Rise of the Third Power Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 3/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 30 hours
Trophies: 21. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 8 / Silver 10 / Bronze 2
Missable trophies: 3 (GoldPatience, Gold Master Trader, Silver Ready to Rock)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Rise of the Third Power trophy guide!
As the world of Rin recovers from the Great War, the balance of power remains badly skewed, with vacuums of power still waiting to be filled. The player’s party will be both beset and aided by schemers, liars and betrayers, all while the clock ticks down to a reprise of the greatest war in human history.

Tips and Strategies

The Difficult Mode Story makes it possible to skip every battle, which makes this game very easy, but this game suppose to have trophy for doing every battle on expert, so it’s possible that they will add this later.

The enemies in this game will only respawn if you rest in an inn or use the respawn option of the Trepidano.

This game has a Point-of-no-Return! It is right after you meet the first Trepidano in Peren Desh, who can teleport you back to the beginning. Look out for him after you got Silver Beginning of the End.

Trophy Guide

Master Tactician
Unlock every trophy.

Collect all trophies!

Mysteries of Rin
Obtain all relics.

Relics give a permanent stats boost for all of your Characters. All 10 Relics are gained through Quests (see gold Patience for more information).

  • Desecrated Charm: Reward for the Bachelor in a Bind Quest
  • Storm Catcher: Reward for the Memorial of the Fallen Quest
  • Will of Rin: Behind the locked door in the Haunted Cave (The Haunted Cave Quest)
  • Ancient Might: Reward for the Missing Acolytes? Quest
  • Starry Sigil: Reward for the The G.H.E.V.G.W. Quest
  • Sun God’s Eulogy: Reward of the Arica Parenetti Quest
  • Winter’s Song: Reward of the Desert Secrets Quest
  • Sunlight: Reward of the Nadim Justice Force Quest
  • Frostwall: Reward of the Unity Quest
  • Light of Empyra: Reward fort he Marceline’s Task Quest

This trophy doesn’t include the relics you get for the gold Empyrean Champion.

Attune 5 accessories.

You attune accessories by filling the Attunement meter while using them in battles.

Obtain all weapons.

Every character has one alternate weapon, so you need to find 8 of them.

  • Blood Drinker: Oceanvale – Rowans House
  • Empyrean Edge: reward of the Internal Disputes; or, Rats?? quest
  • Razorblades: Riverton – Weapon Shop
  • 8-Pounder Short Gun: Tarindor (Fortress) 2nd Floor
  • Demonic Hyme: Copper Road, tent in the desert part
  • Paladdin’s Fire: Boss battle Port Cullis
  • Estoc: Reward for The Port of Yanira quest
  • Oath of Templar: first Boss in Peren Desh
Have 5,000 gold in your inventory.

To get this trophy you need to collect 5,000 ducats. You can get ducats from battles or selling items, especially treasures. Treasures can be mainly found in chests.

There are some things that will rise your ducat gain in battles:

  • Rowans skill Plunder
  • Nymph Charm (it randomly raise one stat including money gain) – chest on Copper Road or as rare drop from Nymph in the same area
  • Lucky Trinket – In a chest on the World Map east of Tarindor (you need the ship for it)
  • Soul of a Dark God (300% boost) – Defeat the Eldritch Horror at Fort Kahleea

You will only get Soul of a Dark God in late game, so you will most likely get this trophy long before then.

Master Crafter
Craft every piece of gear.

You will get recipes in shops, through quests, or Boss drops.

Recipes for everyone:

  • Book: Apprentice – unlockable first in Weapon Shop in Oceanvale
  • Book: Journeyman- unlockable first in Weapon Shop in Riverton
  • Book: Outfitter – unlockable first in Item Shop in Everheard (second visit)
  • Book: Tinker – Gremlin boss in Nadim
  • Book: Artisan – unlockable first in Item Shop in Fort Nasir
  • Book: Expert – second Boss in Port Cullis

Recipes for the last Upgrade of every Character:

  • Grandmaster: Rogue – Tournament in Port Hole
  • Grandmaster: WarlockAden’s Childhood Quest
  • Grandmaster: Veteran – War Hero Quest
  • Grandmaster: Pirate – Port Manteau Quest
  • Grandmaster: SpyThe Rezkovs Quest
  • Grandmaster: Warrior – Bless the Rains Down in Ardo Rita Quest
  • Grandmaster: Cannoneer – Bless the Rains Down in Ardo Rita Quest
  • Grandmaster: Priestess – Liberate Telindra Quest

You will get some metals in chests and from boss battles, but most of them you will need to buy in shops.

