his claws that poke out of the earth.  Sometimes he will go underground and send a few bomb enemies at you – if he does this, he will also move locations, so keep an eye out.

Once you’ve taken care of Mad Mole, claim your glowing mushrooms in the next room and you’ll unlock this trophy.

Ice to See You Bronze
Complete the Snapfrost Dungeon

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The boss of Snapfrost Dungeon is Riled Up Remi.  It’s a two-phase boss fight.  The first is a gunfight – she hits hard, so keep your distance and make use of the large room.  The second phase brings fire into the equation – Remi will shoot fire at you, and also make use of a spreading fire ring – make good use of your dash to dodge it.

Once you’ve collected the root from the Oracle in the next room, this trophy will unlock.

Potent Potable Bronze
Receive the Norsou Potion

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Once you’ve cleared the first three dungeons and gathered the ingredients for the Norsou Potion, go back to Ozryn Village and speak with Colette’s mother.  After a few cutscenes, make your way to The Blue Cauldron and speak to Carcana, who will give you the potion and this trophy.

You will also get another enchanted health vial at this point – i.e. another refillable health potion at your disposal.

Some Birds Aren’t Meant To Be Caged Bronze
Escape the Nuxvarr cell

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Soon after entering Nuxvarr Village, you will be arrested, and must break out of prison.

Simply walk out of the broken window bars.  Easy trophy!

Sacred Symbols Bronze
Complete the Floating Pavilion

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Floating Pavillion has no boss fight!  You just need to get through it.  However, you do need to hurry out of the area after you’ve unlocked the trophy, as it will be on a timer.   Despite the destruction at the end, you can still revisit all parts of the dungeon once you’ve cleared it.

The five orb switch puzzle solution is 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 3.

The Tragedy of the Goblin Prince Bronze
Complete the Old Nux Castle

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The boss of Old Nux Castle is the Poltergeist Prince.  He’s not difficult, as he’s quite a big target, but he moves fast, and the room will often be dark because either your or his shots will hit the orbs controlling the lights.  The Heavy Blaster can help take him down relatively quickly, especially if it’s fully upgraded.

Once you’ve obtained the royal sigil after the boss fight, this trophy will unlock.

The Power of Friendship Bronze
Embrace the power of magic

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this trophy after using the Nuxvarrian Staff – and friendship – to break the barrier to the entrance of the Varrian Ruins.

To the Moon and Back Silver
Defeat the Man in Black

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will fight the Man in Black at the end of the dungeon at the Varrian Ruins.  It’s a four-stage boss fight.

GLITCH WARNING: if you die during the first two stages, there is a chance that you will respawn in the starting area and will be unable to leave it.  Close out of the game and relaunch it and that should take care of the problem.

The first two stages, the Man in Black will be surrounded by a force field, making him difficult to hit.  You need to shoot near where his own bullets are coming out in order to hit him.  I suggest kicking the difficulty down to Very Easy and just wailing away, taking the damage instead of spending most of your time attempting to dodge his shots.  You can also kill the spawning rats near him to deal poison damage – this may be the intended method of defeating him.

The third stage takes place during a broom flight section, while chasing after the man’s rocket.   You need to go through a few rounds of defeating the Man in Black’s cannons, then shoot a few shots into the rocket.  Once you’ve finished this phase, there will be a good amount of time where you can still control the broom but it seems like nothing is happening; just wait, eventually the cutscene will kick in and the game will progress.

The fourth and final stage is another gun fight.  This time, you can only damage the man during certain times of the fight – the two I found were after he does a drop attack, and when he’s firing rockets from his back.  Just keep shooting.  Make your life a bit easier by taking out the gun and electricity turrets when they appear on the ground.

The trophy will unlock during the cutscene following the fourth stage of the fight.

Evertonian Legend Gold
Finish the game

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this trophy when the end credits start rolling.

Colette the Courageous Bronze
Catch up with all your old friends and acquaintances

This trophy can only be unlocked post-game.

Once you’ve gone through the credits, go back into the game and look at the map.  You will see some story markers – these are people you need to speak with.  There are eight in total.   Once you’ve spoken to all eight, the trophy will unlock.

Glockamole Bronze
Receive your first weapon from the Ordnance Rift

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is the first trophy you will unlock, after encountering the Ordnance Rift at the beginning of the game.

