Legend of Arcadieu Bundle Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 10 min
Trophies: 27. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 19 / Bronze 2
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 4.5 Routes


Welcome to the Legend of Arcadieu Bundle trophy guide!
Developed by Kavorka Play, and published to consoles by Gamuzumi; “the Legend of Arcadieu bundle features both games, The Legend of Arcadieu and The Legend of Arcadieu 2. Each game offers multiple endings each, based on the choices you make along the adventure.”


As with most visual novels, we’ll provide you with the most efficient way to earn the Platinum. You will need to complete a number of very short playthroughs of the first game, with the second game consisting of a save manipulated 2 endings.

First thing you will want to do is adjust the settings as per below –

Once done follow on with the text walkthrough. Note – You need to reactivate skipping () after every choice.

Text Walkthrough

New Game
The Legend of Arcadieu

Start Skipping () – TrophyBronze Not another Isekai…
Select “FIGHTER”
Select “OTAKU”
1 – Fight with all my might! – TrophySilver My first win
1 – Fight her like the monster she is! – TrophySilver A magic potion? & Silver The cute sorceress
1 – The torch. – TrophySilver A tool to light the darkness
1 – Surprise attack! – TrophySilver I’m asking you a question!, Silver The mystical swordSilver The Demon Queen & Gold Better than anime
Skip Credits ()

New Game
The Legend of Arcadieu

Start Skipping ()
Select “ARCHER” – TrophyBronze The chosen one
Select “WIZARD”
2 – Spare the poor creature. – TrophySilver Where’s the spare command?
2 – Tell her a joke? – TrophySilver I’m not a bad Slime!
2 – The rope. – TrophySilver Rope connoisseur & Silver Common interests
1 – Surprise attack! – TrophySilver The beautiful warrior & Gold Back to normal
Skip Credits ()

New Game
The Legend of Arcadieu

Start Skipping ()
Select “DANCER”
Select “WARLOCK”
2 – Spare the poor creature.
2 – Tell her a joke?
2 – The rope.
2 – Talk her out of this.
3 – Human!
2 – The snow lady.
1 – Accept her deal. – TrophyGold Long live the king
Skip Credits ()

New Game
The Legend of Arcadieu 2

Start Skipping ()
1 – Hit them with magic.
1 – Use dual bows! – Trophy – Silver The hero returns, Silver Is she my girlfriend now?, Silver One of many new characters & Silver TECHNO SLIMES!
Save Game – (Use to backtrack in the story slightly)
Start Skipping ()
1 – Look for Sophie. – Trophy – Silver Where’s Sophie?
3 – The Inklu Tribe – Trophy – Silver I was listening! I swear! & Gold The new Arcadieu
Skip Credits ()

Continue – Save
Start Skipping ()
2 – Look for Leslie – Trophy – Silver The clever hacker, Gold Sequel bait & 40-platinum Arcadieu Adventures

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Arcadieu Adventures
Experience everything on Legend of Arcadieu Bundle.
Not another Isekai…
Enter the mysterious world of Arcadieu.
The chosen one
Actually choose the archer class.
My first win Gold
Defeat the Slime monster.
Where’s the spare command? Gold
Let the Slime monster live.
A magic potion? Gold
Defeat Slimette and get the magic potion.
I’m not a bad Slime! Gold
Spare Slimette and meet her family.
The cute sorceress Gold
Kiss Sophie and gain her trust.
A tool to light the darkness Gold
Buy a torch.
Rope connoisseur Gold
Buy a rope.
The mystical sword Gold
Defeat Succubus and find the Dreamslayer.
Common interests Gold
Share something special with Succubus.
I’m asking you a question! Gold
Answer all of Succubus’ trivia questions.
The beautiful warrior Gold
Kiss Trish and open up to her.
The Demon Queen Gold
Defeat Lady Alexandra.
Back to normal Gold
Get the neutral ending.
Better than anime Gold
Get the good ending.
Long live the king Gold
Get the demon ending.
The hero returns Gold
Choose to attack with your bows in the first fight.
Is she my girlfriend now? Gold
Kiss Sophie after a tough battle.
One of many new characters Gold
Meet Leslie, the mysterious thief.
Fight the new and improved Slimes.
Where’s Sophie? Gold
Enter the Infernal Lair and look for Sophie.
I was listening! I swear! Gold
Correctly answer the Succubus’ question.
The clever hacker Gold
Kiss Leslie after a glorious victory.
The new Arcadieu Gold
Start a -potentially- new adventure in a new version of the game!
Sequel bait Gold
Start a -potentially- new adventure with Trish and search for Sophie!

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