LOUD: My Road to Fame Review


LOUD: My Road to Fame is a wholesome, music-filled arcade rhythm game in which a young, reclusive rocker goes on a journey of self-discovery. It’s available now on PC, and coming soon to Switch and Consoles.

**Disclosure: I received a free review copy for this game.  This does not affect my opinion in any way**


We all struggled through our teenage years, many of us still do struggle at times. This sweet story reminds us that our dreams should never be overlooked or ignored – that they can in fact be achieved if we want them enough.

Astrid, a teenage wannabe musician rocks out in her bedroom with a broomstick for a guitar and jams like she’s playing for thousands of people. One day, her Dad buys her a real guitar, that’s when everything changed, and her dreams started to become reality.

We follow Astrid on this whirlwind adventure of hard work, dream chasing, and good and bad relationships.

This super-fun rhythm-arcade Guitar Hero type game lets you jam to awesome original rock songs that were written and performed by the Hyperstrange Team themselves. Hit the corresponding controller button in time with the beat and you’re rockin’.

There are three difficulty levels – Chillin’, Skillin’ and Grindin’ (this one doesn’t unlock until you finish a song on Skillin’ difficulty with Grade S or higher).

Bonus songs will unlock in the Free Play mode as you play through the story.

Pretty easy to do, just got to remember which button corresponds to which part of the beat. There were some songs that got the better of me due to a lot of button mashing all over the screen – but I just went through the song again and nailed it.

The game; you get a bit of story progression, shown by artwork screenshots with subtitles underneath, you play three songs, then you get another two story progressions. Everything is broken up into four chapters, and you get 5 polaroid’s per chapter. Such a simple concept. All you have to do it rock to the best of your ability.

The story is pretty short – with the main story being completed in about 1-1.5 hours. Keep and eye out for this one though as if you’re a fan of Rock music – you will love this just as much as I did. The last song is so worth getting to the end for; I played it three times as it’s such a jam!


Rating: 9 out of 10.


  • Wholesome story
  • Fun mechanics
  • Relatable characters/moments


  • Song combos can be a little too challenging on Easy mode


Really enjoyable, wholesome game that any Rock fan will surely enjoy immensely.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Hyperstrange
Developer Socials: Twitter

Images – https://www.igdb.com/

LOUD: My Road to Fame – Release Date Trailer


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