The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Platinum Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 35 hours
Trophies: 51. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 1 / Silver 14 / Bronze 35
Missable trophies: 5 (0 if you follow this guide step by step)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to our The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trophy walkthrough.
Do I need to say more? This game has been around that long, and on so many platforms already, and now on its 10th anniversary it has made its way onto the new next gen consoles.

This guide has been specifically designed to use exploits and glitches to earn you the platinum trophy within 35 hours, rather than the usual 100-120 hours. This can be used on all versions of the game, however I have used PS5 load times to get under 35 hours.

Video Walkthrough

Tips & Strategies

  • Always make sure to pick locks when you can
  • Read any spell books you find.
  • Collect shouts on the walls whenever you see them.
  • Whenever you come across a giants camp (usually a mammoth with tusks maps icon) clear this out as it counts as a dungeon, and usually its just 1 giant you need to defeat.
  • Any Standing Stones you come across; discover them.
  • Any dragon symbols on the map go there, defeat the dragon and collect the shout – will reduce grind later on.
  • Go to Radiant Raiment in Solitude for any enchantments you are struggling to find. they have everything – use quick save method explained in guide if you must.

Step by Step Guide

  1. If you create your character, and get past the starting dragon area into Helgen keep with Ralof. At this point you can change your difficulty to an easier one if you want to get through game quicker.
  2. Get through the rest of Helgen keep, once you exit you will earn Bronze Unbound trophy.
  3. Follow the path that your on until you reach the Standing Stones. Activate any of them, I recommend the Thief Stone. This will earn you Bronze Blessed trophy.
  4. Continue following path towards Riverwood until you reach a fork in the road – take the path heading east (to the right) This will take you to Embershard Mine. Go in.
  5. As you you make your way through the mine, the first two enemies you encounter will come up from the campfire. After you defeat them go down to the campfire pick up the pick axe and mine the Iron Ore Vein (1/3 Hardworker trophy)
  6. If you then make your way to the town of Riverwood which is where the main quest will take you. Take your first left too the logging mill and in front of Gerdur (quest marker) there will be a wood chopping axe, pick this up and chop some wood (2/3 Hardworker trophy).
  7. After chopping wood head to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, go in and buy a Salt Pile ingredient from the Inn Keeper. You only need to do this step if you’ve not already picked up a salt pile.
  8. Go outside and take a cabbage off the cart in front of the Riverwood Trader building.
  9. Go in the Riverwood Trader, use the cooking pot and create Cabbage Soup. Bronze Hardworker trophy.
  10. Afterwards speak to Alvor the blacksmith and ask him ‘Anything I can help with around the forge?’ And he will task you with smithing an iron dagger. Do this. (1/3 Artificer trophy).
  11. Head to Whiterun.
  12. Go to the entrance to the city and the Whiterun guard will try stop your entry. Use dialogue choice ‘I have news from Helgen about the dragon attack (Persuade)’ (1/3 Snake Tongue trophy).
  13. SAVE THE GAME HERE. This is because we are going for the wanted trophy, and if you fail you can just load the save.
  14. Attack someone to get a bounty then when you are caught by a guard; submit to them and go to jail. – I had more luck with this after hitting a woman or a child, every time I hit a man I ended up in a fight and the guards wanted to kill me not arrest me.
  15. Once your in jail pick the lock for the man hole, its always just to the left of the starting point.
  16. Make your way to the guards barracks and go up the ladders into this area. Bronze Wanted trophy.
  17. Load back onto the save we made, fast travel to Riverwood. Go into the Riverwood trader, speak to Lucan Valerious and ask ‘Did something happen?’ continue the dialogue to offer help in finding his golden claw.
  18. This will start The Golden Claw quest and now its time to head to Bleak Falls Barrow.
  19. Enter bleak falls barrow and make your way through as normal.
  20. After reaching first puzzle set it like so to proceed:
  21. Continue with quest and Collect at least 5 Glowing Mushrooms throughout. They look like this;
  22. Once you reach the door that requires the claw, change the animal icons shown on the claw itself. It seems to be different each time. As seen in my example its Bear at top, Butterfly in middle and Owl at bottom.

