Ayo the Clown Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 4 – 6 hours
Trophies: 28. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 6 / Silver 11 / Bronze 10
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Ayo the Clown trophy guide!
Ayo is a clown and his dog has been stolen! Jump, slide, and balloon your way to getting your dog back in this fun and wacky platforming adventure!


Step 1: Beat The Game
The first step here is just beating the game. This will get you all the abilities, plus you’ll have every NPC in town available to you at the end. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you play on. I recommend getting as many gems as possible as well, as you need at least 25,000 for the balloon upgrade trophy, but you can also get health upgrades if you need them. By the end of this stage, you’ll have most of the trophies.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Getting Jumpy
Bronze Balloon Galore
Silver Dizzy Engagement
Bronze Head Of Steel
Silver Feral Awakening
Bronze Mountaineer Training
Bronze Down We Go
Silver Dog Of The Sky
Silver Music Has No Rules
Bronze Use The Legs
Bronze Faster Than Light
Silver Big Ain’t Better
Bronze We Go Whoosh
Silver Turtle Ride
Silver Never Trust The Candy
Bronze It’s A Ninja
Silver Let’s Enter The Show
Bronze Science Marvel
Silver Cure By Laughter

Step 2: Side Quests
Now with the game beaten, every character will be in the town. Now you can go talk to them and they’ll tell you about something they’d like done for them. Once you get the trophy related to each one, you can just exit the level right away. At the end of this stage, you’ll have the platinum!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver Far East Delicacies
Silver Rat Infestation
Gold Hammer Time
Gold Robot Mayhem
Gold Eggy Situation
Gold Only After Homework
Gold Hard Business
Gold Dealing With Ex
40-platinum Balloon Master

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Trophy Guide

Balloon Master
Unlock all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

Getting Jumpy
Unlock the jump Ability.

In level 1-2, Balloon Fun, you run into an NPC that asks you to find an anvil for him. When you go along the only path you can and find the anvil, return to the NPC and get the jump ability!

Balloon Galore
Unlock the balloon ability.

In level 1-3, Mushroom Yum, walk down the main path until you see a wolf, then drop down and go left. You’ll find a lady who needs help with finding balloon animals. Once you get all 4 from the path to the left, you’ll get the balloon ability and this trophy.

Dizzy Engagement Gold
Defeat the first boss.

In level 1-4, Wobbly Situation, you’ll end up fighting your very first boss! This boss is quite easy. For his first attack, he will roll side to side, and when he gets dizzy you have to jump on his head, then jump on his again when his head rolls out of his clothes. For the second attack, he’ll bounce around the arena.

When he’s dizzy, attack him again. For the third attack, he rolls from the foreground to the background. Once he’s dizzy again, attack him and beat him to get this trophy and beat the level.

Head of Steel
Unlock the headbutt ability.

In level 2-1, Carrot Harvest, you’ll run into an NPC who will automatically give you the ground pound skill, getting you this trophy.

Feral Awakening Gold
Defeat the second boss.

At the end of level 2-3, Cow & Pigs, you’ll have to fight the second boss. This is a bear! For this first attack, he’ll toss a beehive at you, then come to you and start walking around. You have to use the ground pound skill to deal damage.

For the next attack, he’ll spawn two little bears and try to slam his head into from the background. Simply dodge and ground pound his head when he hits the ground. For the third and final attack, he’ll try to jump on you from the air then run around the arena.

When he bends over to catch his breath, ground pound him to knock him into the ground, then ground pound him again to finish him off and get this trophy.

Mountaineer Training
Unlock the climb ability.

In level 3-1, Vine Climbing, you’ll encounter an NPC who wants you to gather chocolates for her. Once you gather all five, you get the climbing ability and this trophy.

Down we go
Unlock the slope slide ability.

In level 3-2, Crystal Cave, you encounter an NPC as you jump down the hole at the start that gives you the slope slide ability and this trophy!

Dog of the Sky Gold
Defeat the third boss.

In level 3-4, Hovering Fans, you’ll meet the next boss. He has three phases like every boss. First you must destroy the bosses three turrets that rotate around him, but they can only be destroyed when they blink red. Then you can hit the boss once.

Then the boss makes little black marks across the screen, four in total, then attacks in that order, so try to avoid them all, then attack the boss when you can. Then he’ll fly to the right side of the screen and shoot laser eyes at you! If he’s moving up, sit above his head, if he’s moving down, sit below his head.

