Madden NFL 22 Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 hours
Trophies: 17. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 3 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: – 1


Welcome to the Madden NFL 22 trophy guide!
Madden NFL 22 is the latest entry into the long running Madden series and this year’s version features a revamped Franchise mode, visual upgrades and several more changes to give the game a fresh feel. This trophy guide strives to make your platinum journey as painless as possible with clear cut instructions and great tips. Credits to Sacko for the trophy guide as this wouldn’t have been possible without all his help.

Note: If you are unable to find partners to boost, leave your psn/xbox ids in the comments and maybe someone who is referring to the guide might seek you out.


Since, none of the trophies are miss-able, you can do them in any order you want to, but for efficiency’s sake I have mentioned which trophies you can earn together saving you the hassle of repeating the same steps again. All the offense and defence related trophies like Lockdown Corner, Throwin’ Dots, Unblockable and Primetime can be done over the course of a single game in the Exhibition mode.

Trophies like ROTY and MVP should be clubbed together, Dealmaker and Big Spender, Stud Finder and Future of the Franchise and Bragging Rights with Head-to-Head. This is recommended because you will be able to avoid repetition.

Tips and Strategies

Once, you have loaded up the game, navigate to the NFL logo, click on it and go to share and manage files. From there go to download community files and press triangle to search. Type in Cheevo Guides in the search bar and download the file. It might take multiple attempts, but don’t worry it will download the file. Now, as and when required, go the load and delete files and load up the file under the Roster tab.

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Trophy Guide

Madden NFL 22 Master
Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 22 trophy!

Platinum Trophy

Primetime Gold
Gain over 50 total yards while using Celebration Loco over the course of a single game.

You celebrate by pressing L2. So, your aim here is to have possession as close as possible to your own goal, therefore lose the ball deep into your side of the field and then make sure to stop the opposite team from advancing further, ultimately getting the ball. Load up an exhibition match and choose a good rated team like LA Rams or Kansas City Chiefs and set up a play which allows one of your runners to have a clear line of sight. Can also be done with a friend in exhibition mode and then Online Head to head option.

Unblockable Gold
On 3 plays create a sack or tackle for loss after a pass rush move win, using a different rush move each time.

Basically, what this trophy requires is for you to tackle the QB with the same player thrice while using different rush moves each time against the linesmen. You use rush moves by moving your right thumbstick in different directions: Move up to perform a rip, down to do ball rush and left/right for club move. Once, you have performed a rush move against the players blocking your path, you have to tackle the QB by pressing X and make sure that you tackle him instead of any another player on your team. Also, make sure you select a player and a play type that allows a clean line of sight to the QB to make it easier. This trophy can be easily boosted with a second controller or by playing against a friend. You can also refer to this video for visual help:

Credits to Cheevo Guides for this video.

Throwin’ Dots Silver
Throw a Passing TD using the low throw mechanic.

This requires you to, basically, throw a low pass by pressing L2 button and after being caught by the receiver, he should score a touchdown for this trophy to register. Can be combined with the Primetime trophy.

Lockdown Corner Silver
Win 3 presses in a single game with the same CB.

For this trophy, you need to use the Corner Back (CB) to block the way of a player from the opposite side. To do this, select your CB and then as soon as the opposite team’s Quarterback gets the ball and the player in front of your CB is about to move, move towards him using left thumbstick and simultaneously press X. This will lead your CB to kind of block the opposing player’s way, do it thrice and you will get the trophy. You can do this either in Exhibition matches with the penalties for offsides set to zero in settings or boost it with a friend in exhibition’s online head to head mode.

Already in Progress Bronze
Create a league from a Play Now Live game.

Go to Exhibition, select Play Now option and then choose to start a pre-fixed game which has a time and date on it. Pick whatever team you want and do at least one play and sim the rest of the game. Once, your game is finished you will see a pop-up on the screen which says Take Control and it asks you to continue the season, just click on ‘yes, play next week’ option and you will pop the trophy.

Change of Scenery Bronze
Relocate a team.

For this trophy, start a new Franchise, pick Tennessee TItans and choose to become their owner in the settings. The option to relocate will appear in Week 5, so first sim to regular season, then advance by each week manually till you reach Week 5 and get the option to relocate. Select the option to relocate and choose London. The whole relocation process will last till week 8, with each week offering a new choice like a new uniform, stadium etc. You have to select every choice related to the relocation, otherwise the trophy won’t pop. So, just advance a week after selecting them, then choose uniform, then advance a week and choose stadium etc. After Week 8, just sim directly to off season to get the trophy.

Roster Reshuffle Bronze
Complete a fantasy draft.

Start a new Franchise in online mode with active roster, as an owner and change the starting point to Fantasy Draft and begin playing. Then, once you are loaded in, go to Fantasy Draft and start it. When you are in, just skip to the end of the draft and after that is done you will get the trophy.

Pro Bowler Gold
Participate in the Pro Bowl during a Franchise season.

