Jack ‘n’ Hat Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 50 min
Trophies: 16. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: 2 On PS4 Version (Gold Beam Me Up Expo, Gold Crate Breaker)
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 4 Levels


Welcome to the Jack ‘n’ Hat¬†trophy guide!
Join Jack, the man of all trades in helping the land recover the Princess and defeat the evil person! Get a quick platinum too!


Step 1: Beat the first 4 levels
The biggest thing is beating the first 4 levels of the game. This will grant you access to the first boss. To beat a level fully, you have to find the diamond in it then reach the exit. If you miss any combat related trophies, just quickly load into a level and get it quickly. By the end of the step, you’ll have the platinum trophy.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Treasure Hunter
Bronze Rest Easy
Bronze Hat Brawler
Bronze First Jumps
Gold The End Of The Beggining
Gold Just Getting The Hang Of It
Gold First Aid Training Paid Off
Gold Good-Old Head Stomping
Gold Hat Swinger
Gold Explosion Chain!
Gold Eager To Learn
Gold Beam Me Up, Expo!
Gold Hat Beats Gun
Gold Crate Breaker
Gold Boss Encounter!
40-platinum Platinum

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Trophy Guide

Get all the trophies

Get all the trophies

Treasure Hunter
Get 100 diamonds.

As you travel the levels, the basic pick up are diamonds. Collect 100 and get this trophy

Rest Easy
Activate a Check Point for the first time.

Once you reach your first checkpoint in a level, this trophy is yours!

Hat Brawler
Defeat 5 enemies by throwing your hat.

Defeat 5 enemies by throwing your hat with .

First Jumps
Jump 25 times.

Simply jump 25 times with and this is yours!

The End Of The Beggining Gold
Get the Crystal and clear one level.

To fully beat a level, you have to find a big diamond as you work your way through. Once you collect it and beat a level, this trophy is yours.

Just Getting The Hang Of It Gold
Died 5 times.

Find a bottomless pit and toss yourself down it five times!

First Aid Training Paid Off Gold
Used a Medicine.

Throughout the levels, you may destroy some cardboard boxes that give you an item that goes to the top of your screen. Press to use the health vial that you collect, and get this trophy.

Good-old Head Stomping Gold
Defeat 5 enemies by jumping on their heads.

Jump on 5 enemies heads and kill them, then get this trophy!

Hat Swinger Gold
Throw your hat 40 times.

Just throw your hat 40 times with to get this trophy.

Explosion Chain! Gold
Cause a TNT explosion chain.

In a few of the levels, you’ll sometimes find a bunch of crates all bunched together, with some TNT in them. Hit the TNT boxes and let them explode. If the explosion blows up another TNT box, this trophy unlocks.

Eager To Learn Gold
Read 3 hint signs.

Throughout some levels, you’ll see some signs that you can interact with to learn things. Interact with 3 and this trophy will unlock.

Beam Me Up, Expo! Gold
Warp into a level 4 times.

This trophy is reported to be glitchy on PS4. It unlocks just fine on PS5.

After you enter levels 4 times, this trophy is yours!

Hat Beats Gun Gold
Defeat a Green Gunner.

In the level “Caved In” you’ll find yourself against weird green enemies with a gun. Once you beat one, this trophy is yours.

Crate Breaker Gold
Break 100 crates.

This trophy is reported to be glitchy on PS4. But it unlocks just fine on PS5.

After you break 100 boxes, this trophy is yours!

Boss Encounter! Gold
Get into a fight with Echo.

To get this trophy, you have to beat the first 4 levels, so that you unlock the boss fight. Once it’s unlocked, go to the elevator in the center of the room and press up. Once you enter the boss fight and listen to the dialogue, the trophy unlocks.


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