Going Fully Auto! Bronze
Unlocked the Battle Blaster

Story-unlocked and cannot be missed.

You will find the Battle Blaster in the big chest in the Stock Gauntlet at the beginning of the game.

Boom! Shake The Room Bronze
Unlock the Mortar Launcher

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Mortar Launcher is the big chest reward in the Firearm Foundry dungeon.  Having it in your possession is required to actually get through the dungeon, as it is the only firearm that can break the four thick chains holding the boss door closed.

Uzi Does It Bronze
Unlocked the Dual Mini Blasters

The Dual Mini Blasters are located in the Shimmer Lode Mine, in a large treasure chest in the northeast corner of 1F. One of the miners you have to rescue will hint at its existence, but you don’t need to hear his hint in order to be able to access it.

See Bronze Uzi On The Eyes.

Cooking With Gas Bronze
Unlocked the Fire Lance

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will get the Fire Lance from a large treasure chest in the Snapfrost Dungeon. It is required to progress through the dungeon, so you will get it fairly early on. It should be your secondary weapon throughout the dungeon, so if you need to, leave the dungeon once you’ve obtained it in order to upgrade it.

See Bronze Ring of Fire.

This Ain’t Light Bronze
Unlock the Heavy Blaster

The Heavy Blaster is a reward at the Arena in the Wastelands. You must score at least 7,000 points to unlock the chest containing the Heavy Blaster; note that you need to reach 10,000 anyways for Silver Wicked Witch.

See Bronze They Drew First Blood.

.50 Caliber Love Letter Bronze
Unlock the Telescopic Shooter

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Telescopic Shooter is located in the Sky Pavilion dungeon, and is required in order to progress through the dungeon.

Two Barrels Is Better Than One Bronze
Unlock the Thunderer

The Thunderer is a sawed-off shotgun, and is located just south of the 3F teleporter plate in the Old Nux Castle dungeon.  It is one of the few non story-related guns.

Shout-Out To Nikola Bronze
Unlock the mysterious firearm

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The mysterious firearm is located in the game’s final dungeon, the Varrian Ruins.  You will enter a room south of the dungeon’s entrance, where a cutscene will play involving Colette reading some documents that explain where she is.  After reading the documents, she will pick up a nearby firearm – an electric rifle.

Guns. Lots of Guns Bronze
Complete your firearm collection

There are a total of nine weapons in the game.

Six are story-related and unmissable. Three are optional to collect, but you more than likely will anyways.

For more information on the optional guns, see their respective trophies: Bronze Uzi Does It, Bronze This Ain’t Light, and Bronze Two Barrels Is Better Than One . .

Population Control Silver
Defeat 500 enemies

You will get this while working towards other trophies on the list.

Uzi On The Eyes Bronze
Empty a full clip of the dual mini blasters without missing an enemy

This is an annoying trophy that thankfully has a really easy workaround.

The easy workaround: in Ozryn Village, stand right next to the target dummies outside of Litchfeld’s upgrade shop, and shoot them. Every shot will land, and you’ll get this trophy.

If you want to unlock this trophy as intended, then one of the most important things is to not upgrade the uzi before unlocking this trophy – especially its ammo storage and damage. If you have upgraded it, remove the upgrades before attempting the trophy.

As intended, you are meant to attack a group of enemies, hitting them with every shot of the uzi, which is fairly inaccurate. If you want to unlock the trophy as intended, you’ll want to find a close together group of enemies in a small area. Just remember to do short bursts of the uzi and don’t just open fire. You can also accomplish this by finding an enemy with several shield enemies around it – the shields will form a circle around the enemy, giving you more targets in case one of your aims misses. Get close to the enemies, taking damage if necessary, to lessen the chances of your shots missing. There’s a cave to the southeast of Firearm Foundry that has a group of enemies near a small treasure chest that’s particularly good for trying this method – this same cave leads to a gun upgrade needed for Silver The Power Is Yours.

Boss enemies may also make this easier, as they have larger hitboxes.

Ring of Fire Bronze
Spread fire between 20 enemies with the fire-lance

Once you’ve obtained the Fire Lance, you should use it as your secondary weapon throughout the Snapfrost Dungeon. You will want to set non-ice enemies on fire with it, then allow lure them to other nearby enemies, thus setting them on fire.

Despite what the trophy description implies, this is actually a cumulative count, and you are not required to do all twenty in a single chain.

