The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to 100%: 12 hours
Trophies: 25. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 6 / Bronze 19
Missable trophies: Five
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to our The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC trophy walkthrough.
This guide is based on the DLC trophies of Skyrim, there are 3 DLC’s; Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn and all will be fully featured here to allow you to earn 100% on this game.

This guide has been specifically designed to use exploits and glitches to earn you 100% trophy completion beyond the platinum trophy. This can be used on all versions of the game.

If you have yet to complete the platinum for this game you can find my platinum trophy guide here – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Platinum Trophy Walkthrough


If you have just found this guide for the DLC specifically and have already earned the platinum trophy, as mentioned we will be using completely optional exploits & glitches throughout to earn trophies as quickly as possible, of course you can still use this without the exploit if you just want to know how to get through the game.

I will now copy and paste the exploit method from previous guide:

  • Exploit will give you infinite stamina, carry weight, lock picks and 1 hit OP weapons.
  • make your way to white run stables, then hire the carriage to Dawnstar.
  • Go to The Mortar and Pestle building in Dawnstar and ask Frida ‘How’d you pick up the herb trade?’ Then ‘I could find that ring for you.’
  • Follow the miscellaneous quest ‘find the ring of pure mixtures’ and Go to the the Forsaken Cave to find the ring.
  • Go through the dungeon, when your at the end and defeat Curamil you will also find a shout on the wall – collect this. Next to the shout is a chest with the ring.
  • Leave the cave and go back to Frida in The Mortar and Pestle, Dawnstar. Give her back the ring and complete quest.
  • Put 1 skill point into pick pocketing skill ‘Light Fingers’. Go behind Frida and quick save, then try pickpocket the ring. Having that 1 skill should increase chance from 12% to 36%. Keep reloading the quick save until you successfully pick pocket this.
  • Fast travel to Dawnstar, turn around and keep using touch pad to sleep 1 hour until the Khajit Ahkari shows up.
  • Make a back up save.
  • Whilst heading to the next area make sure to pick up any snowberries that you find.
  • Make your way to the entrance of iron-breaker mine, shown here:
  • If you go next to the entrance and look in-between the rocks as shown below you will find the Ahkari’s chest.
  • Out of chest you want to take the lock picks, the soul gems, the gold, anything that has carry weight, stamina, smithing, lock picking or pick pocketing enchants.
  • Head back to the Khajit Ahkari.
  • Next is the method for farming the Ahkari chest; you want to do a quick save, then shoot hit or shoot Ahkari, then reload your save, check what she has for sale, and then go back to chest and collect what you want. Keep repeating this till you get bored or have no carry weight left. Remember to quick save each time and you must always check what she has for sale or else chest wont reset.
  • Once you have done all the farming you want, have plenty of gold and soul gems – Fast travel back to Whiterun.
  • In Whiterun go to Arcadia’s Cauldron building.
  • From Arcadia you want to buy;
    – Abecean Longfin x10 (I had more luck with these from Lami in Morthol)
    – Cyrodilic Spadetail x10 (I had more luck with these from Lami in Morthol)
    – Blisterwort x5
    – Glowing Mushroom x5 (only if you didn’t get them in bleak falls barrow)
    – Spriggan Sap x5
    – Salt Pile x20Use the same quick save method to keep resetting her shop till you have these items.
  • For this next part, you will need to disenchant the ring of pure mixtures to learn an alchemy enchantment.
  • Then you must enchant a helmet, gauntlets, a ring and a necklace with this alchemy enchantment.
  • Then make sure you are a minimum of level 40 in alchemy 3 skills points in the Alchemist, and 1 in each of the Physician and the Benefactor all from the Alchemy skill tree. If you need help getting your alchemy levelled up the fastest way to do this is by doing the quicksave glitch with the Dawnstar Khajit to farm gold from the chest. Then paying to be trained in alchemy by Arcadia in Whiterun at Arcadias Cauldren and by Lami in Morthal at the Thaumaturgist’s Hut. This will gain you 10 levels at first, then after you get to 36 they will retrain you again to 40 and beyond.
  • I also advise having a spare helmet, armour, bracers/gauntlets and boots that you will enchant with different enchants (that you got from the Dawnstar Khajit) used to prolong the exploit for the remainder of the game.
  • Id recommend then going to Dragonsreach in Whiterun as there is an alchemy lab and enchanting table next to each other.
  • Ok, now time for the real exploit;
    – make sure you have disenchanted carry weight, stamina, alchemy and smithing enchantments.
    – you must use either a longfin or a spadetail with a salt pile to create a Fortify Restoration potion.
    – make sure you are in 3rd person.
    – exit alchemy lab and go into menu, drink the potion, then take your helmet, ring, gauntless, and necklace off then put them back on – please do not leave menu between un-equip and re-equip.
    – once re-equipped back out the menu but instantly press to go onto alchemy table, if done fast enough the camera should glitch from outside the map back to you.
    – continue to do this but try not get the numbers into 8 digits as it can crash the game.
    – Once the alchemy is high enough, then make 5 of the enchantment potions (blisterwort with glowing mushrooms).
    – drink an enchantment potion then go onto enchanting table, put alchemy on your helmet, stamina on your chest piece, smithing on your gauntlets and carry weight on your boots.
    – Afterwards if you want to do any other enchantments (smithing to then create high damage weapons, lock-picking or pickpocketing) just put on your helmet, create an enchantment potion, put your chosen enchantment on your gear and there you. As long as  you keep your exploited alchemy helmet you can continue to create overpowered potions which in turn can help you create overpowered enchantments or overpowered weapon improvements.

