Terror of Hemasaurus Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 8 hours
Trophies: 31. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 12 / Bronze 13
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Terror of Hemasaurus trophy guide!
Do you wish you could play as an adorable dinosaur while you wreak havoc on the world? Now you can! Come blow stuff up and get a fun platinum!


Step 1: Beat the Story
The first step here is just playing the story and enjoying it. It’s silly, it’s funny, and by the end of this step, you’ll have quite a few trophies, plus some cheat codes!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Green-Bodied Monster
Silver Monstrosity Atrocity
Gold Horror Show
Silver Test Of Faith
Bronze Terror Rising
Silver Reign Of Terror
Gold Juggle The People
Bronze Jalopy Poppy
Bronze Crushing All Cars
Bronze Chopper Stopper
Silver Brain Chopper
Bronze Aerosolized
Silver Kill All Humans!
Gold Trash The Planet

Step 2: Endless Mode
During this step, you’re going to clear 100 rounds in Endless Mode. If you beat the story and destroy the city in the last level as the UFO, you have access to chests. Hit pause, hit L1, turn on Invincibility, and hit UFO mode. Then hit triangle three times to make the weapon a flamethrower. This destroys buildings instantly. Just holding right will clear a level in 30 seconds. You have to activate the UFO every level, but it’s all cumulative for rounds you need. After this step, you won’t have much left.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Holy Terror
Silver Night Bird
Silver Plight Of The Valkyries
Bronze Demolition Ambition
Silver Demolition Tactician
Gold Demolition Exhibition

Step 3: Grinding
For this step, it’ll include a lot of grinding for each set of kills. I’ve tried to list the easiest places to find everything. After this step, you’ll have the platinum.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Punchy Wagon
Silver Shakedown Breakdown
Silver Obliteration Nation
Silver SWATing Flies
Bronze Meat Catcher
Bronze Midair Affair
Bronze Hot Potato
Bronze Rocket Science
Bronze Hindenburgerer
Silver Simulation 8e7d28c1
40-platinum Extinction Inevitable

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Trophy Guide

Extinction Inevitable
All trophies earned and yet nothing has changed.

All trophies earned and yet nothing has changed.

Green-Bodied Monster Bronze
Kill 100 enemies.

As you play through the levels, I recommend you just mash triangle to kick everything in your path. 100 kills will come easily.

Monstrosity Atrocity Silver
Kill 300 enemies.

Just kick all the people! After 300 kills, this will pop.

Horror Show Gold
Kill 1,000 enemies.

Once you kill 1,000 enemies, this will pop.

Test of Faith Silver
Kill 10 Shepherds of the Holy Lizard.

At the beginning of most levels, you will have a cult member talk to you. You can eat them or kick them for this trophy, but eventually you’ll see a lot of them around the level so this will pop without realizing.

Terror Rising Bronze
Kill 1,000 civilians.

Killing 1,000 civilians will get you this trophy.

Reign of Terror Silver
Kill 5,000 civilians.

After 5,000 civilians, this will be yours.

Holy Terror Gold
Kill 20,000 civilians.

After you kill 20,000 civilians this trophy will be yours. This will most likely pop while getting 100 levels beaten in Endless Destruction mode as you should just walk around kicking everything.

Juggle the People Gold
Kick a single person 10 times in a row.

I recommend doing this on level one, or even the first level in chapter 2, called “Immolation Festival”. This is a bit tricky as sometimes people really fly around or you walk too far away. I recommend holding up when you go to kick people with triangle so they go more upwards. Start to kick when they get to your middle body area and that should get you the hit.

Jalopy Poppy Bronze
Destroy 20 cars.

When the cars start coming at you in the early levels, you just kick them and they will blow up. This counts every car you kick, even police cars. After 20 cars, this trophy is yours.

Crushing All Cars Bronze
Destroy 100 cars.

Destroy 100 cars of any kind and this trophy is yours.

Punchy Wagon Bronze
Destroy 50 police cars.

For this trophy, you need to destroy 50 cop cars. The best level I found to grind this was in chapter 1 on NYC Outskirts. If you can’t seem to have any spawn, restart the level. I found going to the end should spawn about five at least.

Shakedown Breakdown Silver
Destroy 50 SWAT vans.

To get this trophy, you need to destroy 50 SWAT Vans. Chances are you will need to grind this out, go to the very last level or chapter 3 to grind it easier. Sit around in UFO mode and wait for them to come.

Obliteration Nation Silver
Destroy 50 military trucks.

