Peppa Pig: World Adventures Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 45 – 60 mins (if skipping cutscenes)
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 2 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Peppa Pig: World Adventures trophy guide!
This fun-filled adventure game by Petoons Studio & Outright Games is the sequel to My Friend Peppa Pig – journey to various countries around the world with Peppa
and her family.

Tips and Strategies

The game starts off with a short tutorial, create your preferred character/family and keep following the tutorial until you get to Mr Bull and Mr Rhinoceros to build your house – choose what you want the house to look like, then the game will begin.

You move the character with  and interact with  button.

You can also skip the cutscenes by pressing and holding any button.

If at any point you don’t end up back at Peppa’s house as per the walkthrough, then keep heading left off the screen and you should end up back there.

Trophy Walkthrough:

Once you have control of your character, get on the bike and ride to the Playgroup. Then after cutscene ride the bike back to your house.

After cutscene keep going left to reach Peppa’s House and press on the car to travel to The Harbour.  Walk to the pinboard and press , then press it again and confirm – to visit a destination.  This step will be repeated for each destination.

New York

After you’ve had to manoeuvre the taxi through traffic you’ll arrive at the New York Skyscraper, go inside the building and after helping Miss Rabbit reach the top floor by holding , you’ll arrive at the top. – Gold Top of the world

After cutscene head towards Miss Rabbit and pick up the Statue of Liberty souvenir.  Then you’ll need to look through the telescope before you can travel back to Peppa’s House.


When you arrive back at Peppa’s House, press on the car again to go back to The Harbour and select Germany.

Once you have control, go over to the Christmas tree and press , then go left to the yellow market stall to collect decorations, then back to the tree to add them, then left again to collect candy canes and add them.  Then repeat with the market stalls on the right hand side. – Gold The Christmas tree

Go right until you reach a train, get on the train and head to the theme park.  You’ll need to pick passengers up as you go past.  Once at the theme park, go left until you see a small robot, pick up the robot as a souvenir.  Then keep going left and get on the sledge to slide down the bottom of the hill and go all the way left to leave (do not get back on the train).

You should be back at The Harbour where you can select the next destination.


After cutscene go all the way right to the end flower stall (3rd) and press then walk back left collecting flowers from the stalls until you reach Mummy Pig.  Go back right to the end stall and pick up the red flower in the flower pot.  Then carry on right until you get to the beach and press on the football.  Kick the ball into the net twice. – Gold Let’s play football

You should arrive back at Peppa’s House.  Go back to The Harbour and select the next destination.


After arriving at the Kangaroo Family’s House, go right and press on the minivan.  Drive to the beach and then press on the submarine.  Once you can control it, head down nearer the bottom of the seabed and keep going until you find a treasure chest, press . – Gold I found a treasure!

Once back at the Kangaroo Family’s House, press on the plane to fly to the outback.  You will need to play cricket, and play with the boomerang, then you will be able to press on the BBQ.

You should be back at Peppa’s House, head back to The Harbour.


After you arrive at Buckingham Palace, press to speak to the Queen and then you’ll go on a tour of London with her in a double-decker bus.

Follow the prompts along the tour to interact with Big Ben and raise the bridge to allow ships to pass.  After the bus gets stuck, move to the front of the bus. – Gold That was close!

At Trafalgar Square, go right to where Peppa is and jump in the first puddle marked with an .  Then go left until you come across another puddle to jump in, jump in it then go a little further left to pick up the umbrella souvenir. – Gold Souvenir collector

Then go back right to jump in the final puddle with Peppa and the Queen.

You should now be back at Peppa’s House – go back to The Harbour.


Walk all the way right until you get to Uncle Goat’s café.  Put the toppings on the pizza – tomato, olives, oregano and cheese.  Help Uncle Goat with cooking the pizza.  Doesn’t matter how long you hold it in the oven, it will automatically stop cooking.  Bring the pizza over to the table. – Gold Cooking time!

After eating the pizza, go right to the postbox.  Walk all the way left to the souvenir shop to collect a postcard.  Then walk back to Mummy Pig to write on the postcard.  Then put the postcard into the postbox.

Back at Peppa’s House – go back to The Harbour.


Once you have control, head right to the Eiffel Tower elevator.  Once inside hold to reach the bottom of a set of stairs, climbing the stairs is automatic. – Gold Views of Paris

You will need to click when prompted before you can move on.

At Peppa’s House, head right to The Playgroup, using the bikes to get there faster.  Head right to the basketball court and press on the girl with the basketball. – Silver Let’s play basketball

Then go back left to the bikes and ride back to your house – go inside.  There will be a cutscene, then the doorbell will ring. – Gold Off to Hollywood


Head left to Peppa’s House and go to The Harbour.  Select the last destination on the pinboard (Hollywood).

Walk right and press when prompted.  Then carry on right until the next cutscene triggers.

Then walk into the middle of the moon and press .  Follow the prompts and catch the carrots in the net.  Keep going until the cutscene. – Gold We are movie stars! 

After the credits, which you can skip with , you should be back at the main menu.  Press to continue with the same character.

You will be in your house, head downstairs into the lounge and you should see Tiddles, press to interact.  You will then need to find him after the cutscene – check the trashcan in the kitchen, if he’s not there try upstairs under your bed, or in the filing cabinet in the study (left at top of stairs). – Silver Where is Tiddles? & 40-platinum Citizen of the world

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Citizen of the world
Unlock all Trophies in Peppa Pig: World Adventures.
Top of the world Gold
Go up the Skyscraper in New York.
The Christmas tree Gold
Decorate the Christmas tree in Germany.
I found a treasure! Gold
Find the underwater treasure in Australia.
Let’s play football Gold
Play football on the beach in Barcelona.
Cooking time! Gold
Make a delicious Italian pizza.
Views of Paris Gold
Go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
That was close! Gold
Cross London’s Tower Bridge.
We are movie stars! Gold
Catch the space alien-carrots to save the Earth!
Let’s play basketball Gold
Play basketball with Mandy Mouse at Playgroup.
Off to Hollywood Gold
Get tickets to star in a Hollywood movie.
Where is Tiddles? Gold
Help Peppa find Tiddles around the house.
Souvenir collector Gold
Get 8 souvenirs in your worldwide travels.

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