Dawnguard Video Guide

DLC Guide Dawnguard

Dawnguard Tips & Tricks

  • Dawnguard DLC: When you are a vampire, Kill and feed on as many people as you can throughout the game, there will be a glitch later on that we use to do this more quickly but you still need to level it 5 times for Nightcloak and Summon Gargoyle skills glitch.
  • Dawnguard DLC: If you are exploiting capacity it may cause you to be over capacity when you turn into a vampire lord as you lose the benefit until you revert back. This can cause you to move really slowly whilst a vampire lord and it can be rather tedious trying to get the 12 perks. I recommend buying Breezehome from Proventus Avenicci in Dragonsreach and storing your items in the chest.

Dawnguard Step by Step

Before we start the step by step guide we may as well make the Silver Legend trophy easier. To get this trophy we must defeat a legendary dragon and these spawn at level 78+. Go to to Arcadias Cauldron in Whiterun, buy all her ingredients, put on your exploited alchemy helmet and make exploited potions, then use quicksave glitch to restock Arcadia and repeat (sell your exploited potions also if you need gold for buying items from Arcadia), each time I done this I went up around 5 levels from 40-50 and this slowed down slightly heading for level 78. Once you have this we can continue, it means legendary dragons can spawn throughout your playthrough of this DLC or the next two to earn you this trophy.