Pro Bowl is basically the all stars game of NFL. So, you need to have a player which gets selected in either AFC or NFC team, when the pro-bowl happens. For that, first load up the Franchise in online mode and normal roster, with Kansas CIty Chiefs and once you are in the preseason, go to options and click on user teams. Now, add Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravens, both with role set to owner. We are adding two more teams to just increase our chances of a player from these teams making it to the Pro Bowl. Once, you have set all this up, sim to the Play-offs and from there just sim week by week till the Pro Bowl and see if someone from one of your three teams manages to get selected for the Pro Bowl. Once, you figure out which team’s player has managed to get in, just take control of that team and start the match, do not sim it. When you enter the match, do one play after the kick-off and sim to the end of the match. This is done to make sure the game registers your presence. Once, you have upgraded your players and returned back to the menu, you’ll pop the trophy.

Head-to-Head Silver
Win a Head To Head game in an online league.

This can easily be boosted in the Franchise mode and this trophy can also be clubbed together with Bragging Rights trophy. First of all, load the file that you downloaded at the start ‘CheevoGuides’ one. Start an online Franchise league and select ‘Use Active Roster’. Then, pick the 99 rated San Francisco 49ers, make sure you are the owner and go into league settings and set the quarter timings to 1 minute instead of the default 6 minutes and start the league. Go to options, then user settings and create a new user and send an invite to a friend. Tell them to select the Detroit Lions as they will always have the first match of the season against 49ers. Play the whole game against your friend and win it, upgrade the players and pop the trophy when you return to the franchise menu.

Bragging Rights Gold
Win the Super Bowl in an online league.

You can club this trophy with Head-to-Head. So, for this trophy, after you are done getting the Head-to-Head trophy, sim to the Super Bowl and with a 99 rated team you will definitely reach it. Once, you know who your opponent is in the super bowl, ask your partner to retire from the league by going into the options and choosing retire. Then, go into user settings, re-invite them and make them pick the team that you will face in the Super Bowl, so that they can control it. Now, start the Super Bowl match, play it and win the game, upgrade the players and pop the trophy when you return to the franchise menu.

Future of the Franchise Gold
Reveal a rookie’s X-Factor potential.

Get the Stud Finder Trophy first and continue immediately from there. After getting the first draft pick, sim to the end of the draft. When you are back in the Franchise menu, advance to regular season and from there, advance to the mid-season. Once there, you will see an option to upgrade your players, go to the player that you selected back in the draft for the Stud Finder trophy and click on him. Go to his overview and scroll down to the bottom to ‘Edit Player’. Once there, navigate to Player traits and change development from Star to Superstar X-Factor. When you are done and back in upgrade players list, find him again and click on his profile to pop the trophy.

Stud Finder Bronze
Draft a rookie with a Hidden Dev Trait.

Load up a franchise in solo mode with a normal roster. Select the Detroit Lions and then sim directly to the Draft. Before, you actually start the draft, create a save since the trophy has some RNG and might require multiple attempts. Start the draft, your goal here is to get the choice to pick first in draft. If the Lions don’t get the first pick, find out which team does and exit the mode. Reload the save that you made earlier, go into options then user settings and add the team that got the first pick and take control of it. Start the draft again, go to ‘Make your selection’, then pick player  and choose the first player on the list and draft him. Now, there is a chance that the player you picked didn’t have a hidden trait, so reload the save and choose the second player and draft him. Once, he is drafted and he possess a hidden trait, you will pop the trophy. Note: Please make sure that you remember the name of the player you picked as you will need it for Future of The Franchise Trophy.

Big Spender Gold
Win a free agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player.

For this trophy, continue right after you get the Dealmaker trophy, so get that trophy first and then look at this. Once, you get that trophy, advance one week and you will see a new option in the menu which says ‘Sign Free Agents’, go to it and make an offer for a 99 rated player by increasing the signing bonus, again, to $17-18 million. After you have made the offer, go back out and then advance to next week to pop the trophy, no need to do anything else.

Dealmaker Gold
Re-sign a 90+ OVR player.

First, load up the 99 rated 49ers in the load files menu. Start a new franchise, pick the 49ers and make some changes in the franchise settings. Turn off the Salary Cap in the settings before beginning the league. Then, sim to the off-season and after that, advance one week and you will see a option in the menu which says ‘Player Ready to Negotiate’, click on it and it will take you to a screen which lists several of your players with a tag on them which says ‘Last Chance to Negotiate’. Click on the first player that you see and change the signing bonus to around $17-18 million and then click on Make Offer. Once, the offer is made, the player will definitely accept and you will get the trophy.

MVP Gold
Win MVP with one of your players.

Load up the 99 rated roster mentioned in Tips and Strategies. Start a new Franchise in offline mode with active roster and select the 99 rated 49ers and set the quarter length in league settings to 1 minute. Start the league and once you are in, sim to the super bowl and you’ll get this trophy and ROTY trophy as well.

Win Rookie of the Year with one of your players.

Refer to MVP for more details.

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