RIN: The Last Child Demo Impressions


RIN: The Last Child is a dark Metroidvania fairy tale that cleverly combines exploration and crafting.  Thanks to a complex system of creating and enchanting spells, no playthrough is the same.

Release date is yet to be announced, but will be sometime in 2023.  Will be playable on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Steam.

**Disclosure: I received a free review copy of the demo for this game.  This does not affect my opinion in any way**


You play as RIN – a demigoddess capable of obtaining the power of aspects to fuel and develop her magic.

Explore vast mythical lands as you uncover secrets hidden behind the Aspects of Magic, rekindle your mythical powers, and embark on a journey to save the world.

A very colourful-looking game with plenty to think about.  I played its demo for about an hour, and to be honest that was all I needed to know for sure that I want to play the full game.

The spells were fun, interesting and easy to master.  Sadly, there were some major framerate drops towards the end, and the game started freezing as I was trying to jump to a platform, however with some polishing, this could be a really enjoyable platforming experience.

There’s a fairly decent map, which uncovers as you go, and where the save points are located – which will come in most useful I’m sure.  The same spots also replenish your spells and health.

You’ll find upgrades to the spells you already have, plus runes which you attach to spells to increase their strength/ability.  

I didn’t experience much of the story in the demo; seemed to be mainly about showing a few of the spells, runes and upgrades.  Plenty of pesky enemies in each area too, which reward you with spell replenishes upon defeating them.  There are also journal entries you discover as you make your way through the map, that update the story and uncover different legends.

You also gain different skills as you traverse your way through each area – and you have to search every inch of the map, otherwise you could miss something.  So, can imagine overall playthrough will be a little lengthy.

There were a few different areas in the demo which showcased different terrain – showing that the further you go, the more dangerous it will become.

There will be numerous spells, skills and journal entries to collect, which will keep you plenty busy – as well as fighting little creatures, and minibosses, and I’m sure there will be plenty of bosses lurking.  Upon stumbling on a miniboss, it took multiple tries to beat, even on the easiest difficulty.  So I’m sure the bosses will be a hoot!

I’m definitely interested in checking out the full game to find out more about the story and see more of the spells and skills.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Space Fox Games
Developer Socials: Twitter

Images – igdb.com

RIN: The Last Child – Reveal Trailer


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