Three For One Bronze
Kill 3 enemies at once with the telescopic shooter

Before attempting this trophy, upgrade the damage on the telescopic shooter.  You will want to aim for weak enemies – like the blob enemies south of Ozryn Village, or the crabs in Radiance Bay.  Ideally, you would be near a narrow area or a bridge, forcing the enemies to clump closer together, or even form a queue.

They Drew First Blood Bronze
Kill 10 enemies with a single clip from the Heavy Blaster

Before going for this trophy, you will want to upgrade the ammo capacity and damage on the Heavy Blaster, to give yourself the best chance at unlocking it quickly.  Then do quick, controlled bursts on enemies, without swapping to a different gun – either in a highly populated enemy area, or in the Arena.

Blink And You’re Dead Bronze
Kill 4 enemies with 4 different weapons in 10 seconds

I recommend upgrading the damage capacity for each weapon before going for this trophy.  If you’re really worried, you can play with the difficulty settings to maximize your damage.

Before attempting this trophy, you will want to map four guns to the d-pad – the Hand Cannon (your default gun) doesn’t seem to count towards this total, so keep that in mind.  Once you have your four guns, go to an area with easy enemies that can be confined into narrow spaces – there are a few ideal spots just south of Ozyrn Village on the way to Radiance Bay.  Gather the enemies, and kill only one per gun, as there have been reports that the count will reset if you kill multiples with the same gun.

Need For Speed Bronze
Beat the Stock Gauntlet time trial with more than 15 seconds left

Depending on your skill, this can be done during your initial run through the Stock Gauntlet, but it’s easier to wait until you’ve upgraded your weapons.    Or if you’re really having trouble, knock the game difficulty down to very easy; you’ll then have 56 seconds instead of 40 (you’ll have to leave and re-enter the room for the changes to take effect).

Keep in mind you need to cross the actual finish line; the timer doesn’t stop once you’ve hit all 22/22 targets.

Why Run When You Can Stand Still? Bronze
Travel 500 metres by conveyor belt

One of the early dungeons in the game is the Firearm Foundry.  Inside, you will find several conveyor belts.  Ride them for 500 meters for this trophy.  There’s no way to actually track the distance; just keep riding them.  There’s a room early on that has an S-shaped series of conveyor belts; once you’ve killed all of the enemies, the turrets firing bombs will stop, so you can keep riding it in peace, if you want to knock this one out early.

Or you can ride the conveyer belts that form a square in the northeast corner of 1F, where you won’t have to worry about repositioning yourself.

Sergeant Angle Bronze
Kill 10 enemies by wall bouncing

The Shimmer Lode Mine dungeon has colored and striped strips on its walls throughout.  If you shoot at the wall, your bullet will bounce off at the same angle towards which you shot.  Kill ten enemies by rebounding shots off of the wall for this trophy.  You don’t need to hit the enemy solely using this method; it just needs to be the kill shot.

You can also achieve the wall bouncing effect by shooting at the triangle-shaped crystals on the ground, but I found using the walls easier, as you can’t control the angle as well with the crystals.

Friendly Fire Bronze
Make 5 enemies die from fire traps

The fire traps are found in Snapfrost Dungeon.  You can easily farm it on the fire trap near the entrance that you can actually control, or just lure enemies towards the fire traps.  You’ll likely unlock it without trying.

Safety Hazard Bronze
Make 10 enemies fall to their death

The Sky Pavillion dungeon has fans scattered over its islands.  You need to lure ten enemies into the fans’ paths so they are blown off of the island.  I believe that getting enemies caught in the wind from the boxy fan enemies counts towards this total, as I unlocked the trophy when I was nowhere near one of the stationary fans.

Who’s Afraid Of The Dark? Bronze
Kill 10 enemies hidden by darkness in Old Nux Castle

Simply kill ten enemies that are not in the light ring surrounding Colette, or in any light rings caused by torches.  Enemies that are in the semi-darkness (i.e. you can still see them and the room is not pitch black) do count.

You will likely get this without trying while working through the Old Nux Castle dungeon, but if you’re having trouble, farm this on suit of armor enemies, as they do not move.  Walk close enough to spawn one, then back away until it’s in darkness, then kill it.

