A Day Without Me Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 20 Mins
Trophies: 12. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: N/A


Greetings comrades and welcome to the A Day Without Me trophy guide!
From Gamecom Team & ChiliDog Interactive; A Day Without Me is a walking sim/action game where your character tries to figure out what happened. The game starts out innocent enough, then takes a hard left into “what the hell” is this game territory.
The plat can be earned well before the end of the actual game, but I do suggest playing till the end to figure out what happened. You wont get any spoilers out of me .

Text Walkthrough:

Always use to run to make the plat quicker interacts with objects

Start the game , you will here a annoying sound, don’t worry game isn’t broken.

  • Pick up the key on the dresser, leave the room and go up into the next room.
  • Use the box to get the key on the bookshelf, leave the room and go to the bottom door. Interact with the laptop and enter 1985 for the password. Gold Access granted
  • This starts a quick puzzle. Bottom left ,then middle right, then top left, then top right and then final one.
  • Now move downstairs for another puzzle.
    • Pick up the black chair and place on pentagram (will have done it correctly if the chair starts spraying blood),
    • then the gold crown from bottom right corner,
    • pick up the fruit platter off the counter in the kitchen,
    • then go to the garage, and pick the saw,
    • and finally place yourself on the pentagram. Gold Occultism and common sense
  • Once the trophy pops take all the items off the pentagram.
  • Head outside through the front door, and after the cutscene head up the side walk.
  • Take a left into the neighbours drive way with the hopscotch squares in it , then move on the squares in this order – 9,6,3,6,9,6 then 9,6,9,3,9,6 on the second set.
  • Continue upwards and go between the first houses to pick up the soccer ball in the back yard, and have it go down the child’s slide. Then quickly touch kids carousel and trampoline for a trophy. Gold G for the logic
  • Once the red flowers bloom hug the wall of the grey roofed house and move upwards, you wont be able to see yourself while doing so. Once at the top of the house move left and go back down over the hopscotch squares to the side walk (you don’t have to complete hopscotch puzzle again.)
  • Then turn left and go down the sidewalk until you are at your house again. Go into the backyard by way of the side of the house. Get close to the pool and a trophy will pop. (Gold Nevermind). Once it pops exit the backyard and go to the side walk again.
  • Take a right onto the sidewalk and go all the way up it until you pass a church.
  • Take the first left after the church and head into the backyard, and go to the pool.
  • After the cutscene proceed to the grill and pick up the torch from the grill. Proceed back to the sidewalk, then into the yard of the church and head into its backyard.
  • Once there set all the heads afire with lighting the bottom left one last. Gold Fields of fire
  • Now giant ball will be chasing you, so exit through the fence on the left side and turn right down the side walk. Once you dead end at a house go down the right side of the house then turn left down the road. keep running down the road until you pass a yellow bus and turn right . Once you pass the crosswalk the ball will disappear. Gold Jock! Start The Engine!
  • Turn around to start the next puzzle. The middle tile resets the puzzle if you mess up.  The tiles to walk over are the middle left tile and all three tiles on the right column. (The 4 letters for “FIRE”). Gold Riddles on the pavement
  • Head up from this point and continue past wrecked cars and trucks; once at a blue bus take a left at the rear of the bus.
  • Go towards the fire truck and hide from the moving flames next to the bottom right corner of the firetruck for 30 seconds or so.
  • Exit from you hiding spot, and with the flame chasing you run down, and then circle underneath the parked truck, then run upwards to the firetruck. After run down again under the other truck (One big circle basically). Do the this until the fire stops chasing you and becomes a single spot on the ground.
  • Move towards the small fire and it will turn into a set of hands. Move between them to unlock a next set of hands – each set points to the next set, so keep following the hands until they turn into a red line. Cue a cutscene and a trophy. Gold I want to hold your hand
  • After the cutscene follow the red line and always choose the left fork when a fork comes up. Gold A thin red line
  • After the fork comes to an end you will have to move all the severed heads into the flames (Be careful to not walk into them yourself). Once all heads into the flames, walk on and off the giant eyeball until the scene is over.
  • After the cut scene head up to sidewalk, and head left down the sidewalk until you reach a intersection, take a right and go over the cross walk. Go all the way down through the wreckage until a yellow bus, and go around it and continue down, past the green bus and turn to the left at the previous puzzle you completed.
  • Continue up this sidewalk until a bus is blocking the path. At this red bus go around it and then head up to the side of the house and move upwards.
  • Continue this direction until across the street and you reach the sidewalk.
  • Turn left at the sidewalk, and go down until you reach your house.
  • Go inside to start a portal puzzle.
    • Enter the portal on the left Gold I hate portals!,
    • then go back into the one you came out of,
    • go through the one on the stairs,
    • then go through the door to bathroom and enter portal next to tub.
    • Go to your bedroom and select go to sleep. Gold Rise and shine 40-platinum The day is over
  • And that’s the plat folks. After this point the story continues on, and I highly recommend you keep going to make sense of things so far.

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Trophy List:

The day is over
Unlock all other trophies in A Day Without Me
Access granted Gold
Enter the correct password on PC
Occultism and common sense Gold
Place all items inside the pentagram
G for the logic Gold
Use the trampoline and grow some flowers
Nevermind Gold
What’s in the pool?
Fields of fire Gold
Burn the heads on the garden beds
Jock! Start The Engine! Gold
Run away from the boulder
Riddles on the pavement Gold
Solve the puzzle on the asphalt
I want to hold your hand Gold
Find the way by using the fingerprints
A thin red line Gold
Follow the red line
I hate portals! Gold
Enter the teleport
Rise and shine Gold
Wake up

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