Bleak Dystopia Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 10 – 15 min
Trophies: 41. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 4 / Silver 10 / Bronze 26
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: N/A


Welcome to the Bleak Dystopia trophy guide!
Bleak Dystopia is a walking sim adventure game with developed by Playstige Interactive.

What was a world where every man, regardless of his contribution to society, had the same as the other man? Some would say it was the perfect example of how the world should be. There would be no worries about tomorrow. Everyone had what they need. There would be no jealousy, as your neighbour had the same as you did. Humans were all equal. There should be no disparities amongst people. That was exactly what the world had come to.


The whole game is based around exploring areas and discovering people. I have split this walkthrough up into 3 parts, which can be completed in any order.

No trophies are missable and you can get them in any order. If you explore this game enough, you will get all trophies without too much trouble. As usual we have included a full text guide to follow if you want to nab those trophies as quickly as possible.

In order to return to the Main Menu, and speed things up, you will need to pause the game with and select “Back to Main Menu”

Text Walkthrough

Right Side

Main Menu – New Game
– Soldier – As you start our head forward and right to the seating area after the coach – Trophy EarnedBronzeSoldier
– Musician – Head around the building to the right. This character is located within the abandoned vehicles. – Trophy EarnedBronzeMusician
– Worker – Continue round the coach ahead and up the middle of the road on the left side – Trophy EarnedGoldWorker
– Author – On the left further down the road you will find the next one by a stall – Trophy EarnedBronzeAuthor
– Poet – Keep heading up the road between the abandoned vehicles – Trophy EarnedSilverPoet
– Baker – Right by the previous in a coach shelter – Trophy EarnedBronzeBaker
– Pianist – In the next shelter, slightly further down the same road – Trophy EarnedBronzePianist
– Bureaucrat – Behind the bus shelter head into the bank and behind the counter – Trophy EarnedBronzeBureaucrat
– Banker – Also behind the counter – Trophy EarnedSilverBanker
– Aerospace Engineer – Head right when you exit the bank, and they are sat slightly down the road – Trophy EarnedBronzeAerospace Engineer
– Police – Opposite the previous, go behind the broken bus/tram – Trophy EarnedSilverPolice
– Bus Driver – Circle back around the bus/tram to the middle of the road to find them leaning against the vehicle – Trophy EarnedBronzeBus Driver
– Conductor – Slightly further ahead hanging out the window on the right side of the next vehicle – Trophy EarnedBronzeConductor
– Athlete – Go off to the right and slightly behind you. This one is located just around the right side of the building – Trophy EarnedSilverAthlete
– Officer – Head into the building just here and behind the counter – Trophy EarnedBronzeOfficer
– Translator – Also behind the counter – Trophy EarnedBronzeTranslator
– Librarian – Turn right as you exit the building, and they are located within a stall to the side of the road – Trophy EarnedBronzeLibrarian
– Doctor – Sat outside the next building ahead – Trophy EarnedBronzeDoctor
– Nurse – Inside the building here behind the counter – Trophy EarnedBronzeNurse
– Scientist – Also behind the counter – Trophy EarnedBronzeScientist

Left Side

Main Menu – New Game
– Director – Head off to the left-hand side, keep heading in a forward motion – Trophy EarnedBronzeDirector
– Activist – Continue around on the left-hand side with the grated fence to your right. You’ll be heading towards a statue, and need to turn left to go underground when the area opens up a bit – Trophy EarnedGold – Activist
– Instructor – Keep heading underground and follow the path through the tunnel – Trophy EarnedBronzeInstructor
– Adventurer – Opposite the previous on the right-hand side – Trophy EarnedBronzeAdventurer
– Scriptwriter – Head back the way you came and turn left at the exit to the underground area. This one is located at the base of the statue – Trophy EarnedBronzeScriptwriter
– Journalist – Around the back of the statue you will see the light in the distance – Trophy EarnedSilverJournalist
– Teacher – On the next chair to the right of the previous – Trophy EarnedBronzeTeacher