Stones and fabrics can be drops from Elite enemies, boss battles, rarely in chests or in shops. Fabrics also can drop from the normal forms of the elites. See Bronze Bloodlust if you are looking for drops.

Defeat 10 elite enemies.

Elite enemies can appear in Boss Battles and normal encounters. They will have “Elite” in there name and appear with a yellow circle. You will meet way more than 10 of them during your journey. The really good thing about them is the have a 100% drop chance for craft items.


  • Warrior’s Stone I: Elite Tank Gremlin (Evenheart Sewers), Elite Cave Beetle (Oceanvale – Smuggler Tunnel)
  • Warrior‘s Stone II: Elite Dragoon (Tarintor, Cave), Elite Lynx (Copper Road)
  • Warrior‘s Stone III: Elite Gorilla (Port Cullis), Elite Giant Crab (Angelico Wilds)
  • Warrior‘s Stone IV: Elite Saber Cat (Arkadyan Wilds)
  • Warrior‘s Stone V: Elite Executioner (Udingrad Ghetto)
  • Archer’s Stone I: Elite Poison Frog (Evenheart Sewers)
  • Archer’s Stone II: Elite Arkadyan Rogue (Tarintor), Elite Rifleman (Copper Road)
  • Archer’s Stone III: Elite Snake (Port Cullis)
  • Archer’s Stone IV: Elite Tundra Fly (Arkadyan Wilds)
  • Archer’s Stone V: Elite Herald (Udingrad Ghetto)
  • Sorcerer’s Stone I: Elite Ghost (Haunted Cave)
  • Sorcerer’s Stone II: Elite Summoner (Tarintor, cave), Elite Priestess (Copper Road)
  • Sorcerer’s Stone III: Elite Earth Elemental (Port Cullis), Elite Thunder Snail (Angelico Wilds)
  • Sorcerer’s Stone IV: Elite Cockatrice (Arkadyan Wilds – Forinya Forst)
  • Sorcerer’s Stone V: Elite Archmage (Udingrad Ghetto)

Fabrics: (the normal ones can also drop this)

  • Supple Hide: Elite Priestess (Nadim)
  • Strong Twine: Elite Breacher (Nadim)
  • Snow Hawk Pelt: Elite Snow Hawk (Arkadyan Wilds)
  • Ice Bear Hide: Elite Ice Bear (Arkadyan Wilds)
Kill an enemy in a single attack.

You can get this really early in the game. During the story-required side quest Exterminators, you will meet some frogs who don’t have much HP. Or you can use a strong skill like Corinnas Death Blow.

Master Trader
Unlock every shop item.

You unlock shop items by speaking to several merchants. I will list the first opportunity to unlock items, but it is possible to unlock them later:

  • City of Everheart (Ariel) Weapon Shop: Whetstone, Lesser Heal
  • Everheart Sewers: Revive, Mana
  • Port Folio: Assassin’s Band
  • Oceanvale General Store: Ring of Speed, Thief’s Band
  • Oceanvale Weapon Shop: Oppurunit’s Band, Book: Apprentice, Copper
  • Riverton Bakery: Heal, Battle Prowess
  • Riverton Weapon Shop: Razorblades, Book: Journeyman, Bronze
  • Tarindort (Cave): Sorcerer’s Stone I, Archer’s Stone I, Warrior’s Stone I
  • T’Kara Weapon Shop: Ring of Evasion, Shielding Ring, Tremor Band
  • Fort Nasir item store: Hero’s Band, Book: Artisan, Steel
  • Nadim Merchant: Sorcerer’s Stone II, Archer’s Stone II, Warrior’s Stone II
  • Nadim Item Shop: Volatile
  • Nadim Jewelry Store: Ring of Endurance
  • Ishtalar Item Shop: Greater Healer, Strong Twine, Supple Hide
  • Angelico City Item Shop: Healer’s Ring, Warrior’s Band, Warlock’s Band, Silver
  • Trepidanos’ Shop: Fireball Ring, Sorcerer’s Stone III, Archer’s Stone III, Warrior’s Stone III, Book: Magicksmith, Treated Silver, Book: Master, Gold
  • Forinya Merchant: Ring of Sappiing
  • Orenad Item Store: Platinum
  • Udingrad Item Store: Ring of Shell, Ring of Protect
  • Udingrad Ghetto Trepidanos: Snow Hawk Pelt, Ice Bear Hide, Sorcerer’s Stone IV, Archer’s Stone IV, Warrior’s Stone IV
  • Trepidanos’ Shop (after your second visit in Everheart): Sorcerer’s Stone V, Archer’s Stone V, Warrior’s Stone V