When the lasers are done, he will cause two more turrets to attack you. Destroy them then hit the boss and defeat him and earn this trophy!

Music has no Rules Gold
Defeat the forth boss.

In level 4-4, Dolphin Rides, you’ll fight the fourth boss. For this boss, you start out having to spell words. Just hit the flies and letters in the correct order. When you spell two words right, the boss will throw his microphone away and crosshairs will come on screen.

Eventually they will stop moving, and you don’t want to be in them. Eventually the boss’s tongue will roll out onto a log and you’ll need to ground pound it. The boss will then go underwater and one log will start to shake. Get off of it, and it will go into the air.

Water will fall onto another log, indicating the boss will fall down onto it, so you have to get off that log. Avoid the attack cycle again and the boss will be stunned. Simply ground pound his head and you’ll win and get this trophy.

Use the Legs
Unlock the push and pull ability.

In level 5-1, Keep Pushing, you run into an NPC who will give this skill to you automatically and you’ll get this trophy.

Faster than Light
Unlock the run ability.

In level 5-3, Anti Gravity, you’ll run into an NPC who will give you this skill and you’ll get the trophy!

Big ain’t Better Gold
Defeat the fifth boss.

In level 5-4, Conveyor Belts, at the end you’ll meet up with this boss. This boss is surprisingly easy. You’ll be tasked with driving a tank, and what you need to do is destroy the cannons on the enemy tank, starting from the top. So hit the top cannon, then go up the platforms up the left side, and then hit the red top of the tank.

You then have to avoid bombs that drop. Now shoot the middle cannon and rinse and repeat until the boss is dead and you get the trophy!

We go Whoosh
Unlock the ground slide ability.

In level 6-1, Sticky Cream, you’ll meet an NPC who wants you to get an item for them. Simply jump in the hole in front of them, and follow the path to the item, then get back to them and get the ground slide ability and this trophy!

Turtle Ride Gold
Help the turtle reach his brother.

In level 5-4, Conveyor Belts, you’ll meet up with a turtle NPC who asks you to carry him to his brother. At one point, the turtle will mention getting a water balloon to be able to save his brother. Fall to the bottom conveyor belt and go right to get the balloon. Now be careful not to get crushed by the pillars as you work your way left.

Once you get to the end of the conveyor belt, you’ll see some fire. Throw the water balloon to put out the fires, and reach the top to get to the turtle and get this trophy. If you get hit, simply die and try again.

Never Trust the Candy Gold
Defeat the sixth boss.

In level 6-3, Climbing Mesh, you’ll meet a boss at the end of the level. This boss is a bit of a pain to beat, and once you beat it, if you stand too close to the centre you may fall through the floor and glitch the level, making you redo it all.

So once the boss fight starts, the boss will roll its head around, and there’s a groove that you can fit in to avoid damage. Eventually it will stop and you ground pound its head. Next it will cause an enemy to appear and start jumping around the arena. Easy enough to dodge. Once you dodge it enough, ground pound on its head.

For the last attack, this is where it gets long and annoying. The sandwiches on its sides will be raised. You have to duck under them, then it will turn them, causing you to need to jump over them. Duck again when you need to. Then it will raise the sandwiches above its head.

When one shakes, move to the other side to avoid it. When you can, ground pound the boss for the last time.

It’s a Ninja
Unlock the wall jump ability.

In level 7-1, Pinball, you’ll be tasked with getting 3 items for an NPC during a rollercoaster. The first one is on the top track, and the second is on the bottom. But the third one is the hard one to get. Eventually you reach three separate tracks and you have to stay on the middle one to get the third item. If you fail, you have to try again, but you don’t have to recollect items you already have.

Let’s Enter the Show Gold
Defeat the seventh boss.

In level 7-3, Mushroom Cave, you’ll end up fighting a boss. This boss can be very annoying. For the first attack, you have to dodge a fan that’s spinning around with blades. When the button appears, ground pound it.

Next a bunch of ropes will appear and the floor will become lava. When the top of a rope shakes, it means the pillar on it is going to extend all the way, so avoid that rope. Ground pound the button when you can.

For the last attack, the floor rotates from lava to ice, every other block, while a cannon shoots at you. Once you hit the button a third time, you win and get the trophy.