  23. After progressing to the end of the dungeon, collect the shout on the wall. They look like this:
  24. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL EXPLOIT – exploit will give you infinite stamina, carry weight, lock picks and 1 hit OP weapons.
  25. make your way to white run stables, then hire the carriage to Dawnstar.
  26. Go to The Mortar and Pestle building in Dawnstar and ask Frida ‘How’d you pick up the herb trade?’ Then ‘I could find that ring for you.’
  27. Follow the miscellaneous quest ‘find the ring of pure mixtures’ and Go to the the Forsaken Cave to find the ring.
  28. Go through the dungeon, when your at the end and defeat Curamil you will also find a shout on the wall – collect this. Next to the shout is a chest with the ring.
  29. Leave the cave and go back to Frida in The Mortar and Pestle, Dawnstar. Give her back the ring and complete quest.
  30. Put 1 skill point into pick pocketing skill ‘Light Fingers’. Go behind Frida and quick save, then try pickpocket the ring. Having that 1 skill should increase chance from 12% to 36%. Keep reloading the quick save until you successfully pick pocket this.
  31. Fast travel to Dawnstar, turn around and keep using touch pad to sleep 1 hour until the Khajit Ahkari shows up.
  32. Make a back up save.
  33. Whilst heading to the next area make sure to pick up any snowberries that you find.
  34. Make your way to the entrance of iron-breaker mine, shown here:
  35. If you go next to the entrance and look in-between the rocks as shown below you will find the Ahkari’s chest.
  36. Out of chest you want to take the lock picks, the soul gems, the gold, anything that has carry weight, stamina, smithing, lock picking or pick pocketing enchants.
  37. Head back to the Khajit Ahkari.
  38. Next is the method for farming the Ahkari chest; you want to do a quick save, then shoot hit or shoot Ahkari, then reload your save, check what she has for sale, and then go back to chest and collect what you want. Keep repeating this till you get bored or have no carry weight left. Remember to quick save each time and you must always check what she has for sale or else chest wont reset.
  39. Once you have done all the farming you want, have plenty of gold and soul gems – Fast travel back to Whiterun.
  40. In Whiterun go to Arcadia’s Cauldron building.
  41. From Arcadia you want to buy;
    – Abecean Longfin x10 (I had more luck with these from Lami in Morthol)
    – Cyrodilic Spadetail x10 (I had more luck with these from Lami in Morthol)
    – Blisterwort x5
    – Glowing Mushroom x5 (only if you didn’t get them in bleak falls barrow)
    – Spriggan Sap x5
    – Salt Pile x20Use the same quick save method to keep resetting her shop till you have these items.
  42. For this next part, you will need to disenchant the ring of pure mixtures to learn an alchemy enchantment.
  43. Then you must enchant a helmet, gauntlets, a ring and a necklace with this alchemy enchantment.
  44. Then make sure you are a minimum of level 40 in alchemy 3 skills points in the Alchemist, and 1 in each of the Physician and the Benefactor all from the Alchemy skill tree. If you need help getting your alchemy levelled up the fastest way to do this is by doing the quicksave glitch with the Dawnstar Khajit to farm gold from the chest. Then paying to be trained in alchemy by Arcadia in Whiterun at Arcadias Cauldren and by Lami in Morthal at the Thaumaturgist’s Hut. This will gain you 10 levels at first, then after you get to 36 they will retrain you again to 40 and beyond.
  45. I also advise having a spare helmet, armour, bracers/gauntlets and boots that you will enchant with different enchants (that you got from the Dawnstar Khajit) used to prolong the exploit for the remainder of the game.
  46. Id recommend then going to Dragonsreach in Whiterun as there is an alchemy lab and enchanting table next to each other.
  47. Ok, now time for the real exploit;
    – make sure you have disenchanted carry weight, stamina, alchemy and smithing enchantments.
    – you must use either a longfin or a spadetail with a salt pile to create a Fortify Restoration potion.
    – make sure you are in 3rd person.
    – exit alchemy lab and go into menu, drink the potion, then take your helmet, ring, gauntless, and necklace off then put them back on – please do not leave menu between un-equip and re-equip.
    – once re-equipped back out the menu but instantly press to go onto alchemy table, if done fast enough the camera should glitch from outside the map back to you.
    – continue to do this but try not get the numbers into 8 digits as it can crash the game.
    – Once the alchemy is high enough, then make 5 of the enchantment potions (blisterwort with glowing mushrooms).
    – drink an enchantment potion then go onto enchanting table, put alchemy on your helmet, stamina on your chest piece, smithing on your gauntlets and carry weight on your boots.