  1. Follow the quest marker for a quest called ’Dawnguard’. This quest is given by a guard after you reach level 10 so if you have done the base game already you will have it. If you are below level 10 go to the Dayspring Canyon and speak with Agmaer to begin this quest. This is in an unmarked location southeast of Black-Briar Lodge in Riften, shown here:
  2. Dawnguard Questline:
    – Joining The Dawnguard.
    – Awakening (Step 3 for help). Bronze Awakening trophy.
    – Bloodline (Step 4 for help).
    – The Bloodstone Chalice. (Step 5 for help).
    – Prophet (Step 6 for help).
    – Scroll Scouting (You will bypass this if you have already completed ’Discerning the Transmundane’ from main questline’. If you have not then follow your quest markers for Scroll Scouting and you will eventually start ’Discerning the Transmundane – Step 7 for help on this. if you have sold the elder scroll to Urag gro-shub in the Arcaneum, College of Winterhold then you must buy it back for 2000 gold or 4000 gold depending if you have completed the College of Winterhold questline).
    – Chasing Echoes (Step 8 for help).
    – Beyond Death Bronze Beyond Death trophy.
    – Seeking Disclosure
    – Unseen Visions
    – Go to step 9 for trophy.
    – Touching The Sky
    – Kindred Judgement Silver Kindred Judgement trophy.
    – Go to step 10 to continue this DLC.
  3. Awakening Help:
    – Once you reach the first set of enemies, on the right side of this area is a structure, go up the stairs and pull the chain to open the gate into the next area.
    – Once you reach Dimhollow Cavern and go down the stairs to the structure. Press the button in the centre to begin this puzzle, it will light up a purple haze around you. You must keep pushing the braziers vertically on the circle formation until they light up purple, once all are lit the puzzle will be complete. Each brazier only needs to be pushed vertically to complete this.
    – Activate Stone Monolith and speak to the Mysterious Woman, allow her to travel with you and continue following questline.
  4. Bloodline help:
    – Whilst speaking to Lord Harkon accept his offer to turn you into a vampire. Throughout the game whenever you are fighting turn into a vampire, this will reduce grind later for the 12 vampire perk trophy (This is not entirely necessary as there will be a grinding method shown later on).
    – You may want to level up vampire until you can get Nightcloak & Summon Gargoyle skills which are necessary for the grinding vampire perk glitch.
    – Note: You lose your carry weight capacity exploit whilst in vampire mode so if you are over your limit you will move very slowly as a vampire.
  5. The Bloodstone Chalice help:
    – Once your further in Redwater Den, you will be in the Redwater Springs area. There is a master lock door in here which if you followed the base game guide you should still have the Skeleton Key for this. If not then you can also use an exploited enchant potion to then enchant and create and exploited lockpicking item for this.
  6. Prophet help:
    – After the College of Winterhold you are directed to Dragonbridge, speak to a guard here and they will send you over the bridge heading south. Follow the path to the scene of the attack, loot the vampire note and read it.
  7. Discerning the Transmundane help –
    How to get the elder Scroll at the puzzle in Tower Mzark;
    – Go to the platform where you will find 5 button and a Lexicon Receptacle, active the Receptacle.
    – The two buttons on the right will light up, press the one second to the left of the Receptacle four times. This will activate the Lexicon.
    – now the 2 buttons on the left will have appeared, press the button 2nd in from the left side twice, this will make the lights show up on the lexicon.
    – Then press the button furthest on the left to access the Elder Scroll.
    – Make sure to go back up and grab the Lexicon Cube for a future quest if you haven’t got platinum for base game to prevent having to run through that whole dungeon again.
  8. Chasing Echoes help:
    – When you are in the courtyard you will be met with a sun dial with missing parts, you must find 3 parts; the 1st one is up the stairs next to the table, the 2nd is below the first in the secluded fenced garden area and the 3rd is next to the lake.
    – When you reach a room that Serena says ’lets take a look around’, you will also notice a mammoth skull and tusks on the wall. To the right of this is a wall full of books, on the middle bookcase, top shelf you will find Valerica’s Journal – take this to proceed.
    – Under the mammoth tusk on the table you will find ’Finely Ground Bone Meal’
    – Head towards the stairs that lead to the upper level of the same area your in, after going up the first 6 stairs, on your left on wardrobe is a bowl with ’Soul Gem Shards’.
    – If you continue round the upper level, at the end on the shelves will be ’Purified Void Salts’.
  9. To earn Bronze Soul Tear trophy. Go to any large open space and use the shout ’Summon Durnehviir’. After summoning and learning another shout, wait until the dragon has left then use the touchpad to sleep for 10 hours then summon again – repeat this until you have learned all necessary shouts and earned the trophy.
  10. Go South of Markarth to Arkngthamz, Shortly after you enter you will meet ’Katria’ in here who will give you a quest; ’Lost to the Ages’. Whilst following the quest marker you will find a gate with a big head, shoot the puzzle in order shown below in picture, either with magic or bow and arrow.