Are You Not Entertained? Bronze
Attempt the Arena Challenge

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You will be forced to attempt the Arena Challenge upon entering Nuxvarr Village.

See Silver Wicked Witch.

Don’t Call Me “Sabrina” Bronze
Score above 5,000 in the Arena Challenge

Score above 5,000 in the Arena Challenge

See Silver Wicked Witch.

Wicked Witch Silver
Score above 10,000 in the Arena Challenge

While it’s possible to unlock this during the story-related instance when you’re required to play the Arena Challenge, it’s likely you’ll need to come back later to attempt the high score. In that case, you can access the Arena in a building in the Wastelands, northwest of Nuxvarr Village.

Enter the Arena when you have full potions, and consider fiddling with the game settings so that you deal maximum damage and take minimum damage. Then survive the onslaught until you reach at least 10,000 points. Once you’ve reached that score, you can finish the challenge by dying.

Note that you need to reach a score of at least 7,000 anyways – there is a needed weapon upgrade at 5,000 points, and you will receive the Heavy Blaster at 7,000 points.

Gemologist Silver
Collect 10,000 gems

Thankfully, this is not a trophy that requires you to have the amount banked; it is cumulative so feel free to spend gems on upgrades etc. as you see fit, even if you don’t have this trophy yet. You will unlock this while working towards other trophies on this list.

Ri¢hie Wit¢h Bronze
Spend 10,000 gems

This trophy is cumulative; you do not need to go on a 10,000 gem shopping spree.  You will unlock this while going for other trophies on this list, between upgrading guns and buying maps.

What’s This Doing Here? Bronze
Collect your first weapon part

See Silver The Power Is Yours.

The Power Is Yours Silver
Collect all weapon parts

As you play through the game, you should be opening every treasure chest you come across.  Weapon parts are in a specific type of treasure chest – it’s purple with orange shapes and green lines on it.  There are a total of 36.

If you’re willing to spend the gems (and you should, because it’s required for other trophies), then between the potion shops in Ozryn Village and Nuxvarr Village, you can get all of the weapon parts marked onto your map by buying treasure maps.

If you’d rather follow a video guide, below is a good timestamped one by Green Z-Saber.

As Good As It Gets Bronze
Fully upgrade a weapon

See Silver Upped Your Arsenal.

Upped Your Arsenal Silver
Fully upgrade 4 weapons

The excellent thing about the game’s upgrade system is that if you change your mind, or just want to try out how various guns are when fully upgraded, you can get all of your upgrade parts and the gems you spent on upgrading them back!  So feel free to experiment.

Regardless of your choices, I do highly recommend fully upgrading the hand cannon, as it is your default gun, and will always be swapped to when waiting for the other guns to reload, plus once the hand cannon is fully upgraded, it becomes a dual-wield weapon.

Triggernometry 101 Silver
Read the full history of the Great Trigger in The Chamber

In the middle of Ozryn Village is a building that looks like a church – this is The Chamber.  Enter and walk to the back to find a book on an altar.  Keep reading it all the way through for this trophy.

There’s No Place Like Home Bronze
Use the Wayfarer’s Stone

You will receive the Wayferer’s Stone after finishing the Stock Gauntlet at the start of the game.  Using it will bring you back to Colette’s house.  To use it, you first need to be in the overworld (i.e. not in a dungeon or building), then bring up the map and hold  Square.

Supporting Small Business Bronze
Talked to every business owner

There are five shop owners to speak with for this trophy:

Ozryn Village (2) – The Blue Cauldron and Barrel O’Parts
Nuxvarr Village (1) – Hacim’s Emporium
Wastelands (1) – Mhoppus at the Arena ( Silver Wicked Witch )
Radiance Bay (1) – The Gambler ( Bronze This Feels Familiar ).

Word On The Street Bronze
Talk to villagers 10 times

NPCs will be walking around Ozryn Village; just keep walking around and talking to them (some look the same, but are in fact separate villagers) until the trophy unlocks.  I’m not sure whether the shop owners and named characters (like Colette’s friends) also count for this trophy, but you might as well.  Additionally, I’m not certain if NPCs in Nuxvarr Village count towards this trophy as well.  Regardless, there are enough in Ozryn Village to unlock this trophy.

How Do You Fold These Things? Bronze
Collect every map

There are 15 maps in the game.

