Broken Pipe Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10 (Flappy Drone), Otherwise 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 60 min
Trophies: 21. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 5 / Bronze 6
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Greetings gamers and welcome to the Broken Pipe trophy guide!
This one is from our friends and long time Node supporters over at DillyFrame Games.

“Return missing modules to the pipe schemes to restore the stream. You will have to direct the color stream from one tank to another in order to make them work. When all the tanks work all the robots will be able to leave this world.”


Just follow along under each trophy’s description to find yourself earning another platinum. Locations on the map are the tiny yellow circle with a point on its side. Also, if you find yourself stuck, jumping into the water restarts you in the first zone of the game. In some cases, it is quicker to restart there than travel across the map. Also another tip is to set the game to “Always run” in the options menu.

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Trophy Guide

You did it!

Collect all other trophies.

First six Silver
Complete all training levels

The game walks you through these so not much help is needed.

1 Silver
Complete any puzzle level except training

See Gold 5 for this one.

5 Gold
Complete any 5 puzzle levels except training

You will need to complete the first 5 puzzles of the game to earn this trophy. I have also included the solution to the sixth puzzle as well, as it allows for better level traversal.

Puzzle 1


Puzzle 2


Puzzle 3


Puzzle 4


Puzzle 5


Puzzle 6


5 cards Bronze
Collect 5 memory cards

See Gold 40 cards trophy for more info.

10 cards Gold
Collect 10 memory cards

See Gold 40 cards trophy for more info.

20 cards Gold
Collect 20 memory cards

See Gold 40 cards trophy for more info.

30 cards Gold
Collect 30 memory cards

See Gold 40 cards trophy for more info.

40 cards Gold
Collect 40 memory cards

These are scattered throughout the game and aren’t that hard to find; there are more in the game than you will need for this trophy. Some areas may require you to unlock puzzles to progress to them, but they will be unlocked naturally in this guide. There is a spot that has 10 memory cards in one go though, see screen shot below.


Flappy Drone Bronze
Launch the game “Flappy Drone”

Simply starting the game will nab you this trophy. The game’s location is shown below.


Flappy 10 Gold
Earn a score of 10 in the game “Flappy Drone”

This one can be a pain as it’s a flappy bird clone. You must pass through the tenth set of pipes in order to nab this one.

Drone’s Escape Bronze
Launch the game “Drone’s Escape”

Simply starting the game will nab this one. The game’s location is shown below.


Long escape Gold
Earn a score of 10000 in the game “Drone’s Escape”

This one is fairly simple to accomplish. Just avoid the obstacles as you go down the path. This game also has extra lives in it. I managed to nab this ne on first try so I wouldn’t stress it.

Color Jump Bronze
Launch the game “Color Jump”

Simply start the game to earn this one. The game’s location is shown below.


Jumper Gold
Earn a score of 4000 in the game “Color Jump”

In this game you have to jump from blue and yellow platforms matching your color to the platform you are landing on. The grey platforms must be double jumped over and avoided.

Bunny in the Forest Bronze
Launch the game Bunny in the Forest

Simply launch the game to nab this trophy. You must also solve two puzzles to gain access to the game’s location as well. The game’s location and two puzzle solutions are below.


Puzzle 7


Puzzle 21


Lost Gold
Earn a score of 10000 in the game “Bunny in the Forest”

In this one you have to move through a foggy forest avoiding all obstacles. It’s a fairly east and straight forward affair.

A kick Bronze
Kick any robot

Just kick any robot you come across to nab this one.

Electrified Silver
Visit broken zone

Simply entering the broken zone as shown in the screenshot will nab this one.


I can fly Silver
Be scanned in the air

Unlock level 27 to turn on lights that will have you float in the air. Once floating you have to remain there until a robot is done scanning you to pop this one. There is a location right next to puzzle 27.

The solution to level 27 is below.


Teleport Silver
Use teleport

On the world map teleport 1 is shown, just travel to it and solve the puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved it opens up the teleporter right next to the puzzle, go through it for this trophy.

The solution to the puzzle is below.


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