  11. During Lost to the Ages you will be tasked with finding Aetherium Shards.
    – I had issues with the quest markers showing for this one until I got close.
  12. Aetherium Shard 1 – you will find one behind the gate from previous step in Arkngthamz.
    – I had issues with the quest markers showing for this one until I got close.
  13. Aetherium Shard 2 – You will find one in the Dwarven Storeroom, South of Mzulft (cleared during platinum guide) which itself is South-East of Windhelm.
  14. Aetherium Shard 3 – You will find one in behind Deep Folk Crossing, North-East of Markarth. I will picture location below.
  15. Aetherium Shard 4 – Go to Raladbthar, West of Windhelm for this one.
    – Make your way through this area and into the ‘Raladbthar Deep Markets’.
    – Once you make your way into the large area, there us a button above the entrance you must press.
    – After getting into the large Dwarven area with all the moving machinery cogs. Four of them are jammed as there is stuff stuck in them that you must remove. 3 are above water, one is under water, once these items are removed, press the button on the bridge.
    – Defeat the Centurion, move into the next area and Katia will be in here standing next to the shard.
  16. Now go to the Aetherium Forge, you should have a quest marker however I did not so I will picture location. You will find it South of Ivarstead at the ‘Ruins of Bthalft’.
    – Use the Dwemer Mechanism to gain access to the forge.
    – You will need to stand off the platform for entrance to appear.
    – Inside the Aetherium Forge you will come to a tree, and a locked gate with heads like earlier. Shoot arrows or magic at the spinning dials above the heads to move forward.
    – Continue this quest and follow all markers in the forge to shut off steam, defeat enemies, get materials from the chest and create your Aetherium item. This will conclude quest Silver Lost to the Ages trophy.
  17. We are now going to level Vampirism by 5 points to learn skills Nightcloak and Summon Gargoyle in preparation for the glitch, you could also continue this method the whole 12 levels to avoid the tedious exploit method.
    – Tell Serana to ’Wait here’ at an area you will remember, like Breezehome. So she doesn’t steal your kills.
    – Fast travel between lots of different forts as a vampire lord and suck the essence out of everyone, either for 12 levels or for 5 then do the glitch.
  18. Level 12 vampirism exploit; Bronze Vampire Mastered.
    – Go to Castle Volkihar and into Volkihar Keep
    – Speak to an NPC in here and ask ’What can I do to help?’ and you should get a miscellaneous quest to ’Speak with Vingalmo for an assignment’.
    – Vingalmo will give you the quest ‘New Assignments’. Go to your target, equip the magic power ’Vampire Seduction’, use this on your target then click on them to feed on them. Return to Castle Volkihar to complete quest.
    – Speak to a Feran Sadri within the castle, and get another quest. Keep repeating these Feran Sadri quests until you get the quest ’Amulets of Night Power’.
    – Go back to Castle Volkihar, if you have a companion following you, tell them to leave.
    – Equip Amulet of the Gargoyle and turn into a Vampire Lord
    – Once your a vampire lord, use summon Gargoyle Vampiric skill, this should spawn 2 gargoyles. You will notice one gargoyle always spawns outside the summoning sphere, always suck the life essence out of this one as it will count towards your vampire levels, using the summoning skill again de-spawns the gargoyle we don’t need and it spawns the 2 again. Repeat this till you have 12 vampire skills.
    – If you run out of magicka, sleep for 1 hour to replenish
  19. Lets turn human again. Go into Volkahir Keep, the first large room you enter with the long dining tables, go into the doorway at the top right and through the room with the bloody barrel kegs. Go through the next room into the prison-like room.
    – Feed on the NPC locked in the prison.
    – Go to Falkreath
    – Go into the ’Dead Mans Drink’ Inn and speak to the Innkeeper
    – Keep asking the Innkeeper ’Heard any rumours lately?’ until you get the quest ’Rising at Dawn’.
  20. For the Rising at Dawn quest go Morthal and Speak to Falion and say ’I’ve heard you’re an expert in vampirism’ then ’I’m looking for a cure’.
    – He will ask you to fill a black soul gem, you can buy a black soul gem from him and you can also buy the spell ’Soul Trap’.
    – Go back to Falion and let him know you have filled one, meet him at dawn at quest marker and he will cure you.
  21. If you didn’t follow our platinum guide you may not already have the werewolf trophy. If you have yet to do the companions questline, you can become a werewolf during that to become one. Otherwise, if you have done all that and have yet to do this trophy you can go back and speak to Aela the Huntress and say ’I wish to regain the gift of beast blood’.
    – Use your Beast Form magic to turn into a werewolf, best to create a back up save before going into major cities. All you need to do is eat everyone and you will gain werewolf perks. Once you have all 12 you will earn Bronze Werewolf Mastered trophy.
  22. To earn Bronze Auriels Bow. Fast travel to Riften, equip Auriels Bow and the Blood Cursed Elven Arrows. Wait for a sunny day then shoot the sun.
  23. In Riften, go to the Thieves Guild area – The Ragged Flaggon.
    – Speak with ’Galathil’ and pay to change your appearance (you don’t have to actually change it) and this will earn you Bronze A New You trophy.

