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Serious Sam Collection is a bundle with Serious Sam 1, 2, & 3, all in one HD bundle, all with their DLC. It was brought to consoles in November 2020.

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When Mental and his army destroys the planet, Sam “Serious” Stone activates a time machine known as the timelock and manages to go back in time to be able to stop all this madness from happening. Although it happens more than once, and my god there are way too many pyramids!

The story in the first two games is really bareboned. On the plus side, you can play all the games in co-op, whether it’s online or couch co-op. The downside is that if you play the first two games in co-op, you don’t get to see any of the story in them. I mean there isn’t much there to begin with, but it’s such a stupid thing to have happen. Though you can see the story in the third game.

The third game is the one that has the most story though. It never goes that deep, and honestly makes no sense, but at least it’s some sort of driving force to get you through it all. Sam acts like an old school badass, where even when a helicopter gets downed, he walks away unscathed. Even when he’s faced with the most messed up aliens, he just shrugs it off and rips its limbs off!

When it comes to the game, you better get used to killing hordes upon hordes of enemies as you get stuck into arenas in every level of all of the games. The first game was especially bad for arenas. The levels weren’t really that big, but there were still a couple hundred enemies in every level. This is fun at first, but after three full games and two little DLCs, it starts to wear a little thin. Though the third game has better level design, now and again it does have arenas in it, but they’re usually pretty large areas.

The guns in the game honestly don’t feel like they have any oomf to them. Even heavy weapons like the rocket launcher don’t kill as fast as I would’ve liked them too. The only weapon that felt like it really had any stopping power was the minigun, and even then, the ammo for it was scarce and only really in areas that it was clearly designed for. Unlike say Doom or Duke Nukem, where those guns all felt super satisfying to use. But at least all the weapons, minus the pistol, have the ability to just gib the enemies and turn them into a bloody puddle!

If there’s one thing that gets super annoying real fast, is the true lack of enemy design in the games. It amazes me that the devs have managed to only usually add one new enemy per game, then it’s not in the next one, but there is a new one to take its place. But you’ll know there’s always the skeleton horses or suicide bombers to kill…yay.


Rating: 5 out of 10.


  • Co-Op In All The Games
  • Gibbing Enemies Is Fun
  • Tons Of Content


  • Way Too Many Arenas
  • Guns Don’t Feel Satisfying
  • No Enemy Variety


I was hoping to get a fun dose of nostalgia with this collection, but turns out, I don’t enjoy them nearly as much as I used to. This is disappointing because there’s so much potential, but turns out the design just kind of sucks. I mean I did have some fun with them, especially in co-op but I’m very on the fence at the end of the day.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Croteam
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Devolver Digital
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Serious Sam Collection – Launch Trailer | PS4

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