    – Afterwards if you want to do any other enchantments (smithing to then create high damage weapons, lock-picking or pickpocketing) just put on your helmet, create an enchantment potion, put your chosen enchantment on your gear and there you. As long as  you keep your exploited alchemy helmet you can continue to create overpowered potions which in turn can help you create overpowered enchantments or overpowered weapon improvements.
  48. During this exploit you will have created a potion and enchantment to complete criteria for Bronze Artificer trophy. You will have reached level 100 in Alchemy for Silver Skill Master trophy. You may have reached level 5 for Bronze Apprentice trophy and level 10 for Bronze Adept trophy.Now we can continue with the rest of the guide beyond the exploit of infinite stats.
  49. For this next part you must get to 5000 gold. Multiple ways; do the Dawnstar khajit quicksave glitch to farm 750 gold each time. Alternatively you can buy alchemy materials from Arcadia, create overpowered potions, sell them to her then use quick save glitch to refresh her gold stock and repeat.
  50. Go to Dragonreach, make a save, and speak to Proventus Avenicci to buy a house for 5000 gold, then reload your save to keep your gold. Bronze Citizen trophy.
  51. Follow the main questline which will make you fight your first dragon outside Whiterun you will earn Bronze Dragon Soul trophy.
  52. Afterwards you will need to reach High Hrothgar to meet the Greybeards, they will teach you more about shouts and you will learn completely new shouts. Once you have completed ‘The Way of the Voice’ you will earn the Bronze The Way of the Voice trophy.
  53. Continue through the main quests;
    – The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (There is a Shout in this one and you can press on the windcaller tomb to activate it and it absorbs a dragon soul) Complete this quest for Bronze Words of Power trophy.
    – A Blade in the Dark.
  54. Next main quest will be diplomatic Immunity in Solitude. On this quest once your in the Thalmor Embassy you must say to Malborn ‘im ready’ then you need to get a drink off Brelas who will be in the corner with a plate of drinks, then give a drink to Razelan and say ‘actually there is something you can do for me’ then ‘I need you to cause a scene’ – this will allow you to sneak away behind Malborn. Continue with and complete quest. Bronze Diplomatic Immunity trophy.
  55. After you have done this we are going to join the Imperial Legion, because we followed Ralof at the beginning in Helgen we only have the stormcloak quest for now. What you need to do is go to Solitude, go into Castle Dour and speak to General Tulius then Legate Rikke to start ‘Joining the Legion’ quest. Do these quests to complete the Civil War Questline.
    – Joining the Legion Bronze Taking Sides trophy.
    – The Jagged Crown (See step 56 for help).
    – Message to Whiterun.
    – Battle for Whiterun.
    – Reunification of Skyrim.


      • ​A False Front.
      • The Battle for Fort Dunstad.
      • Compelling Tribute.
      • The Battle for Fort Greenwall. Bronze War Hero trophy.
      • The Battle for Fort Sungard.
      • Rescue from Fort Kastav.
      • The Battle for Fort Neugrad.
      • The Battle for Fort Amol.
      • Battle for Windhelm Silver Hero of Skyrim.
        – Continue at Step 57.

  56. The Jagged Crown help – You will find the ebony claw on the floor in front of the door puzzle, similar to the golden claw from bleak falls barrow – the answer is on the claw, go into your items and match the pictures with the door.  Also later on in the level you may struggle to find the lever for a door, go upstairs and opposite the door like shown in this photo:
    There is also – Thu’um behind the draugr deathlord in this dungeon.
  57. Now its onto Riften and the Cornered Rat quest; you can either run here from closest fast travel point or, fast travel to a stable then use the fast travel cart to take you to Riften.
  58. Once you enter someone named Maul will try speak to you – Intimidate him for 2/3 Snake Tongue trophy.
  59. Speak to Brynjolf and you can also ‘Persuade him’ if you missed it earlier in the game. Now follow the quest to find Esbern in the Ratway Warrens.
  60. Take Esbern to see Delphine in Riverwood and now its time to continue the main questline.  To complete the main quest line you must do;
    • Alduin’s Wall (Step 62 for help) Bronze Alduin’s Wall trophy.
    • The Throat of the World.
    • Elder Knowledge (Step 63 for help)
      – Discerning the Transmundane (Step 64 for help).
    • Alduin’s Bane.
    • Season Unending (Step 65 for help).
    • Paarthurnax.
    • The Fallen (Step 66 for help) Bronze The Fallen trophy.
    • The World-Eater’s Eyrie (Step 67 for help).
    • Sovngarde.
    • Dragonslayer Gold Dragonslayer trophy.