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Hearthfire Video Guide

DLC Guide Hearthfire

Hearthfire Tips & Tricks

  • During this DLC you will need around 55,000 gold. If you do not have it yet then follow this method;
    – If you wear exploited smithing/alchemy you can create items worth a bunch. I was using quick save method to buy iron ingots from a blacksmith, then creating exploited iron daggers and selling to a merchant.
    – You can either wait until you have done the thieves guild jobs and became guild master, once this is done every merchant will have 4k gold and you can just sell your items and do quick save method to refresh there gold.
    – Alternatively, you can just wait 48 hours in-game to refresh stock each time.

Hearthfire Step by Step

  1. Go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun and Speak to Proventus Avenicci. If you haven’t already buy ’Breezehome’ from him, then say to him ’Id like to decorate my home’ and add a ‘Childrens Bedroom’.
  2. Now go to Honorhall Orphanage in Riften, and speak to the adult in here; if you have completed the Dark Brotherhood questline it will change who is here. After speaking to the adult and asking to adopt a child, go pick your new son or daughter and earn
  3. Bronze Proud Parent trophy.
  4. Go to the White Hall in Dawnstar. To buy a plot of land from Jarl Skald you must have completed;
    – Walking Nightmare (Daedric Artifact Quest – Step 4 for help on this if you haven’t done this already).
    – Kill the Giant (Radiant Quest which is given by the Jarl)
  5. Walking Nightmare help – Daedric Quest 4 Vaermina ‘Walking Nightmare’; (*MISSABLE* Don’t let him destroy staff).
    – Go to Dawnstar and speak to Erandur in the Windpeak Inn. Speak to him to obtain the quest, then follow him.
    – follow the quest objectives.
    – *IMPORTANT* Kill Erandur before he destroys the staff. Then take the staff.
    – Now you will receive the 4th artefact – Skull of Corruption.
  6. After you have completed these quests for the Jarl, go back to the Jarl and say ’Id like to purchase a house’. Bronze Landowner trophy.
  7. Go to Jarls Longhouse in Falkreath. There may be several things you must do to be able to purchase a house here;
    – If the Jarl is Siddgeir you must bring him black-briar mead as part of a quest and also kill a bandit leader which is given to you by the Jarl.
    – If the Jarl is Dengeir of Stuhn then you will proceed automatically
    – Once one of the prior two points have been followed you can then ask ’Is there anything else you need, my Jarl?’ and you will be told to assist 3 people of Falkreath, now you – Now just go through all the different houses within the Falkreath area and find 3 NPCs who need help and carry out there small task.
  8. Speak to Nenya or Tekla in the Jarls Longhouse in Falkreath and say ’Id like to purchase a house.’
  9. Go to Highmoon Hall in Morthal, Speak to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone. As long as you have done the quest ’Laid to Rest’ (the Jarl gives you this quest) then the Jarl will give you the option to help out the people of Morthal.
  10. Speak to Asulfur in Highmoon Hall in Morthal and say ’Id like to purchase a house’. Bronze Land Baron trophy.
  11. Go to the Windstad Manor north of Morthal, if you’ve done the Dark Brotherhood questline you can fast travel to the Abandoned Shack next to it so you can get there quicker.
  12. Go to the Drafting table at the Winstad Manor location and click on the Small House Layout, then go into the chest and grab all the items. Now go to the Anvil and create; 2 hinges, iron lock, 30 nails and one lock. This time go to the Carpenters Workbench and build; House Foundation, House Wall Framing, House Walls, House Floor, House Roof Framing, House Roof and House Door. If done correctly you will be able to enter the house.
  13. Go to the Companions Jorrvaskr in Whiterun and ask Vilkas to ’Follow me. I need your help (only possible after completing companions questline). Fast travel back to Windstad Manor and ask Vilkas ’I need a steward for my house are you interested?’
  14. After Vilkas becomes your Steward ask him ’Id like you to buy some building materials for me’ and you will need around 40,000 gold for this next part. Buy x18 lumber, x14 stone and x5 clay. (Gold farm method explained in Hearthfire tips & tricks above).
  15. Go to the Ragged Flagon, Thieves Guild in Riften. You will be using the quicksave method to farm Iron Ingots and Corundom Ingots from Vanryth Gatharian, Syndus and Arnskar Ember-Master. Do this until you have 200 iron ingots and 50 Corundom Ingots.
    Note – You can buy items from all 3 then use the glitch, rather than using glitch after each individual. You must also kill all 3 before loading your save.
  16. Go back to Winstad Manor and onto the Anvil. You now must create all building materials necessary for all 3 houses, these are; 48 hinges, 24 fittings, 24 locks and 525 nails.
  17. Now go into the chest and get the Clay and Quarried Stone and then the Carpenters Bench and create the exact same house additions that is written here as it will use the fewest building materials. These are; Main Hall, East Wing Kitchen, North Wing Trophy Room and West Wing Greenhouse. Bronze Architect trophy.
  18. Now go to your two other Miscellaneous quests for ’Visit your property in Falkreath hold’ and ‘Visit your property in Pale Hold’ and create the exact same 3 house wings as you did on the previous step. Bronze Master Architect trophy.

