Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 3 – 5 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1 Full / 2 Partial


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Twice Reborn: A Vampire Visual Novel trophy guide!
This one is from publisher EastAsiaSoft and developer First Step Cinematics.

“If you crossed a vampire, would you protect humanity or embrace the blood? In Twice Reborn, teaching assistant Mark Delaware becomes a newly turned vampire in a community forced to hide in plain sight. His mentor Michelson has trusted Mark to become the Enforcer, a feared arbiter who keeps the quarreling vampiric houses following the Code.

When arson kills key vampires in the community, it is up to Mark to either embrace his vampirism or find a way to regain his humanity. Interacting with humans and vampires is a delicate balance. Not all appreciate Mark’s decision and not all relationships can last. Some want him dead, while others want him for their own. Mark’s responses in the perilous community changes their reactions as well as the story’s outcome.”


This one is pretty straightforward, just use the settings bellow and follow the text guide provided.



Text Walkthrough

1) Zhenzhu walks around
2) Although Mark didn’t want to admit it, he was serious about her.
1) Mark accepts the job interview.
1) “What happened there?”
1) I admire him.
1) Mark plans to buy lunch.
1) Mark offers to split a milkshake.
1) Mark asks about her.
1) Mark kisses her.
2) Would you like to go on another date?
1) Give him money.
2) “All professors are eccentric bookworms.”
2) “I’ll be careful, Professor.”
2) “If I found a girl I loved to share my life, then maybe.”
1) He shouldn’t be arguing with a monk.
1) Mark helps the professor stand.
1) “Yeah, I’ll be there.”
1) “Sounds like a good idea.
 2) “I believe you.”
3) Mark thinks vampires should never live near humans.
1) “Yes, I’ll do it.
1) “Did I make a mistake?”
2) Professor Michelson.
2) Michelson is right, Ricky should warn the Skulls.
 1) Stay by the stage
1) Mark showed his ring.
1) “Yes, I’ll be polite.”
3) “Do you think we made a mistake becoming vampires?”
2) Don’t bite.
1) “Why don’t you just stop hanging out with Dameon?”
2) “I wish I wasn’t a vampire!”
2) Mark stills and listens.
3) Mark says nothing.
3) “No blood for me, thank you.”
2) “No, I’ll pass. You should treat them better.”
3) “Because the Society has the most influence.”
1) Mark respects Dameon.

Save 1

1) “Thank you.”
1) Bite her.

Save 2

4) Convince the kid to come with you.
1) No one should know about vampires
 1) “We don’t steal.”
2) “We really have to learn to trust each other.”
3) “I’m going to raise him as a normal kid.”
1) “Do you want to live with your grandfather?”
1) Hit him.
3) “No, I’ll pass.”
2) “Yes, I think I may have lost my soul choosing this path.
 1) “No, I want Johnny to be however he wants to be.”
2) “Is there anywhere else I can hibernate?”
2) Stay still.
1) Bite him!
1) The fire was an accident.
1) He should’ve been a human.
1) He regretted biting Johnny more than he could say.
2) Mark regrets becoming a vampire.
2) No.
2) Open the letter.
3) “I think being a vampire is wrong.”
2) “I won’t bite my friends.”
2) Accept.
2) “Screw you. I’ll stay a vampire, but leave Johnny alone.”

Load save 1

2) “No, thank you.

Load save 2

5) Let the kid go.

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Trophy List

Vampire Master
Unlock all other trophies.
Shock attacks Gold
Mark survives the deathly encounter with Shock.
Kissed her Gold
Mark kisses Jody at the diner.
Meeting the Society of the Arts Gold
Mark meets the core members of the Society of the Arts.
Becoming a Vampire Gold
Mark chooses to become a Vampire and successfully completes his transformation.
Choosing New Orleans Gold
Mark goes on a small vacation with Charlie.
Not a square Gold
Mark hits it off with Ricky.
Flirting with Bloodlust Gold
Mark lets Bloodlust get hold of him.
Mosh pit Gold
Mark gets dragged into a mosh pit.
Raising a child Gold
Mark adopts Johnny.
Spared the kid Gold
Mark spares the kid that found his secret.
Professor’s history Gold
Mark learns about Michelson’s past and his progenitor.
Friendship forever Gold
Friendship saves Mark from his imprisonment.

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