In the Mall

Main Menu – New Game
– Fashion Designer – Head right and around the edge of the building and you will find an entrance into the Mall (second set of mini steps). Once inside you will need to turn immediately to the right to find this one located in the distance next to the windows of the building – Trophy EarnedBronzeFashion Designer
– Tailor – Keep heading in the same direction. Located slightly further on – Trophy EarnedBronzeTailor
– Salesman – Heading back the way you came. Your next one is located in a booth in the middle of the atrium – Trophy EarnedBronzeSalesman
– Chauffeur – Go behind the previous booth – Trophy EarnedSilverChauffeur
– Accountant – Should be able to see this one right by the previous – Trophy EarnedSilverAccountant
– Engineer – Head up the stairs which are located behind you and slightly left. Located to the left as you reach the top of the stairs – Trophy EarnedSilverEngineer
– Butcher – From the Engineer turn to face where you came up the stairs and head back towards it, taking the pathway to the left of the stairs. You’ll find the next character in one of the stalls on the left – Trophy EarnedSilverButcher
– Fisherman – Continue along the path – Trophy EarnedBronzeFisherman
– Toymaker – Keep heading in the same direction and the next is located in the last shop on the left – Trophy EarnedSilverToymaker
– Prosecutor – Circle around the central atrium to the right – Trophy EarnedGoldProsecutor
– Radio Announcer – Turn around and head up to stairs to the next level, and head to the left, then right when you reach the top – Trophy EarnedGoldRadio Announcer
– Shoe Maker – Head clockwise in this area to find the next character on the opposite side of the central structure – Trophy EarnedBronzeShoe Maker
– Artist – Backtrack slightly to an open door on the left-hand side to head into the central structure (by a vending machine) and head up some stairs. Immidiately as you exit onto the roof turn right to the side of the doorway – Trophy EarnedBronzeArtist & 40-platinum Plato’s Republic

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Plato’s Republic
The unexamined life is not worth living!
Teacher Bronze
Teacher sends you her kind memories.
Fashion Designer Bronze
Wear your mercy.
Tailor Bronze
Does the wound in your soul hold stitches?
Salesman Bronze
Candy may remind of a good childhood, but with all the pains of the past.
Scriptwriter Bronze
I can bear all this unhappiness with your ghost.
Fisherman Bronze
Wealth is achieved with pain, kept with care, and lost with grief.
Journalist Silver
1940’s witch cauldron.
Police Silver
Catch the criminal inside.
Chauffeur Silver
He is a war veteran without a uniform.
Accountant Silver
The world revolves around the inventor of new values
Toymaker Silver
Toy Soldiers :A pile of toys or a pile of people?
Butcher Silver
Nothing to lose, except for shackles.
Worker Gold
Once a worker, always a worker
Activist Gold
The best days to live are still in the future.
Prosecutor Gold
Case of existence.
Radio Announcer Gold
Make the difference you want to see in your world.
Poet Silver
You have a place in my heart no one else ever could have.
Athlete Silver
My dear son, I am a street for you, and sometimes the tree in the shade of which you sit every morning.
Engineer Silver
The loudest voice in the world is the absence of a child.
Banker Silver
Counting monies for the better good.
Bureaucrat Bronze
While you are escaping from yourself, you caught yourself.
Aerospace Engineer Bronze
Discover your own stars.
Conductor Bronze
The melodic trains.
Baker Bronze
The sneakiest weapons are baked in the oven.
Librarian Bronze
This book is a call to action.
Doctor Bronze
Victims of the doctors’ conspiracy.
Officer Bronze
Harmonica in the mailbox.
Translator Bronze
Some tributes are unforgettable.
Shoe Maker Bronze
These shoes will take you to a place where impossible doesn’t exist
Director Bronze
Adapting to life with fragmented values.
Instructor Bronze
Darling, they are the enemies of hope.
Adventurer Bronze
Mystical pleasure of a limitless adventure.
Musician Bronze
The rhythm of pain.
Author Bronze
Everything killed by a sentence
Artist Bronze
I painted all the darkness blue while you were sleeping.
Bus Driver Bronze
Who wants to travel to land of hope?
Pianist Bronze
I had to be alone, entirely alone, if I wanted to play the piano.
Nurse Bronze
Tell me a story, dad.
Scientist Bronze
Everything you can achieve is actually science.
Soldier Bronze
I lost you, like a soldier who lost his last bullet in a war.

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