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Dragonborn Video Guide

DLC Guide Dragonborn

Dragonborn Tips & Tricks

  • Whenever you see any undiscovered location Silhouettes on the bar at the top of the screen, walk near these to discover them as you need 30 locations for a trophy. Solstheim has over 70 so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Hearthfire Step by Step

  1. When you reach level 10 in Skyrim you are approached by Cultists, if you kill them and read the Cultists note in their possession, it will give you a quest titled ’Dragonborn’.
  2. Follow the ’Dragonborn’ quest marker to Windhelm, board the boat to Solstheim. Bronze Outlander trophy.
  3. Solstheim Questline;
    – Dragonborn (Step 4 for help)
    – The Temple of Miraak (Step 5 for help and trophy progress)
    – The Fate of the Skaal (Step 6 for help *Important*)
    – The Path of Knowledge (Step 7 for help)
    – The Gardener of Men & Cleansing the Stone (Step 8 for help)
    – At the Summit of Apocyphra (Step 9 for help)
    – Continue with guide from Step 10 onwards.
  4. Dragonborn help:
    – Once your on Solstheim, the quest will direct you to speak to NPC’s and ask ’Im looking for Miraak, Do you know him?’
  5. The Temple of Miraak help:
    – Once you reach the Temple of Miraak Sanctum you will find a word of power that you must collect for progress on a trophy.
    – In the same room as the word of power, the Gatekeeper enemy has a key and the door is in its coffin.
    – At the end of this dungeon you will find your first black book. Bronze The Temple of Miraak trophy.
  6. The Fate of the Skaal help:
    – During this quest you will learn the shout Bend Will and be made to use it on the Wind Stone, before you do make a save. If you allow the incoming enemy to kill any NPCs it will make a trophy missable. If an NPC dies, reload the save.
  7. The Path of Knowledge help:
    – Remember to keep collecting the cubes when you find them
    – You will eventually walk into a water filled room with a stone bridge, at the end will be 2 blue control pedestals. Put a cube in one of these and the water will lower and uncover a red control pedestal on the ground floor, go down and put a cube in this – that will make a staircase appear. Next to the much smaller golden bridge that’s blocking the staircase will be another red control pedestal, put a cube in this to raise the golden blockage and them go back up and get the cube from the blue control pedestal. Now you can continue through the doorway at the opposite end of room from the staircase.
    – Once you are back in the main chamber, put two cubes in the blue pedestals to remove the water and enter the Nchardak Aqueduct on the left.
    – Once in the Aqueduct you will immediately approach 3 red control pedestals, to lower all 3 bridges at one time follow this order; middle, right, left, middle, right, left.
    – Follow the bridge round then use a blue control pedestal to lower the water and now you can go through another doorway and follow this through to collect another cube.
    – If Neloth has taken one of the cubes, speak to him to get it back as you need 5.
    – Once you are back in the Great Chamber you only need a cube on 1 blue pedestal on the top level, then 4 on the lower level at the boilers.
    – Go back to the reading room to get the black book. Bronze The Path of Knowledge trophy.
    – The next area you will just be activating Scrye and making you way through the area reading 4 books named chap I, II, III and IV then the next one is the black book.
  8. The Gardener of Men & Cleansing the Stone help:
    – After speaking to Storn Crag-Strider, he will direct you to cleanse the 4 stones. You will have already done one of them, the other 4 have quest markers on the map that you will need to go to and use the Bend Will shout then defeat the summoned monster.
  9. Summit of Apocyohra help:
    – You will be making your way through to reach Miraaks temple, follow this route; Chapter II book > Boneless Limbs book > Chapter III book > Delving Pincers book > Activate a Scrye > Prying Orbs book > Chapter IV > Gnashing Blades book > Activate Scrye > Activate Scrye > Activate Scrye > Chapter V book
    – You will then come to a mild puzzle area were you will need to place books to match the picture on the pedestal. If you go Anti-clockwise round the room its Gnashing Blades > Delving Pincers > Boneless Limbs > Prying Orbs, then you can read Chapter VI book.
