Fall of Porcupine: Last Days of Summer (Prologue) First Impressions


The demo for Fall of Porcupine was released on consoles on 25 August 2022. The demo, Fall of Porcupine: Last Days of Summer takes about 1-1.5 hours to play through, depending on how much exploration you choose to do.  The full game is due to be released on all major consoles in 2023.

In the demo to Fall of Porcupine, you guide the young Doctor Finley through his first weeks at a provincial hospital. He is on fire for his apprenticeship as an internist, however, a lot of pressure makes Finley’s life difficult, and the balancing of work and daily life more challenging.


In this short introduction to the full game – you follow Finley, he spends his days trying to balance being a newly qualified physician in a hospital in a town he’s recently moved to, with daily life and friendships.

I got about 30 minutes into the prologue, and almost quit the game, as there is A LOT of reading, as all the dialogue is in speech bubbles.  I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest fan of lots of reading, but the game kept me interested, and was fun when I got to play doctor – you have to hold certain buttons in a time limit to perform checks on patients that are assigned to Finley, and to reach a diagnosis. 

The music is cheery and fun throughout the demo, which I’m sure will be the same in the full game.  The back drops were coloured in glorious fall colours – it made me wish that the ‘real’ fall season would hurry up. 

There’s a small amount of platforming, but it’s just jumping over objects, or climbing. I’m sure the full game will have more of this, but it’s not difficult in any way.

Lots of interesting characters that you get to speak to throughout the the demo, including the hospital receptionist, Ingrid – who’s worked at St. Ursula Hospital for 30 years.  She’s a real treat, trust me.

There’s a task at the end of the demo, where Finley has to find a patient that has gone missing, and is somewhere in the hospital – at the end of this task, which is actually the end of the demo, something happens that changed my opinion of the game.  I won’t spoil it, but now I’m looking forward to the full game.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Buntspecht
Developer Socials: Twitter

Images – Steam

Fall of Porcupine: Last Days of Summer – Demo Trailer


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