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Moving Out is a moving simulator game developed by indie studios DevM Games and SMG Studio. It was then published by Team17. It was released in April 2020 for PC and Consoles.


When you and your crew are the new hot moving company in town, you’re soon up to your eyeballs in new clients when everyone finds out how good you are. Before you know it, you’re driving all across the town to help move people, and offices, and even help out on farms! But little do you know, there’s a silly little plot underway that had me chuckling quite a bit when it happened.

The writing in the game is very silly, though there’s not too much. Most of the humour comes at the end of levels with a bit of a conversation with the characters, then when you unlock a new spot, your boss talks to you about it. It usually involves breaking and entering to do your job, but that’s okay! Eventually the story gets a little silly and I couldn’t help but to laugh when the random twist comes. Mainly because it takes such a random thing to happen in a game all about being excited to move stuff.

The DLC, which is called Movers In Paradise was an enjoyable time too, with 13 added levels, it had its own little story about finding the “big haul”. Of course you have to find your bosses Crate Uncle first. Yea, let that silly little pun set in. I honestly didn’t expect a silly story in either parts of the game, because here I thought it was all about the gameplay, but I was wrong.

When it comes to that though, it is enjoyable in its own way, but the assist mode somehow made it better. The point of the game is to move things out of whatever place you’re in, whether it’s a house, mansion, farm, warehouse, whatever. You also have to strategically place things in the truck. The faster you do it, the better, but honestly after a few levels, this grew to be very annoying for me. Luckily the assist options make it so when you put an item in the moving truck, it disappears. It took all the stress out of the game and made it a hectic fun time of trying to beat the clock.

When you beat a level, you get bonus objectives like, not smashing windows, or moving a specific item first, or not getting run over. I was inclined to do these because the more you do, the more silly little levels you unlock in the arcade. These ended up being little challenging levels taking place in what essentially Tron land. Then when you beat a level in a certain time, you get a gold medal to unlock other silly levels, like escaping a flood, or playing soccer! I just couldn’t help myself and had to 100% the game just so I could see all these little extras I could get.

The game can be played by up to four players, and I really wish I could’ve had the chance. The most I had was just one other player, but even this adds a bit of strategy to the game. Instead of being able to move heavy objects alone, you now need their help. So do you do all the small stuff first, or the big stuff first? Even playing the game alone was an enjoyable time trying to beat the clock and do the challenges. I really don’t know which way I prefer honestly, because I had a good time both ways. Especially on some levels, like the ghost houses. The one downside? There’s no online play, so if you don’t have people on your couch, you can’t do co-op.

But there was one more that wasn’t enjoyable no matter how I tried it, and that was moving things into a house. You see where everything goes and you have to take things in strategically basically so you aren’t messing up the other rooms, but it was just not fun. It was more fun causing chaos on the way out.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Assist Mode Makes The Game Better
  • Madness Everywhere
  • Fun Bonus Levels


  • Moving In Mode Is Boring
  • Organizing The Truck Properly
  • No Online


Moving Out is a fantastic time solo or with friends. Causing chaos to a house has never been so much fun. I do wish there was online for this and that Moving In was better, but at least I have the second one to look forward to!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: DevM Games / SMG Studio
Developer Socials: Twitter / Twitter
Publisher Website: Team17
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Moving Out – Launch Trailer | PS4


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