    – *Important* Collect the Dragon Aspect shout in the next area for progress towards a trophy.
    – After defeating the Seeker enemies a dragon will appear, use Bend Will to tame it then ride it and this will count towards the trophy for taming 5 dragons.
    – Once you reach Miraak, make a save as its been known to glitch if your too overpowered and kill him too fast, I personally was unable to get past without glitching so I used a combination of a normal weapon with exploited health item until Miraak had restored his health 3 times then I killed him with exploited weapon. Silver At the Summit of Apocypha trophy.
  10. Go to Raven Rock, Raven Rock Mine and speak to Crescius Caerellius and you will receive The Final Descent quest.
    – Make your way through this mine shaft dungeon
    – You will then find the Bloodskal Blade, equip this and use it. Depending if its horizontal or vertical red cracks on the doorway will depend what charged attack you want to do. Stay still for vertical, move slightly in one direction for horizontal.
    – Continue through this dungeon to find a Shout. This will be your 3rd Dragon Aspect Shout and earn you the Silver Dragon Aspect trophy.
  11. Turn 180 degrees from the Dragon Aspect Shout wall and you will see a left entrance to the room (the one we came in) and a right entrance, go through the one on the right to find another black book. Read this.
    – Just follow through this area activating the 5 Scrye then you will be able to read Black Book: The Winds of Change.
  12. Complete The Final Descent quest.
  13. Go to the Raven Rock Forge, speak to the Blacksmith Glover Mallory and he will ask you to find his pick-axe. Now go back to Caerellius House and say to Crescius Caerellius that ’Glover wants his Ancient Nordic Pickaxe back’, then say ’It doesn’t belong to you’ and he will give you it. Go back to the blacksmith and try give it back and he will let you keep it.
  14. Go to Tel Mithryn, Tel Mithryn and speak to Neloth and now complete some side quests. These will be in no particular order;
    – ‘Lost Knowledge’ by saying ’Do you know where any other black books are?’ (Step 15 for help)
    – ‘Reluctant Steward’ quest by saying ’No I haven’t seen Verona’ (Step 16 for help)
    – Continue guide at step 17 onwards
  15. Lost Knowledge Help:
    – Make your way through Benkongerike and into the Great Hall
    – At the first puzzle to open the gate, from left to right its; Eagle > Whale > Whale > Snake.
    – Then you can proceed to the black book and be summoned to Apocrypha
    – Read Chapter II book > At the T junction take a left to Chapter IV book > After you enter the room with a lock Scrye in the centre, go up the second staircase on the right to activate the first Scrye > this will open up another staircase for second Scrye > then third Scrye > centre of room Scrye > staircase opens at opposite end of room from the way you came in for Chapter V book > As you almost reach the black book the room will shift and spawn a lurcher, defeat it and go through the gate at the end of this room, follow the corridor to activate a Scrye > then follow the initial tunnel as it moves again to reach the Black Book: Untold Legends.
  16. Reluctant Steward help:
    – Go into either the Apothecary or the Kitchen and ask an NPC ‘Have you seen Verona?’ to reveal quest marker.
    – Go the The Wretching Netch in Ravens Rock and speak to Drovas Relvi and say ’Do you want to be the new steward of Tel Mithryn?’
  17. The item we just received off on Neloth is a key for the room directly across from where we land after floating up, go in here and there is a black book on the enchanting table.There is a way to exploit this and skip the majority of this part, if you equip your whirlwind shout, and rather than activating the Scrye in front of the gate, go past it and to the right, follow this secret pathway through to what seems like a dead end black sea. In the distance you will see a lit up platform at the same height as yourself, whirlwind sprint to this and you will land just next to the platform in the back sea but you should be able to swim or jump your way to the platform before you lose your health. Activate Scrye > Chapter VII book > Chapter VIII book > Activate Scrye > Black Book: The Hidden Twilight.If your having issues then follow the legitimate route;