  61. Once complete you will earn Gold Dragonslayer trophy. Now move onto Step 68 to continue.
  62. Alduins Wall help:
    – On The first pillar puzzle to bring down the bridge, change all 3 pillars to the dragonborn symbol.
    – On the second floor puzzle, only walk on dragonborn symbols, pull the chain to let the others through.
  63. Elder Knowledge Help – You will need to speak to Faralde at the front of the entrance to the College of Winterhold, once she grants you access you will earn Bronze Gatekeeper trophy.
  64. Discerning the Transmundane Help –
    How to get the elder Scroll at the puzzle in Tower Mzark;
    – Go to the platform where you will find 5 button and a Lexicon Receptacle, active the Receptacle.
    – The two buttons on the right will light up, press the one second to the left of the Receptacle four times. This will activate the Lexicon.
    – now the 2 buttons on the left will have appeared, press the button 2nd in from the left side twice, this will make the lights show up on the lexicon.
    – Then press the button furthest on the left to access the Elder Scroll. Bronze Elder Knowledge trophy.
    – Make sure to go back up and grab the Lexicon Cube for a future quest to prevent having to run through that whole dungeon again.
  65. Season Unending help:
    – To not have the negotiations end prematurely you need to seem neutral.
    – Let Elwen stay for the Imperials.
    – Give Stormcloaks Markarth.
    – Give Imperials Riften.
    – Give Stormcloaks Falkreath.
  66. The Fallen Help:
    – After interrogating the dragon, you must manually set it free, do not get the guard to do it. If you ask guard to do it you will end up fighting the dragon.
  67. The World-Eaters Eyrie help:
    First Puzzle: Eagle Snake Eagle.
    Second Puzzle: Snake on bottom floor, Whale top floor left, Eagle top floor right.
    Third door puzzle; The diamond claw will be on the Draugr Scourge Lord in front of it. Like the previous two claw puzzles the answer is on the claw itself, go into items and match this with door.
    You will also find a shout here.
  68. Moving onto the Companions questline, go to whiterun and speak to Kodlak Whitemane in the Jorrvaskr building. Bronze Take Up Arms trophy.
  69. You will need to do these main companion quests and radiant quests;
    – Take Up Arms.
    – (Radiant) Hired Muscle – Ask Farkas for work.
    – Proving Honor – You will find a shout here behind the fragment (Quest from Skjor).
    – The Silver Hand (Ask Skjor for work Bronze Blood Oath trophy.
    – (*IMPORTANT* Check Step 70).
    – (Radiant) Stealing Plans (Ask Aela for work).
    – (Radiant) Striking the Heart or Retrieval (Ask Aela for work).
    – Blood’s Honor (Speak to Kodlak).(*IMPORTANT* When in Glennoril Cavern – take two of the witches heads).
    – Purity of Revenge.
    – Glory of the Dead (*Important* See Step 71 and make a back up save) Silver Glory of the Dead trophy. (See Step 72 before leaving Ysgramor’s Tomb).
  70. Future trophy planning; When you are a werewolf that you get from The Silver Hand quest, if you continue to kill and feed from enemies it will earn you werewolf perks, do this throughout the game to make progress towards ‘Werewolf Mastered Trophy.
  71. Glory of the Dead Help (Make a back up save here) – During this quest do not go to ‘Ysgramor’s Tomb straight away. We are going to get two trophies over the next 20-30 minutes.
    Bronze Master Criminal trophy – If you you travel to each of the 9 holds as a werewolf you will instantly get 1000 bounty and earn this  trophy.
    *Optional for DLC trophy* As mentioned previously killing and feeding from enemies will give you werewolf perks and you need all 13 for the trophy. You wont have enough enemies from the Companions questline for this, so you can either just do the rest of the guide and leave going to Ysgramors Tomb till after or you can go between all the holds killing guards to get master criminal and also earn Bronze Werewolf Mastered trophy. If you go into the general stats menu then crime stats you can see which holds you’ve been too.
    – Now load back to Whiterun save and continue to Ysgramor’s Tomb.
  72. After defeating Kodlacks Beast Spirit to send him to Sovngarde, its time to remove your werewolf beast form ability. Remember the extra witches head we got? Throw it in the flame of the harbinger and defeat your own sprit.
  73. Time for the College of Winterhold questline. Head there now and speak to Mirabelle Ervine to start First Lessons quest.
  74. The quests that you must do are as follow;
    – First Lessons.
    – Under Saarthal (Step 75 for help).
    – Hitting The Books.
    – Good Intentions.
    – Revealing The Unseen (Step 76 for help) Bronze Revealing the Unseen trophy.
    – Containment.
    – The Staff of Magnus (you will find a shout in this one).
    – The Eye of Magnus Silver The Eye of Magnus trophy.
    – Continue the guide at Step 77 onwards.
  75. Under Saarthal help –
    — Once the quests says ‘Find the danger within Saarthal you will come upon a puzzle to open the door, there is 6 turnstile pillars that just need to match the animal directly behind them. Left side is Eagle, Snake & Whale. Right side is Whale, Eagle & Eagle.
    — The second pillar puzzle goes as follows: Turn second Pillar on left to the Whale, turn 1st pillar on left to the Snake, turn second pillar on right to the Eagle and then the first one on right to the Whale.
    – When leaving the dungeon you will find a shout.
  76. Revealing the Unseen help – This puzzle is similar to one we done before during the main quest, except this time we have 3 buttons. The solution is as follows;
    – Pick up the spell tomb frostbite and spell tomb flames from the table behind you and read this to learn it.
    – equip both of these spells.
    – Activate the Dwarven Armillary when when prompted.
    – Then just use frostbite and flame on the part you activated, use these until you get the 3 lights pointing in the middle of each tier like shown in the photo.
    – Go up to the buttons and use each one which controls on tier each, press the buttons until the circles on each tier rotate to and touch the shining lights.
  77. Up next is the Thieves Guild Questline. head to Riften and too finally help out Brynjolf.
  78. *TOP TIP* If you put on your exploited alchemy helmet, create a fortified enchantment potion, create a necklace and a ring at a blacksmits forge and also either disenchant gear with lockpicking and sneak enchantments or do quick save method at a merchant to get these. Then use potion to create an exploited locksmithing necklace and sneak ring. You will be invisible and can open up anything.
  79. The quests you must do are as follows;
    – A Chance Arrangement.
    – Taking Care of Business (Step 80 for help) Bronze Taking Care of Business trophy.
    -Loud and Clear.
    – An Influx of Immigrants.
    – Training.
    – Dampened Spirits.
    – Scoundrel’s Folly.
    – Speaking With Silence (There will be a shout in this levels dungeon).
    – Hard Answers (Step 81 for help and a trophy).
    – The Pursuit (Step 82 for help).
    – Trinity Restored.
    – Blindsighted (Step 83 for help).
    – Darkness Returns (Step 84 for help). Bronze Darkness Returns trophy.
    – Extra jobs from Delvin Mallory and Vex Step 85 for more information).
    – Under New Management Silver One with the Shadows trophy.
  80. Taking Care of Business help –
    – First go into The Bee and Barb, speak to Talen-Jei and say ‘you might want to talk some sense into Keerava’, then intimidate Keerava.
    – Next go into the Pawned Prawn, smash the vase to the right of the door, directly across from Bersi Honey-Hand then speak to him and he will pay up.
    – Then go into Haelga’s Bunkhouse and speak to her, she will pay up.
  81. Hard Answers help –
    – Before you speak to Calcelmo, make a quick save then when your next to a guard attack but don’t kill them, then bribe a guard to pay them off Bronze Snake Tongue trophy. You will earn this if you done Persuade and Intimidate earlier in the guide.
    – When in Calcemo’s tower you must pick up a roll of paper and charcoal to transcribe the stone.
  82. The Pursuit help:
    – when trying to get into Mercers Manor you will need to shoot a cog on the bridge to gain access, I have pictured it below.
    – Once in the manor go downstairs, open the doors and go to the suspicious cabinet on the left, this opens to a secret area.

