Breakneck City Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10 (with partner, 4/10 without)
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 60 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Greetings comrades and welcome to the Breakneck City trophy guide!
From Renegade Sector Games & EastAsiaSoft.

Game Description

“When a vicious gang tries to burn down their favorite video shop, Sidney Flintlock and Justine Jacobs take to the streets to bust some heads. Breakneck City is an old-school 3D beat ‘em up with a focus on environmental interactions. Featuring low-poly graphics, pixel art textures and the ability to team up for 2-player local co-op play, Breakneck City brings late-90s style brawler action to a new generation.”


This one is a straightforward affair, with you just having to play through to the end of level 3.
As long as you are picking up health and using weapons as you earn them you should earn the platinum after defeating the level 3 boss.

The game is very generous with its save points, so even if you do die you will respawn with full health, not far from the spot you died.

The game does offer local co-op and it makes the game a lot easier with a partner, but the one caveat is that the health and weapon trophies will not pop if player 2 is the one collecting the health pickups and weapon kills – Player one must do them trophy wise.

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Trophy Guide

Smasher King
Unlock all other trophies
Brawler I Gold
Beat 10 enemies.
Brawler II Gold
Beat 25 enemies.
Brawler III Gold
Beat 50 enemies.
Hunter I Gold
Beat 3 enemies with a weapon.
Hunter II Gold
Beat 6 enemies with a weapon.
Hunter III Gold
Beat 12 enemies with a weapon.
Collector I Gold
Collect 3 health tokens.
Collector II Gold
Collect 6 health tokens.
Collector III Gold
Collect 12 health tokens.
Spinning Wheel Gold
Defeat boss Wheeler.
Down Under Gold
Defeat boss the Hunter.
Working Man Gold
Defeat the Foreman.

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