    Activate Scrye > Chapter II book > Activate Scrye > Chapter III book > As you enter a large area with a blocked staircase look immediately to your right and go up the steep incline and activate the Scrye > Again after entering the next area, immediately to your right is a staircase that leads to another steep incline then a Scrye > Activate another Scrye inside the area that you just opened > Chapter VI book > Chapter VII book > Activate Scrye > back through Chapter VII book > Chapter VIII book > Activate Scrye > Black Book: The Hidden Twilight.

    Doing either of these methods will earn you Bronze Hidden Knowledge trophy.

  18. Go to Skaal Village during day time and speak to Deor Woodcutter to start ’A New Source of Stalhrim’;
    – Kill the Thalmor outside the abandoned lodge to loot they key for access too it.
    – After being sent to mine Stalhrim you will find a new icon at the top left of the map, this is where the Stalhrim Deposit is.
  19. For this next part make sure you have Smithing Skill unlocked up to Ebony, if not then use the exploit from the beginning of the entire guide.
  20. Go back to Skaal Village, use the Blacksmith Forge and go to the Stalhrim section and create any Stalhrim item. Silver Stalhrim Crafter trophy.
  21. Fast travel to Raven Rock, turn immediately south and follow this exit out towards Old Attius Farm, once you reach the ensuing fight it will start the quest ’March of the Dead’.
    – Once your inside Fort Frostmoth; to get through the locked door you will find a knapsack on the floor with the key inside it. This is in the area with the entrance next to the locked door.
  22. After you turn in the previous quest, keep speaking to Captain veloth and he will give a new quest; ’Served Cold’.
    – Once you reach the Severin Manor, go in the room opposite the stairs you come down, kill the two enemies, then at the back left of this area will be the Severin Family Safe, lock pick this to obtain the evidence.
    – You will be gifted a Raven Rock house off of Lleril Morvayn and earn Bronze Raven Rock trophy.
  23. You should now have 2 trophies left until the platinum.
  24. Bronze Solstheim Explorer trophy. To earn this just run around the map discovering undiscovered silhouette locations on the top bar, personally I was at 25 at this point, you should be fairly similar so not much left.
  25. Bronze Dragonrider trophy. Travel back to Skyrim and fast travel to already discovered Dragons Lairs, use your Bend Will shout to tame the dragon and ride them. Do this up to 5 times until the trophy pops. You may have got some already on Solstheim.
  • Congratulations you will now have 100% trophy completion if you have already done the platinum!

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One thought on “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Trophy Walkthrough

  1. Really great guide, it helped me a lot, especially with missables. One thing I would say, though, for the 12 vampire perks it was much easier for me to just go on a rampage in the cities rather than worry about doing the excruciating radiant quests to unlock the gargoyle amulet- I daresay it was faster than the setup for the glitch and it was definitely more fun to finally kill the annoying NPCs lol.

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