  83. Blindsighted help:
    – Within this dungeon you will come upon a large cavern area infested with Falmar, to get past area you must pull one lever, then run across and pull the other lever before an unknown timer runs out. Pictured here:
  84. Darkness Returns help;
    – When you are in Twilight Sepulcher and making your way through the Pilgrims Path, you can either stay in the darkness and work your way through, or if you have exploited a health enchantment onto a piece of gear you can just run through.
    – To get past the first female statue no you must pull on two chains which are behind the torches on each side of her.
  85. Delvin Mallory and Vex Jobs –
    – What we need to do here is ask Delvin Mallory for fishing jobs, and Vex for shill jobs. We must get 5 jobs done in each city to then be offered the special request job in each city that we need to complete. We are only wanting to do 5 jobs in each of Windhelm, Whiterun, Solitude & Markarth.
    – This will be easier with exploited sneak and pickpocketing.
    – If you don’t get the city you need just ask them to quit the job then get another, repeat till you get your city.
    – keep a note of each time you go to a city so you don’t lose track.
    – this can get rather tedious, you can do this bit by bit throughout the game or do it all now or at end – your decision.
  86. Before leaving the thieves guild go the alchemist within the Ragged Flaggon and buy a Daedra Heart and Troll Fat from hik if you don’t have them already – use quick save method to refresh stock till he has them.
  87. Time for the 100k gold trophy. This is the fastest way to do this;
    – If you wear exploited smithing/alchemy you can create items worth a bunch. I was using quick save  method to buy iron ingots from a blacksmith, then creating exploited iron daggers and selling to a merchant.
    – You can either wait until you have done the thieves guild jobs and became guild master, once this is done every merchant will have 4k gold and you can just sell your items and do quick save method to refresh there gold.
    – Alternatively, you can just wait 48 hours in-game to refresh stock each time.
    – You can do this method  till 100k or if you get bored do it till 80k then you get 20k during Dark Brotherhood questline to bump you to 100k for trophy.
    – You will earn Silver Golden Touch trophy.
  88. Now to clean up the Thief trophy. If you were carrying out the absolutes then you should have way more then 50 locks picked. The real hassle is pickpocketing. The best place for this is Riften whereby there is two methods;
    – Have an exploited item enchanted with pickpocketing so you can pick pocket everyone first try.
    – use the quick save method over and over until you reach 50 pockets picked.
    – Radiant Raiment in Solitude will have a pick pocketing enchantment, just use quick save to refresh stock.
    – You have now earned Silver Thief trophy.
  89. The next quest line is the Dark Brotherhood. To start this questline you must speak to any Bartender or the children in the Riften Honorhall Orphanage.
  90. During this step you will complete these quests;
    – Innocence Lost *IMPORTANT* After doing Innocence Lost you need to just wander the city and eventually  a courier will give you a mysterious note, open and read this then sleep in a bed in an Inn. You will wake up somewhere else…
    – With Friends Like These… Bronze With Friends Like These trophy. You will find a shout inside the sanctuary.
    – Sanctuary.
    – Contracts: Speak to Nazir for three assassination contracts.
    – Mourning Never Comes.
    – Whispers In The Dark.
    – Contracts: Speak to Nazir for two assassination contracts.
    – The Silence Has Been Broken.
    – Bound Until DeathBronze Bound Until Death trophy.
    – Breaching Security.
    – The Cure For Madness.
    – Recipe for Disaster.
    – To Kill An Empire.
    – Death Incarnate.
    – Hail Sithis! Silver Hail Sithis Trophy.
  91. 15 Daedric Quests coming up with 16 Artifacts! The format for these will be slightly different than previous questlines. Each quest will have its own step due to needing to explain stuff in each quest.
  92. Daedric Quest 1 Sheogorath ‘The Mind of Madness’:
    – Go to Solitude around the area of the Bards College and there will be an NPC with no eyes wandering around named Dervinin.
    – Speak to him and give him 1 gold.
    – Follow the quest into the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace, once in the wing go upstairs and through the corridor and you’ll automatically travel to Sheogorath, speak to him. Bronze Daedric Influence trophy.
    – The trial to the left of Sheogorath, once you get there ignore the Atronachs below and shoot the seat enemies across from you.
    – Next go the trial behind Sheogorath to the right, shoot the sleeping NPC with the Wabbajack, then just keep shooting the spawn enemy, then sleeping NPC and repeat.
    – The last trial just keep shooting the larger NPCs till they shrink, repeat this until it completes.
    – Now you are granted the 1st Artifact – Wabbajack.
  93. Daedric Quest 2 Molag Bal ‘The House Of Horror’s;
    – Go to the Abandoned House in Markarth and speak to Vigilant Tyranus outside, you can then proceed in the house.
    – After going through the house with Tyranus to the locked door you will then be ordered by Molag bal to kill Tyranus, do this and you are then able to proceed further through the house to the Alter.
    – Follow the quest to bring the Priest back to the Alter.
    – Use the mace given to you by Molag Bag  to kill the priest twice.
    – You will get to keep the second artefact – Macr of Molag Bal.
  94. Daedric Quest 3 Namira ‘The Taste of Death’;
    – To start this quest, speak to Brother Verlus – he can be found in Understone Keep, Markarth. Ask him about the Hall of the Dead. Go to the Hall.
    – An NPC named Eola will run up to you; make sure you say ‘Guilt? What are you talking about’ and ‘where is this place’.
    – Follow the quest line until completion.
    – Namira will give you the 3rd artefact – Ring of Namira.
  95. Daedric Quest 4 Vaermina ‘Walking Night are’; (*MISSABLE* Dont let him destroy staff).
    – Go to Dawnstar and speak to Erandur in the Windpeak Inn. Speak to him to obtain the quest, then follow him.
    – follow the quest objectives.
    – *IMPORTANT* Kill Erandur before he destroys the staff. Then take the staff.
    – Now you will receive the 4th artefact – Skull of Corruption.
  96. Daedric Quest 5 Azura ‘The Black Star’;
    – Go to the map location shown below, this will take you to a massive statue.