Science Marvel
Unlock the bigger balloon.

To get this trophy, you have to collect 25,000 gems, then go to the town and travel along the left side until you meet someone selling a bigger balloon. Then you press square to buy it and get this trophy.

Cure by Laughter Gold
Defeat the eighth boss.

In level 8-3, Final Encounter, you’ll face the final boss of the game. For the first attack, the boss will turn his hands to saw blades and move them in an up and down motion to the edge of the map, or just fully sweep side to side with no movement. When he brings his arms back to his body, he will do the attack he didn’t do.

When his arms reach back to his head, his top will open and you can ground pound it for damage. Next he’ll jump onto the arena from whatever side you’re closest to and shoot a rocket at you that causes a shockwave, so be sure to jump.

Then he’ll fall, and you need to run back to the side he appeared on so you can hit a bounce pad to go to the roof. Next he’ll turn his hands to wrecking balls and start pounding the ground, starting on your position. Dodge these attacks until the ceiling breaks, then ground pound his head again. Next he’ll jump onto the arena and move his legs and you have to stay between them the whole time.

Eventually he’ll lift off and start flying side to side, stomping his feet. When bounce pads appear, ground pound one to get shot up into the air, and then land on the boss and ground pound him to finish him off.

Far East Delicacies Gold
Find the legendary fish.

In world 6, after you beat the second level, you get access to the pond. When you start fishing, you have to look for a certain fish and catch it. Specifically, one that looks like a piece of sushi! Once you catch it, you get this trophy.

Rat Infestation Gold
Help the Mayor with his issue.

In level 5-3, Anti Gravity, after you climb to the top of a section at one point, you can go left or right. If you go left, you’ll notice a sign with a picture of Ayo pushing a block. In this area are many spiked rats. If you push the blocks near the rats, to the rats, you’ll squish them. Squish them all and get this trophy!

Hammer Time Gold
Help the Shoemaker find his hammers.

When you talk to the Shoemaker in town about his hammers, go to level 2-2, Crystal Cave. Now you’ll have a timer. After the giant rolling ball, you’ll hit a checkpoint. Around this area are 5 hammers to find. They’re all relatively close to each other so you don’t have to stray too far. Once you find all five, you get this trophy.

Robot Mayhem Gold
Help the robot solve the robot problem.

When you can talk to the Robot in town, he’ll tell you about his robot friends causing mayhem. Go to level 1-1, Rainy Night, and stay along the top of the level. Near the end, you’ll find an upper path you can go up and find robots. Use the hammer on them once to knock their tops off, then ground pound them twice to kill them. You have to slide under the wall to get the last two. Move and press down to slide. Once you kill them all, you get this trophy.

Eggy Situation Gold
Find the plastic chicken.

When you can talk to the Cow in town, who tells you about the chickens bothering its friends, go to level 2-3, Cows & Pigs. Near the end of the level, before you get on the last moving platform on a rail, there will be a random vine that is really long that you can climb up. This will bring you to a closed section with chickens and eggs. Collect all the eggs and get this trophy.

Only After Homework Gold
Solve the bear problem.

When you can talk to the Bear Cub in the town, go to level 8-2, Saw Trouble. As you progress through the level, you’ll come across two little green enemies in hamster wheels, right beside each other, and above them are a bunch of fires. Get a water balloon from nearby and throw them at the fires to extinguish them all and get this trophy.

Hard Business Gold
Help the fairy.

When you can talk to the Fairy in town, who tells you about getting pearls near the sea when it’s foggy, go to level 4-2, In The Fog. As you pass through the level, you hit a checkpoint with a hammer over it, and you should see two sharks coming out of the water. Above them are three clam shells and one to the right. Power up the hammer strike and hit the clams to open them. Collect four pearls, and this trophy is yours.

Dealing with Ex Gold
Help the alien lady.

When you can talk to the Alien Lady in the town, she’ll tell you about her ex. Go to level 7-1, Pinball. As you progress through the level, you’ll find yourself jumping up a long, vertical set of wires. You’ll then hit a checkpoint, get a hammer item, and see an arcade cabinet enemy. Just under it and to the left, you can hit the ground to break it. There will be an enemy with scissors on its head that can run really fast. You have to hit it three times to defeat it, and after every hit, it will be invulnerable for a bit. Once it’s defeated, you get this trophy.

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