Once you destroy 50 army trucks this trophy is yours. The best level to grind this in is Chapter 3 PollutaCorp Outskirts. Trucks will come at you quite a bit. Just sit still and destroy them when they come. If you have UFO mode unlocked, use it with the machine gun and it’ll destroy them fast.

Chopper Stopper Bronze
Destroy 25 helicopters.

For this trophy, you have to destroy 25 helicopters, and this counts for every type of helicopter. To destroy a helicopter, either kick cars or people into it and it’ll blow up.

Brain Chopper Silver
Destroy 100 helicopters.

After destroying 100 kinds of helicopters, this trophy will pop.

Night Bird Silver
Destroy 50 police helicopters.

To get this trophy, you need to destroy 50 Police helicopters. Chances are this will come during Endless Mode, but if not, go to the very last level or chapter 3 to grind it easily.

SWATing Flies Silver
Destroy 50 SWAT helicopters.

Once you defeat 50 SWAT helicopters, this trophy is yours. A good level to grind them on is Chapter 2 Phoenix 2, and use UFO mode.

Plight of the Valkyrie Silver
Destroy 50 military helicopters.

To get this trophy, you need to destroy 50 Army helicopters. Chances are this will come during Endless Mode, but if not, go to the very last level or chapter 3 to grind it easily.

Aerosolized Bronze
Throw or kick 50 humans into the blades of a helicopter.

This will come naturally as you destroy helicopters, as the easiest way to do so is kicking people into them.

Demolition Ambition Bronze
Complete 10 stages on Endless Mode.

After you clear 10 levels in Endless Mode, this trophy is yours.

Demolition Tactician Silver
Complete 40 stages on Endless Mode.

Once you clear 40 stages in Endless Mode, this is yours

Demolition Exhibition Gold
Complete 100 stages on Endless Mode.

To get this trophy you have to clear 100 levels in Endless Mode. This is cumulative so you don’t need to do all 100 in one sitting. When you beat the final level of the story, you get UFO mode, so you can clear a level in 30 seconds. Hit pause, then L1 and UFO Mode. Then press triangle three times to get the flamethrower out. Now hold square and right on the dpad. This will blow up everything and you’ll win when you reach the end. Activate UFO mode again and rinse and repeat.

Meat Catcher Bronze
Eat 25 airborne people.

The easiest way to do this trophy is by kicking people up into the air by holding up and hitting triangle. Then when they’re in the air, jump and hit circle to eat them. Eat 25 and this trophy is yours.

Midair Affair Bronze
Make 20 pairs of humans collide in midair.

This is easier than it sounds. You have to throw people into the air, and then toss someone else and have them hot each other. When you start breaking buildings, people will flood out, so you can toss them straight up and grab someone else and throw them. If you sit there and just do this to a mass of people, you’re bound to get a few collisions. After 20, you will get this trophy.

Hot Potato Bronze
Catch 50 airborne people.

In order to get this trophy, you have to catch 50 people in the air. This is a bit tricky, as you have to kick them up into the air, by holding up and hitting triangle, then when you’re in the air, you have to hold down and hit triangle to grab them when you’re near them. After you catch 50, this is yours.

Rocket Science Bronze
Kick away 10 incoming rockets.

This is easy to do in Endless Mode, as you can make a bunch of military enemies appear. If they have a rocket, wait for one to shoot it, then kick it! After 10, this trophy is yours.

Hindenburgerer Bronze
Destroy 25 blimps.

Eventually when Blimps appear, you have to destroy 25 to get this trophy. You can either kick cars into them, or try and jump onto them and just punch them until they explode. In chapter 3, the second last level called “Video Game Violence” puts you in the role of a tank and Blimps will show up, so you can farm on this level a bit easier.

Kill All Humans! Silver
100% the UFO stage.

In the very last level of the game, destroy every building fully and this trophy will unlock.

Simulation 8e7d28c1 Silver
Complete the simulation in under 1 minute.

This trophy is a little tricky. The first thing I recommend is going into the options menu and turning on the speedrun timer. Then go to the second last level in chapter 3 so you control the tank. Now hold up on the dpad until the turret points to the left. Now mash square and slowly press on the right dpad button to slowly move through the city and destroy every building you see. If you start going too fast just tap the right dpad button a little slower. Once you reach 75% destruction in under a minute, this trophy is yours.

Trash the Planet. Gold
Complete the arcade story mode.

You get this trophy when you beat the story. For the last level, after fully destroying the entire city, the level will end after 4 ½ minutes.

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