    – please Speak to Aranea Lenith who is up the stairs on the statue to start quest.
    – Speak to the Inn keeper in the Frozen Hearth and ask about an elven mage, he will direct you too Nelacar in the Inn. Persuade, Bribe or Intimidate him. Then don’t pick the option that a priestess of Azura sent you.
    – Continue with the quest line.
    – Once you have the star bring it back to Arenea.
    – Kill Malyn Varen within the star and quickly grab a Dremora Heart from the Dremora within the star if you didn’t get one from the thieves guild alchemist earlier.
    – After some dialogue  Azura will give you the 5th artefact – Azura’s Star.
  97. Daedric Quest 6 Hircine ‘III Met by Moonlight’;
    – Go to the Falkreath barracks and downstairs to the jail. If you go to your left you can speak to Sinding who id in a water filled cell. Speak to him and say that you will take the ring to Hircine.
    – Follow the quest until you reach the Bloated Mans Grotto, speak to Sinding and say ‘I’ve been told to kill you’ and ‘I will spare your life’.
    – Continue the quest killing the hunters, Sinding will then thank you for sparing him  however kill him this time instead. Remember where you slay him for later.
    – Go outside and tell the spirit deer you failed to bring down Sinding and it will let you keep the 6th Artefact – Ring of Hircine.
    – Go back to where you killed Sinding and tear the skin from his body. You will receive your 7th Artefact – Savior’s Hide.
  98. Daedric Quest 7 Malacath ‘The Cursed Tribe’; (*Missable* make sure to grab artefact at end).
    – If you go to the Largashbur as shown in photo below.
    – Speak to Atub and give her a daedric heart and troll fat that we got earlier on.
    – Follow the quest objectives.
    –  After you kill the giant and get the Warhammer, kill Yamarz too.
    – Go back to Largashbur and speak with Atub, let her know Lamarz attacked you.
    – Activate Shrine of Malacath when instructed, after quest completion take the Warhammer back.
    – This gets you Artefact 8 Volendrung.
  99. Daedric Quest 8 Clavicus Vile ‘A Daedras Best Friend’;
    – Go to an alchemist and buy at least two or as many Cure Disease potions as you can. Alchemist in Morthal has 3 on her shelves.
    – Go to Falkreath, speak to a guard. After they ask if you’ve seen a dog say you’ve seen some wolves but no dogs. Then speak to Lod and offer to catch the dog.
    – Once found follow the dog.
    – When you are through the dungeon. Speak with the Shrine to get next objective.
    – After coming back the Axe you MUST make the shrine take the Axe and Barbus the dog. This will complete the quest and you will receive artefact 9 ‘Masque of Clavicus Vile’.
  100. Daedric Quest 9 Meridia ‘The Break of Dawn’;
    – Go to the stature of Meridia as seen on the photo below.
    – Meridia will start speaking to you and give you a quest to find her beacon or if you already have it you can continue.
    – After coming back to the ground, enter Kilkreath temple and start following the quest, whilst in the dungeon you need to activate the beacons to make the light shine on another beacon for doors to open.
    – At the end of the Killreath Catacombs destroy Malkoran and retrieve Dawnbreaker from the pedestal. This is artefact 10 ‘Dawnbreaker’.
  101. Now we need to gather some ingredients before we move onto next Daedric quests.
    You will need a Flawless Ruby, Deathbell, Vampire Dust and a Silver Ingot. If you already have these then continue to next step. If not ill tell you where to get them;
    – Flawless Ruby: To the left of Sky Haven temple, in the water there is a crashed boat with a flawless ruby inside, I’ve pictured it below.
    – Silver ingot: Most Blacksmiths.
    – Deathbell: Most Alchemists.
    – Vampire Dust: Most Alchemists. Can also be found at the College of Winterhold, go to the Hall of Attainment, first room on the right and it will be on a table.
  102. Daedric Quest 10 Peryite ‘The Only Cure’;
    – Once you reach the Shrine to Peryite – location shown on photo below – you need to speak to the khajit, give him the items we just collected, and inhale the fumes from the incense the khajit created.
    – Complete quest objective in the dungeon, then return to the shrine to complete the quest.
    – You will receive artefact 11 ‘Spellbreaker’.
  103. Daedric Quest 11 Sanguine ‘A Night to Remember’;
    – Go to Whiterun and into the Bannered Mare. Speak to Sam Guevenne, challenge him to a drinking contest then keep drinking.
    – You will wake up with Senna, speak with her and then you need to go and ask about Sam in Rorikstead.
    – Continue the quest objectives.
    – You will then go through a portal to Sanguines world, quest completes and you get artefact 12 ‘Sanguines Rose’.
  104. Daedric Quest 12 Mephala ‘The Whispering Door’;
    – Go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. Speak to Hulda and ask ‘has there been any rumours lately?’ Keep asking this question until you get a quest to ‘Ask about Balgruufs Strange Children’.
    – After you speak to the Jarl, then his son you can then go and listen to the whispering door.
    – pickpocket they key from the jarl, open the door and get the artefact 13 ‘Ebony Blade’.
  105. Daedric Quest 13 Hermaeus Mora ‘Discerning the Transmundane’;
    – Go to Septimus Signus’s Outpost, North of Winterhold. You will have been here as part of the college of winterhold questline.
    – Give Septimus the Lexicon (We got this from the Tower of Mzark during the main questline).
    –  Now we need to harvest the blood of 4 different elves. High, Wood, Dark, Falmer (Snow Elves) and Orc blood.
    – If you go South of Morthal to Rannveigs Fast (pictured below) we can get 3/5 bloods. Fall down the trap in front of the word of power, you will fall into a prison cell where you can get out and harvest blood of wood elf, orc from the jail cells and dark elf from Silds Assistant.
    – If we then go to Shimmermist Cave to the East of Whiterun. In this cave you will find a Falmer (4/5 blood)Photo of cave area will be below.
    – Next to shimmermist cave is Fellglow Keep which we came to earlier but I’ve still put a photo for you. You will find a high elf here (5/5 blood).
    – Go back to Septimus and give him the blood.
    – After Septimus is killed take the ruined lexicon from him and also take the book which is the artefact, go to leave and the Wretched Abyss will speak to you to complete quest.
    – If you read the book you can choose a pathway to get random skills to unlock but you have also just gained artefact 14 ‘Oghma Infinium’.