This trophy is glitched, it’s likely that it will unlock early.

Getting It Done
Win a battle in the first round before any enemies can act.

The best method to this is either using the combo skill Dirty Tricks or Wither.

You should get Dirty Tricks while you are in the Everheart Sewers, which is also a place where you can get it. Use Dirty Trick at the beginning of a battle, attack the enemy with the highest HP, the rest hopefully will die from the blood effect.

Unlock all 8 team combo abilities.

The first combo ability will unlock during your first Boss Battle. The others will automatically unlock a few battles after getting a new character.

Empyrean Champion
Defeat all 4 Eldritch Horrors.

The fights against the Eldritch Horrors will only unlock after you flee out of Udingrad story wise, and have found all of the other relics (seeGold  Master Crafter for more information).

  • In the forst northwest of Tika Village, Reward: Sword of Fire relic
  • Fort Kahleea (southeast of Jena’an), Reward: Soul of a Dark God relic
  • Island Northwest of Jena’an, Reward: Heroine of Tunder relic
  • Island South of Angelico, Reward: Arrows of Ice relic
Ready to Rock
Craft an ultimate weapon.

This trophy is suppose to unlock when you have crafted all upgrades for one Character, but because of a glitch it will unlock together with Gold Master Crafter.

Unlock 10 talents for a single character.

Like levels, you also only have one pool of skill points to unlock skills, so if you want to spread points you either need to wait, reload after using points or need to use the Reset Talents item, which you can find in chests sometimes.

Purchase 3 food or drink in a single inn stay.

The first opportunity to get this is when you reach Port Folio the Pirate Hideout. Simply select 3 Items at the bottom.

Reach level 30.

It is totally possible to reach level 30 in late game without much grinding. Things that will help:

  • Natashas Skill Master of Arms
  • Nymph Charm (it randomly raise one stat including exp) – chest on Copper Road or as rare drop from Nymph in the same area
  • Ring of Learning: Tournament in Port Hole
Equip an accessory on all 8 characters.

You can get accessories in chest, as rewards, drops or simply buy them in shops.

A list accessory you can get found during playing:

  • Volatile Trinket – Castle of Evenheart: Chest in room right of the throne room, Telindra 3th Floor in the east room
  • Opportunist’s Band – Castle of Evenheart: Drop from the Arkadya Guards
  • Friendship Ring – Reward for A Magical Trinket, You Say? Quest (missable)
  • Ring of Forgivness – Castle of Evenheart: In the Notheast corner on the plankets
  • Ring of Speed – Everheart Sewers: behind the silver door right after you have meet the merchant, Oceanvale Shop
  • Strategist’s Band – Everheart Sewers: behind the gold door
  • Assassin’s Band: Shop in Port Folio
  • Thief’s Band – Everheart Sewers (outside): beat the Pirates on the Bridge, Oceanvale Shop
  • Frog Charm – Everheart Sewers: Poison Frog or Heal Frog (Rare Drop, missable)
  • Ring of Evasion – T’Kara: Weapon Shop
  • Class Cannon – Port Folio: by Captain Selene after the scene at the cabine
  • Rogue’s Band – World Map east of Riverton
  • Vanguard’s Sigel – Tarindor Fortress: room on the left right after you enter
  • Nymph Charm – Copper Road: after you left the cave in the desert go south one screen and than west, Copper Road:Nymph (Rare Drop)
  • Shielding Ring – T’Kara: Weapon Shop
  • Tremor Band – T’Kara: Weapon Shop
  • Ring of Purity – Nadim Sewers: behind the blue flame trap
  • Ring of Flight – Nadim: after you found the silver key, passed the tower and you saw another scene, enter the big house
  • Gambler’s Ring: Nadim – the building further north from the previous one, Aden’s Home – go to the right way by the 3-path-way
  • Ring of Sapping: Port Hole, tournament round 2
  • Ring of Learning: Port Hole, tournament round 3
  • Cursed Ring: Port Hole, tournament round 4
  • Poisoner’s Band – when you got the Captain’s Seal during the Squatters Quest, you can open door to house beside the entrace
  • Mother’s Locket: after the Squatters Quest grab the chest beside you
  • Ring of Death – Tika Village: Weapon Shop
  • Fireball Ring -Trepidanos’ Shop
  • Ring of Focus – World Map south of Norhtport, Quest: Fort Adara, World Map outside of Fort Wrath
  • Lucky Tricket – World Map east of Tarindor
  • Cat’s Eye Ring – Chest after completing the Port Manteau Quest
  • Ring of Sapping: Forinya merchant, chest in house in Forinya forest area
  • Templar’s Ring: leave the forest by Forinya to the south, Peren Desh 3rd floor
  • Fencer’s Band: chest in house in Forinya forest area
  • Ring of Shell: Udingrad Item Store
  • Ring of Protect: Udingrad item Store
  • Tesla Coin: Udingrad Ghetto – in the chest in the garden, you can see at the beginning
  • Vampiric Ring: Udingrad Ghetto – to the right of the Trepidanos
  • Aetheric Ring: Udingrad Ghetto – beside the chest with the silver key
  • Signet Ring: Everheard – after finishing up the the story part
Sell a ruby.

There’s chests which get you a random drop of treasure items, but you will also get a one from the Boss battle on Copper Road. Just sell this one the get the trophy.

Complete all side quests.

There can be found 20 Quest in this game. The first of this quest is related to the story and will get you Bronze Side Job automatically. There is also one missable quest near the beginning of the game, when you first control Ariel.

  • Exterminators: Castle of Evenheart Dungeon (automatical)
  • A Magical Trinket, You Say: South Everheard (Ariel) – Talk to the merchant at the market stand. (missable)
  • Bachelor in a Bind: Oceanvale: On the left side of the beach you will find a mine. You can start this quest on the east side either by open the chest on the southeast exit or by leaving through the east exit.
  • Memorial for the Fallen: Oceanvale – Talk to the old man.
  • The Haunted Cave: man in the house behind the man above
  • Missing Acolytes?: leave Fort Defiance to the south (automatical)
  • Internal Disputes; or, Rats??: Telindria – from the entrace use the northeat or northwest path and than north to see a scene
  • The G.H.E.V.G.W.: Riverton – go into the backroom of the inn
  • Marceline’s Task: Riverton – talk to the woman in the museum in the western part of the city
  • Arica Parenetti: Parenetti’s Farm (east of Whirlwind Village) – talk to the woman
  • Desert Secrets: T’Kara – man in backroom of the inn
  • Nadim Justice Force: Nadim (after the boss fight) – see the scene between the towers
  • Unity: Ishtala – in the house right on Reshim’s house
  • Squatters: Angelico Wilds – go east from Port Apotti and go north until you reach a house
  • Aden’s Childhood: Aden’s Home (west of Tika Village, south on the World Map)
  • Bless the Rains Down in Ardo Rita: Ardo Rika – talk to the woman
  • War Hero: Abandoned Port (pier north of Trepidaner’s Shop), see the scene
  • Port Manteau: Northport – talk to the woman (pirate) at the eastern part
  • Fort Adara – automatical while entering
  • The Port of Yanira: talk to the soldier
  • The Rezkovs: enter Rezkov Estate
Beginning of the End
Enter Peren Desh.

This is a story related trophy, you will get after you unlocked the door with the key and go further.

Side Job
Complete one side quest.

The first side quest in Everheard is story-related, so you will get this trophy automatically.


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