8 are in shops, and must be purchased:
– 5 in the Blue Cauldron shop in Ozryn Village – three to start, and two others that unlock via story progression (clearing dungeons)
– 3 in Hacim’s Emporium in Nuxvarr Village – one to start, and two others that unlock via story progression (clearing dungeons)

7 in dungons – one in each, including the Stock Gauntlet tutorial dungeon.  These maps are located in small treasure chests (like the kind that have gems or keys), so make sure you’re opening all treasure chests you come across while in dungeons!

Checking the trophy progress tab in the game shows a total of 15/13 towards the trophy, so there appears to just be some wiggle room for what maps you collect for this trophy – I unlocked it after collecting all dungeon maps (except for the final dungeon, Varrian Ruins) and buying all but one of the shop maps.

Every Witch Way Silver
Uncovered every area in Evertonia

This will come naturally while going for other trophies on this list.  It refers to all seven distinct zones of Everotonia as well as inside the Varrian Ruins.

Beam Me Up Bronze
Use teleporters 10 times

In each dungeon, you’ll find several teleporters.  These serve to move you to various checkpoints in the dungeon.  Simply use them 10 times for this trophy.

Clean Sweep Bronze
Complete each broom section

The game has five broom sections.  Four of them are story-related and unmissable – two in the Firearm Foundry dungeon, one in the Floating Pavillion dungeon, and one in the Varrian Ruins dungeon.

The fifth and final takes place in the Arena – it’s called Endless Broomstick mode.  Simply play it for at least 15-30 seconds, then die, and the trophy should unlock.

Sweet, Tasty, Life Essence Bronze
Consume 25 healing potions

Healing potions are consumed by pressing Triangle.  They aren’t something you buy; instead, you refill the potion by killing enemies.  Healing potions will refill your entire health bar, so don’t bother using them if you’ve only lost one or two bars of health; wait until you’re down to your last bar or two.  Once you’ve used 25, this trophy will pop.

This Feels Familiar Bronze
Impress The Gambler

The Gambler is located on an island in Radiance Bay. If you travel to the bottom right corner of Radiance Bay, you will find a cave entrance. Travel through the cave, and on the other side is the island with The Gambler’s casino.

On the back wall of the casino is a pinball minigame. Each ball costs 20 gems. You can cause the two faces to explode by pressing  and . Ideally, you’d work out the timing to hit the 10 baskets a few times, but you may find it easier to just hold about halfway/three-quarters down before launching, as that’ll pop the ball directly into the 20 point basket, or if you miss, you can easily hit / to tip it into the 10 point basket.

To unlock this trophy, you need to score 500 points and trade those in with The Gambler in exchange for a bat familiar. When active (click or ), the familiar will take care of gathering gems for you, so it’s a helpful thing to have around – it’s most helpful when you’ve killed enemies out of range, as it tends not to gather gems close to you.

The Gambler also has a weapon upgrade part for 250 points (required for Silver The Power Is Yours ) and a health vial upgrade for 750 points (helpful and worth going for if you’re having trouble); they are not required for this trophy. It’s also worth keeping in mind that you don’t need to hit the target score in a single sitting; you can leave the casino and come back to whatever score you had when you left.

Did You Expect Cake? Bronze
Shoot into the Ordnance Rift

The Ordnance Rift is the big swirly gate just outside of the village – you will unlock Bronze Glockamole right in front of it. At any point during the game – including right after unlocking said trophy – just fire a shot into it.

Firearm Safety 101 – Failed Bronze
Shoot your firearm inside your house

This can be unlocked at any point after you’ve unlocked Bronze Glockamole. Return to Colette’s house and simply fire a gun while inside.

Confetti Explosion Bronze
Kill 25 enemies with gore mode off

In the options menu, go to Gameplay and check Pinata Mode, then kill 25 enemies.  After the trophy pops, feel free to turn it back off.  If you start this trophy at the beginning of the game, you will unlock it before even finishing the tutorial Stock Gauntlet.

Hunting Blind Bronze
Kill 25 enemies without the laser sight

In the options menu, go to Gameplay and uncheck Laser Sight, then kill 25 enemies.  After the trophy pops, feel free to turn it back on.  If you’re worried about firing totally blind, you can safely turn on the cursor and/or aim assist to help, and still unlock this trophy.  If you start this trophy at the beginning of the game, you will unlock it before even finishing the tutorial Stock Gauntlet.


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