  106. Daedric Quest 14 Mehrunes Dragon ‘Pieces of the Past’;
    – Go to Dawnstar and speak with Silus Vesuius found at his house. he will give you the quest.
    – Go to Morthal first to get the Hilt. We can easily get it from Jorgan by persuading him to give us the key to the chest in his house.
    – We can then go for the Pommel found next to Markarth at Dead Cranes Rock, the waypoint will want you to go in a certain door but if you keep travelling up the stairs you will get the Dead Cranes Rock door, once in travel up the wooden stairs, then find a lever in one of the rooms on that same level and go through the part it opens up for you and follow this route through to the door that says ‘open skyrim’. Go up the stairs, kill drascula and get the pommel. Also grab the word of power. If this explanation confuses you essentially you just need to get to the top and defeat the witch.
    – Retrieving the blade shards is more simple, just go to Cracked Tusk Keep, get the key off Ghunzul then go and and get the blade shards further in the keep.
    – Follow the quest and kill Silus when instructed too. You will then get artifact  15 ‘Mehrunes Dagger’ and earn Silver Oblivion Walker trophy.
  107. Even though we got the trophy I’m still going to show you how to do the last one in case you missed any.
  108. Daedric Quest 15 Boethiah ‘Boethiahs Calling’;
    – Go to Whiterun and into the Drunken Huntsman, speak to Jenassa and hire her as your follower.
    – Then go east of Windhelm to Sacellum of Boethiah as shown in photo below. This will start the quest.
    – trap and slay your follower then kill the rest when told.
    – Go to knifepoint ridge and kill everyone and also in knifepoint mine.
    – Get the artefact 16 Ebony mail from the champion and equip it to complete quest.
  109. If you now go to Solitude, find some kids around playing tag. Join in and just spam tag and each tag counts as a misc objective, once you reach 50 you will earn Bronze Hero of the People.
  110. Similarly to the Daedric questline we are going to do each of the 10 side quests as there own step.
  111. Side Quest 1 – The Golden Claw;
    – You will already have this claw from bleak falls barrow at the start of the game, go give it to Lucan Valerius in the Riverwood Trader.
  112. Side Quest 2 – Ancestral Worship;
    – Go to Hillgrund’s tomb east of whiterun.
    – Speak to Golldir in the start of the tomb to start the quest.
    – Clear out the dungeon.
  113. Side Quest 3 – Promises to Keep;
    – Go to the Bee in the Barb in Riften.
    – Speak to Louis Letrush to start the quest.
    – Follow the quest objectives.
    – You can keep the horse at end with persuade if you wish, quest will complete.
  114. Side Quest 4 – Siege on the Dragon Cult;
    – Go to Forelhost as shown in the photo below, speak to Captain Valmir to start the quest.
    – Within Forelhost you will enter the Crypts, there is a jail cell in here that you must go in and go under the water to reach the next area.
    – Go through dungeon aiming for objective.
    – Through the wall next to the soul gem contraption that shoots you with lightning bolts, there will be a glass claw. You will need this for next door puzzle.
    – Defeat Rahgot and then go kill Valmir to complete quest.
  115. Side Quest 5 – Laid to Rest;
    – Go to Morthal and into the Moorside Inn.
    – Speak to Jonna and ask ‘Is there a story behind that burned down house?’.
    – Follow the quest.
    – After speaking to the ghost at house you need to wait till night time, use wait option.
    – Go behind the house and you will find a vampire at a coffin, kill it then speak with NPC who runs up.
    – In Alvas house kill vampire and make sure to take journal.
    – Speak to jarl, then go to dungeon and kill master vampire. You may want to bring a Potion if Cure Disease. Then hand quest in to jarl.
  116. Side Quest 6 – The Heart of Dibella;
    – Go to Markarth, into the Silver Blood Inn and speak to Degaine.
    – He’ll give you a miscellaneous objective to steak the statue if dibella, get caught stealing this and you’ll get the required side quest.
    – Follow quest marker to the town and ask NPC’s of girls whereabouts.
    – Follow quest until completion.
  117. Side Quest 7 – In My Time Of Need;
    – You will have this in your quest logs, you get at entrance to whiterun once you go in.
    – Go to the Bannered Mare and speak to Saadia, let her know she is being searched for.
    – Go to Rorikstead and  Inform the Alikr Warrior of her location.
    – Go back to Saadia and lie and betray her.
    – Take her to Kematu at white run stables to complete quest.
  118. Side Quest 8 – Tending The Flames;
    – Go to Solitude and to the Bards College.
    – Talk to Viarmo to get quest.
    – Go to the dead mans respite and just make your way through this, keep in mind there are chains that open up trap doors that you will need to go down to progress.
    – You can get a shout at end of this dungeon.
    – Follow quest until completion.
  119. Side Quest 9 – The Blessings of Nature;
    – Go to Whiterun and Speak to Danica, she will be sitting next to the big tree in front if companions jorrvaskr.
    – Follow the quest to retrieve Nettlebane and bring it back to Danica.
    – Go to Eldergleam Sanctuary to receive Sap, you will need to equip Nettlebane to get past some of the large tree roots and get the sap.
    – Go back to Danica to complete quest.
  120. Side Quest 10 – The Forsworn Conspiracy;
    – This is started by entering Markarth so you will already have this one.
    – Speak to Eltrys to start with then just continue the quest.
    – When in the silver blood inn, Persuade the inn keeper to give you a key to Margrets room, her journal will be in the End table, make sure you take and read it.
    – When in the Warrens Persuade Garvey to give you Key to Weylins room.
    – Weylins note is in a chest in his room, take it and read it.
    – When you go to Nepos room, quick save before going in because if they catch you stealing or waiting around to long they will attack.
    – Pickpocket Nepos journal from Nepos then leave and read journal.
    – Do the same for Thanor, quick save, pickpocket, take his journal and read it.
    – Before you hand quest in to Eltrys, make a save. Hand in quest for trophy, then reload save so you don’t need to do the whole prison section of this side quest. Bronze Sideways trophy.
  121. This step is for 4 or 5 miscellaneous trophies.
    Below I will put a map of skyrim, it will be colour coded to help you identify better. The trophies we are going for are;
    Bronze Dragon Hunter trophy – You need to absorb 20 Dragon Souls, you may already have this from random dragons and quest dragons from playing so far but if not this map shows you how to get another 9 dragons by going to the dragon icon, marked in blue.
    Bronze Thu’um Master trophy – During this guide I have mentioned each time you are in an area with shouts = 11 times. You also have the shouts learned from the greybeards and Parthunaax. Going to the Dragon icons mentioned above all has there own shout to obtain. Once you collect all these you will have the trophy.
    Silver Standing Stones trophy – You may have some already as we get pretty close by to some, if not they are marked on the map in yellow.
    Silver Delver trophy – By this point in the game I had cleared 36 dungeons and Ive only been where the guide has taken me. You will either have the same or more. There is no shortage of dungeons in skyrim however I have marked 11 giants camps in pink as these count as a dungeon and only have 1 or 2 giants. If you also check dungeons you’ve been too if they don’t say ‘cleared’ then go back and clear them out.
    Silver Explorer trophy – I personally got this during the Daedric Quests but you are guaranteed to get it here by going for the other trophies.
    Silver Master – You may already be level 50, you may have needed to do all those miscellaneous trophies to get there. If you still aren’t level 50 my best advice is to go to Arcadias Cauldron in Whiterun, buy all her ingredients, put on your alchemy helmet and make exploited potions, then use quicksave glitch to restock Arcadia and repeat, each time i done this i went up 5 levels from 40 to 50 for trophy.
  122. Time to get Married;
    – Go to Riften, to the Temple of Mara and buy an amulet of Mara from Maramal.
    – There is a wiki for potential brides but for quickness fast travel to Dragonsreach and go to the companions Jorrvaskr building.
    – equip the amulet of mara, speak to Aela the Huntress and ask ‘interested in me, are you?’ Continue dialoge.
    – Go back to Riften and get Maramal to arrange the wedding.
    – Just use the wait function until the wedding starts.
    – You will earn Bronze Married trophy.

