Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 30 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 3 Levels


Welcome to the Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition trophy guide!
Welcome to Flat Kingdom! A papercraft world where you play as Flat, a shape shifting piece of paper! Solve puzzles, fight bosses and get this quick and easy platinum!


Step 1: Beat The First Three Levels
All of the trophies will come in the first three levels of the game. As you get taught how to defeat enemies, and you end up doing a side quest. You can collect coins if you’d like, but they’re completely unnecessary. There are difficulty settings, and everything can be done on Easy. At the end of this step, you’ll have a fun and quick platinum!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Gold Fear My Sharpness
Gold Flat Smash
Gold Don’t Be A Square
Silver Shaping Up
Gold Rookie Hero
Gold Too Bad!
Gold A Long Way To Go
Gold Salad To Go
Gold Shapeshifter
Gold Eight Legged Freaks
Gold Complicated Foes
Gold Learning The Ropes
40-platinum Platinum Shape

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Trophy Guide

Platinum Shape
Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies.

Fear My Sharpness Gold
Beat a circle enemy.

Immediately after you defeat the possum enemy, you’ll run into a bat. Press to become a triangle, then touch the bat to defeat it and get this trophy.

Flat Smash Gold
Beat a triangle enemy.

After you defeat your first two snails, you’ll need to move some boxes to be able to jump over a wall. After you do this, you’ll end up seeing a possum enemy. It is a triangle shape, so you must press to become a square, and defeat it by touching it.

Don’t be a square Gold
Beat a square enemy.

After you meet the big bad boss in the sewers of the castle, you’ll come across your first enemy shortly after. It is a square snail. So hit to become a circle, and then run into the snail to kill it and get this trophy.

Shaping up Gold
Use your three forms to fight.

You’ll get this once you’ve used every form to win a fight. Although I had a bit of delay on the trophy popping, and it popped once I killed my first enemy in level two.

Rookie Hero Gold
Finish your first side quest.

This will come automatically as you progress the game. After you get the gate key from the bat, work your way back up the sewer path you just came from. Once you’re at the gate, talk to the NPC, open the gate, and get this trophy.

Too Bad! Gold
Get 1 Game Over.

I decided to do this in the second level. Simply run until you have to fall down a hole, and then there should be some round bunnies to your right. Become either a square or a circle, and let them hit you until you die.

A Long Way To Go Gold
Activate the first Checkpoint Guard.

In level two, you’ll have to jump over a giant gap. In the event that you fall, you’ll go through a little tunnel. At the top, you’ll run into a knight, and end up activating your first checkpoint.

Salad To Go Gold
Defeat Plantosaurus.

At the end of level two, you’ll meet Plantosaurus, your first boss. This boss is actually really easy. First stand right next to it. It’ll then start leaning backwards, so move to the left so it doesn’t slam on you.

Now make sure you’re a circle, jump into the air, become a square and land on its head. This will cause the middle of the plant to open up. Now turn into a circle, jump into the middle, and become a square to damage the boss. Repeat the process until the boss is defeated.

Shapeshifter Gold
Change your shape 10 times.

To get this trophy, you have to change your shape a total of 10 times. To do that, you press either to become a circle, to become a triangle, or to become a square.

Eight Legged Freaks Gold
Defeat Arachne.

Arachne is the boss at the end of the third level, and is a bit different from Plantosaurus. First off, you’re put into a sealed off cave, and you must ascend to the top to survive.

So turn into a circle when you’re jumping, so you can have a double jump available to you, and turn into a triangle when you’re running from one side or the other, so you have extra speed.

At the very top, Arachne will get a health bar. There is a pillar in the middle of the arena. What you need to do is hop over top of it while you’re a circle, then while you’re mid-air, turn into a square, to slam it down onto the boss.

This will cause little enemies to spawn, and the boss will be stunned. When the boss moves again, just slam onto the pillar again. When it’s dead, you’ll get this trophy.

Complicated Foes Gold
Defeat an enemy with two or more shapes.

Near the end of level two, you’ll find yourself in a tunnel and you’ll encounter a running plant. What you need to do is press to become a square, then run into it. When it falls over, press to become a triangle, and run into it again to kill it and pop this trophy.

Learning The Ropes Gold
Get your first special ability.

After you’ve killed Arachne, simply continue to the right and find this powerup.

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