Kovox Pitch Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 8 – 10 min
Trophies: 26. 40-platinum 1/Gold 7 / Silver 10 / Bronze 8
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Kovox Pitch trophy guide!
Another great one from publisher ChiliDog Interactive.

“Kovox Pitch is a rhythm-baseball game that has some depth. It comes with a wholesome story and memorable post-punk music. The aim of the game is to swap between two lines in order to successfully hit balls with a baseball bat and experience that 2.5D effect. It has Story mode with story-related events and challenges, and Free Play mode to simply enjoy the game.”


With this being from ChiliDog Interactive it comes with a good old fashioned cheat code. It’s as follows, . This enables “god mode”and a level skip option.

Gameplay wise just spam Cross during the visual novel parts and use the level skip option when you come the rhythm game parts. Just use both techniques until the plat pops.

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Trophy List

Bat of the beat!
Unlock all trophies
Autumn Bronze
Complete 0.1 Autumn
Yunost’ Bronze
Complete 1.1 Yunost’
Tanci Bronze
Complete 1.2 Tanci
Gorod v okne Bronze
Complete 1.3 Gorod v okne
Uedu daleko Bronze
Complete 2.1 Uedu daleko
Zabiti Bronze
Complete 2.2 Zabiti
Net bolshe slez Bronze
Complete 2.3 Net bolshe slez
Chuvstvuyu sebya chuzhim Bronze
Complete 3.1 Chuvstvuyu sebya chuzhim
Mi vsegda naydem povod pogrustit’ Silver
Complete 3.2 Mi vsegda naydem povod pogrustit’
Razyedaesh mne nutro Silver
Complete 3.3 Razyedaesh mne nutro
Nostalgia Silver
Complete 4.1 Nostalgia
Poslednie nadezhdi Silver
Complete 4.2 Poslednie nadezhdi
Holoda Silver
Complete 4.3 Holoda
Mne nikogda ne bilo grustno bez tebya Silver
Complete 5.1 Mne nikogda ne bilo grustno bez tebya
Deformaciya vospominaniy Silver
Complete 5.2 Deformaciya vospominaniy
Osoznanie Silver
Complete 5.3 Osoznanie
Divniy mir Silver
Complete 6.1 Divniy mir
Ni shagu nazad, ni shagu vpered Silver
Complete 6.2 Ni shagu nazad ni shagu vpered
Kuda katitsya moya golova Gold
Complete 6.3 Kuda katitsya moya golova
Zhdat’ peremen Gold
Complete 7.1 Zhdat’ peremen
Vse eto zabit’ Gold
Complete 7.2 Vse eto zabit’
Deti nemoy strani Gold
Complete 7.3 Deti nemoy strani
Shastye chto hochu nayti Gold
Complete 8.1 Shastye chto hochu nayti
Proshai Gold
Complete 8.2 Proshai
Autumn Gold
Complete 8.3 Autumn

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