Time for reading 50 skill books. Are you Ready? For this final trophy I am going list the books in there own set of numbers from 1-50 to help you track this better;
– Note: Menu > General Stats > General – you can view how many skill books you have already read.
1. Honningbrew meadery (South East of Whiterun – Once you go in, go through the doors on your right, go up the stairs and into the bedroom, directly to the right of the door is a table with the book ‘A Game At Dinner’.
2. Arcadias Cauldron in Whiterun – Once you go in, go in the room to your right and on the table is ’Herbalists Guide to Skyrim’.
3. The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun – Once you go in this one will be behind the counter next to NPC, its ’A Black Arrow, v2’.
4. Companions Jorrvaskr in Whiterun – After you go into the building, on an End table next to the staircase that takes you to the living quarters you will find ’Hallgerds Tale’.
5. Companions Jorrvaskr, Living Quarters in White Run – After you go down the stairs, second door on the left side, then the left room, there is a book inside a locked display case. This will be ’The Marksmanship Lesson’.
6. Companions Jorrvaskr, Living Quarters in White Run – head to the back where Kodlak used to sit, and on the table with the map there is a book ’Song of Hrormir’.
7. The Skyforge (next to Jorrvaskr) in Whiterun – next to the forge, amongst the weapons is the book ’The Armorers Challenge’.
8. Hall of the Dead in Whiterun – Make your way into the Catacombs, go left and through the iron door and it’ll be on a table ’Death Blow of Abernanit’.
9. Carlotta Valentias House in Whiterun – Go in, go upstairs and into the bedroom. On the left side between the bed and end table you will find ’Enchanters Primer’.
10. Dragonsreach, Jarls Quarters in Whiterun – Go up these 2 sets of stairs, through the door infront of you then through the door on your right and on the table will be ’Before the Ages of Man’.
11. Temple of Kyraneth in Whiterun – there are two entrances to this one but no matter, there is only one bookshelf in the whole building. You will find ’Withershins’ on this.
12. Belethors General Goods in Whiterun – when you go in there is a bookshelf directly in your view on the left. you will find ’Biography of the Wolf Queen’ here.
13. House of Clan Battle-Born in Whiterun – Once you go in, go through the doors on the left and then immediately turn 45 degrees to your left snd theres a bookshelf with a book in the middle shelf. This will be ‘Battle of Sancre Tor’.
14. Fletcher in Solitude – immediately to your left on the table after you go inside. This will be ’The Gold Ribbon of Merit’.
15. Solitude Blacksmith in Solitude – After you go in, open the door in front of you and go through, then go up the stairs on the left, then go into the bedroom in front of the top of the stairs In the room high on the wall on the right side will be ’The Refugees’ on a shelf.
16. The Bards College in Solitude -Go in and go straight up the stairs you can see when you enter, turn right and go forward then on your right there will be a bookshelf with a load if books. We want ’The Buying Game’ on the top shelf.
17. Castle Dour in Solitude – After you go in take your first right, go down the stairs and on the first table on your left is ’The Rear Guard’.
18. Castle Dour, Emperors Tower in Solitude – Once you go in go up the stairs on the right side, follow the open corridor round to the end and on the table is ’Catalogue if Weapon Enchantments’.
19. The Mortar and Pestle in Dawnstar – inside this shop under the shopkeepers counter you will find ‘2920, Hearth Fire, v9’.
20. The White Hall in Dawnstar – After you go in go up the stairs on the left and on a table will be ’The Art of War Magic’.
21. Dawnstar Jail, Dawnstar Barracks in Dawnstar – If you break into the jail cell straight ahead if you (either using lock picking or key on the table), you will find the book ’The Wolf Queen, v1’ in the corner.
22. Kraldar’s House in Winterhold – Once inside if you go to the bookshelf directly in front of you, the book is inside the basket on the middle shelf. It will be ’Breathing Water’.
23. Birnas’s Oddments in Winterhold – once inside go up the stairs, in the back left corner on the dresser you will find ’Mystery of Talara, v3’.
24. Jarl’s Longhouse in Winterhold – If you go in and on the right side under the stairs, open the door and go in. Immediately to your left on top of the largest barrel is a basket, inside this basket is ’Twin Secrets’. You have to take basket to get this.
25. The Frozen Hearth Cellar, The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold – After you enter the cellar the first set of boxes on the right side, go round the back of then and under the sacks it will let you read ‘The Exodus’.
26. Falion’s House in Morthal – After you enter its on a table to the left. It will be ’2920, Rains Hand, v4’.
27. Falion’s House in Morthal – Also to the left on a bookcase will be ’Catalogue of Armor Enchantments’.
28. Guardhouse in Morthal – Once you go in, there is a book to the right of the fireplace, behind the barrel and the basket. It will be ’2920, MidYear, v6’.
29. Highmoon Hall in Morthal – After you go in go up the staircase on the right and through the door. Its on top of the only bookcase in this room and its named ’The Locked Room’.
30. Jorgen and Lami’s House in Morthal – Once you go in, go to the corner on the left with the barrel. The book is behind the barrel on the floor – you may have to jump on the barrel to get this. Its ’2920, Morning Star, v1’.
31. Thonnir’s House in Morthal – After you go in, go to the bookcase on the left corner and the book is under a basket on the bottom shelf, it will be ’Aevar Stone-Singer’.
32. Moorside Inn in Morthal – If you stick to the left wall, and go in the second room the book is in the basket on the dresser. It will be ’Racial Phylogeny’.
33. Thaumaturgist’s Hut in Morthal – Once you go in, the bookshelf on the right side has a book on top if it, it will be ’Response to Beros Speech’.
34. Understone Keep in Markarth – After you go in, go straight through the first doors past the guards. After you go up the stairs go immediately right towards the blacksmiths area, just before the blacksmith area is a table with the ’Daughter of the Niben’ book.
35. Understone Keep in Markarth – After you go in, go straight through the first doors past the guards. After you go up the stairs go immediately left and then right towards a giant door. Go down the stairs, into a large room, then there will be a mini set of stairs to go up to an area with a bed. On the end table will be ’The Warriors Charge’.
36. The Treasury House in Markarth – After you go in and go downstairs towards the NPC, take a left and you will see a golden urn with an apple, next to the apple is ’Vernaccus and Bourlor’.
37. Inner Sanctum, Temple of Dibella in Markarth – Once in the Inner Sanctum, go all the way down the stairs, through the door and once you enter the large room with statues and torches there will be 4 bookcases, on the second one on the left will be ’2920, Suns Dawn, v2’ on the bottom shelf.
38. Nepos House in Markarth – After you go in you may need to kill the NPC from earlier side quest, go through the doors on the right and up the three steps, on a ledge is ’Mystery of Talara, Part 4’.
39. Guard Tower in Markarth – Once in go down the spiral staircase, then through the first archway on your right, on a table on the left is ’The Importance of Where’.
40. Guard Tower in Markarth – In the same room as the previous book, if you turn immediately round on another table with the small barrel in the corner is ’Ice and Chitin’.
41. Arnleif and Sons Trading Company in Markarth – After you go in, to the left behind the counter on a box is ’A Dance in Fire, v7’.
42. Jarl’s Longhouse in Falkreath – After you go in, go in the door on the right under the stairs. In a displace case you will find ’Guide to Better Thieving’.
43. Grave Concoctions in Falkreath – After you go in, on the fire side walk in the right corner will be a book on the floor next to the bookcase under some baskets. It will be ’De Rerum Dirennis’.
44. Hall of the Dead in Falkreath – Once you go in, on the right side of the building under the left bed is ’The Doors of Oblivion’.
45. Lod’s House in Falkreath – After you go in go downstairs, then at the opposite end if the room on a barrel is ’Light Armor Forging’.
46. Falkreath Barracks in Falkreath – Once you go in go upstairs and on top of a chest on a bed is ’The Legendary Sancre Tor’.
47. Falkreath Jail, Falkreath Barracks in Falkreath – After you go in here, immediately to the left next to some boxes is ‘The Black Arts on Trial’.
48. Dead Man’s Drink in Falkreath – After you go in go to the counter at the innkeeper and under this will be ’A Dance in Fire, v6’.
49. Mistveil Keep Jarls Chambers, Mistveil Keep in Riften – Once your in the Jarls chambers, go up the stairs and through the centre doors, on the left next to the bed on an end table will be ’Surfeit of Thieves’.
50. Mistveil Keep Barracks, Mistveil Keep in Riften – Enter here and go up the stairs, stick to the left side and in the area in the left corner is a table with ’Words and Philosophy’. Bronze Reader trophy.

Congratulations on earning the 40-platinum Platinum trophy.

Skyrim DLC Guide (Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn)


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