PlayStation Games Coming in March 2022

Below is the list of games releasing on PlayStation in March 2022.

With the constant change in game release dates, I suggest returning to this article regularly to check for any delays/updates.

Happy gaming, friends.

Elex II (PS4, PS5) – March 1

FAR: Changing Tides (PS4, PS5) – March 1

Shadow Warrior 3 (PS4) – March 1

Babylon’s Fall (PS4, PS5) – March 3

Gran Turismo 7 (PS4, PS5) – March 4

Submerged: Hidden Depths (PS4, PS5) – March 9

Aztech Forgotten Gods (PS4, PS5) – March 10

Workshop Simulator (PS4) – March 10

WWE 2K22 (PS4, PS5) – March 11

Grand Theft Auto V (PS5) – March 15

Phantom Breaker: Omnia (PS4) – March 15

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS4) – March 17

Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (PS4, PS5) – March 18

A Memoir Blue (PS4, PS5) – March 24

GhostWire: Tokyo (PS5) – March 25

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (PS4, PS5) – March 25

Crusader Kings III (PS5) – March 29

Weird West (PS4, PS5) – March 31

List Credit: gameinformer

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