Panic House Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 20 min
Trophies: 18. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 4 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: Several
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: One


Welcome to the Panic House trophy guide!
Webnetic present Panic House; “Panic House is a horror game that is sure to give players a thrilling and heart-pumping experience. As the player enters the game, they are immediately transported to an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. The visuals are dark and gloomy, with shadows lurking in every corner, and the sound effects are designed to keep the player on edge.


Step 1: Make Your Way Out Of The House
The idea of this survival horror is to search the empty house for the needed items in order to make your way out in the middle of the night. As with any creepy horror game, you will not be alone…..

Tips and Strategies

  • The torch is required to reveal items; without the torch you will not be able to see them, and therefore will not be able to pick them up. You will also need to re-equip the torch () on occasions if you have used something else within your hands .
  • If at any point your torch runs out of batteries you can replenish them, after you have collected one, by pressing the and combining items.
  • Reloading of your Gun can be done with if you have collected enough Ammo Packs.
  • If you run out of Ammo you must use the Axe to kill any enemies.
  • You will need to be killed at least once during your playthrough, so be sure to utilise the save game that is mentioned within the walkthrough.
  • You can run by holding the , and Jump/Crouch with /.

Text Walkthrough

– Head straight into the other room in front of you and around to the right where you will find a set of keys on a desk on the right, and a torch on the next desk by the lamp. Whilst here switch the lamp Off/On 5 times – Trophy EarnedBronze Everything is expensive nowadays

– On the same desk as the torch you will find your first battery on the left side (1/5)
– Battery number 2 is located in the bottom draw of the desk directly below the first one (2/5)
– You will find battery number 3 further left in the room stored on the bottom shelf of a wooden side cabinet (3/5)
– Keep heading anti-clockwise around the room, and you will find another battery in the final storage cupboard. You will need to slide the door open in order to access it (4/5)
– Go back out into the first room and you will see a Statue sitting on the chair in the corner by the bed (1/5). once collected head back into the other room and exit via the door that is located by where the fourth battery was – Trophy EarnedGold There they are! nowadays

– Immediately to the left when you exit is another set of draws; open the bottom draw and locate the prompt to “Take” what is inside. This will be your first “Ammo Pack” (1/5)
– Behind you is a shelving unit that has another Statue sitting on (2/5)
– Turn back towards the door that led you to this room, head around to the left and continue the anti-clockwise path around the stairs until you reach a dead end where there will be a door on the right to enter. Here you can trigger a trophy by entering the room, leaving the room, then backing out to the Main Menu. Once you then re-enter the game you can enter the room again – Trophy EarnedSilver Children?

– To the left as you enter the room is a set of drawers. Open the middle right drawer for another battery (5/5)Trophy EarnedBronze Batteries

– Directly behind you is a white wardrobe that contains another Statue (3/5)
– Leave the room and head back around the stairs, and then down to the lower floor
– At the bottom head right into the lounge, on the left of you here is a key on a sideboard by the window which you will need to grab, and to the left of the fireplace is the fourth Statue (4/5)
– Pass the Fireplace and open the right door on the cupboard to the right of the fireplace to find the second Ammo Pack (2/5)
– Whilst here grab () some wood by your feet and put it into the FireplaceTrophy EarnedGold Finally some heat

– Head back upstairs from here and from here enter the door that is ahead of you on the right side (Laundry Room)
– Take the Gun that is on the washer that is right in front of you ()Trophy EarnedGold That could help

– The first top cupboard in front of you contains the third Ammo Pack (3/5)
– Your next trophy is obtained by removing all the planks (4) from the jammed door within this room to the right, and opening itTrophy EarnedGold Jammin

Now you will now to head back downstairs, however beware as you are now not alone… It is advised that you save your game here via the pause menu, so that you have a back up just in case. You will need to die once from the Zombie for a trophy, so feel free to get this out the way at any point from now on Trophy EarnedSilver Yummy

– At the bottom of the stairs head left, through the doors, left again, and then through the first set of double doors on you right
– Behind the couch is another cupboard that contains the final Statue behind the right doors (5/5)Trophy EarnedBronze Relics

– Leave the room via the door to the right of this cupboard and behind the door in the new room is another cupboard that contains an Axe that you need to pick up Trophy EarnedGold Long and sharp

– From here head back out through the double doors and turn right, then left. You will now be in the Kitchen where you will be able to grab Silver Yummy, if you have not already (just do not forget to save first)
– You will now need to equip your gun with and kill the Zombie (it will take several (7) bullets) Trophy EarnedGold I did not want to do that

– Whilst in the kitchen grab the dirt plate off of the central island and place it into the sink by the window Trophy EarnedGold Cleanliness
– Immediately on you right open the fridge and grab something out of it Trophy EarnedSilver Tasty

– Right behind you is a single doorway that leads to a storage room which you will need to head into. As you enter the door head right and straight ahead is another double cupboard with draws that contains your fourth Ammo Pack. Locate the prompt in the left drawer to “Take” it as it may not be visible (4/5)
– Turn around and head back the way you came and all the way to the end. On the right at the end you will need to enter the code 3392 (then enter) into the keypad in order to unlock the door Trophy EarnedGold Living enigma

– Head through the door and slowly down the stairs. There are another 3 zombies in this area that you will need to work your way through. It’s recommended that you stop on the stairs halfway down and look to the left, as there is a zombie here blocking your route to the fuse box. You can kill this zombie whilst staying on the stairs, as well as the one right at the bottom of the stairs. The third one to the right do not need to kill
– Once you have killed 2/3 zombies head to the fuse box and open it, then “Use” Trophy EarnedSilver Let there be light

– On the other side of the stairs you will find some storage shelves in the middle of the room (you can walk all the way round them and lead the zombie away), where the final Ammo Pack is (5/5) Trophy EarnedBronze Ammo everywhere

– The final key needed to exit the house and finish the game is also located in the far right corner on top of a blue barrel. Once you have collected it head back up the stairs and make your way to the front of the house and exit the main front door (you’ll be facing the back of the house when you reach the top of the stairs) Trophy EarnedGold Free bird! & 40-platinum The White Light

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Trophy List

The White Light
Unlock all trophies
There they are! Gold
Find the keys to get out of the room
Cleanliness Gold
Put a plate into the sink
Finally some heat Gold
Put some wood into the fireplace
That could help Gold
Find a gun
Long and sharp Gold
Find an axe
I did not want to do that Gold
Kill a zombie
Living enigma Gold
Guess the code correctly
Free bird! Gold
Unlock the front door and get out
Jammin Gold
Unjam and open the jammed door
Children? Gold
Check your children’s rooms
Let there be light Gold
Turn on the electricity
Tasty Gold
Take something from the fridge
Yummy Gold
Let the zombie eat a bit of you
Find 5 batteries
Find 5 statues of buddha
Ammo everywhere
Find 5 ammo packs
Everything is expensive nowadays
Turn off 5 lamps

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