New Super Lucky’s Tale Review


New Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platform game developed and published by Playful Studios. It is an enhanced remake of 2017’s Super Lucky’s Tale.

There are minor spoilers ahead, so be warned.


You play as Lucky, a fox who has gotten sucked into a portal to another world, due to pages from the Book of Ages getting ripped from the book and scattered across multiple worlds. Your task, is to help Lucky recover all the pages and find his way back home to Foxington.

For those like me, that didn’t play Super Lucky’s Tale in 2017, New Super Lucky’s Tale was a fresh and super fun first experience. I didn’t feel anything was missing, nor did I feel that I should have played the original first.

I had a lot of fun playing through this, and aside from three very annoying, and difficult trophies, all the rest were enjoyable and had the right amount of difficulty, in my opinion. If you’re not interested in trophies, then this will be nothing but fun, with mild difficulty.

There are six worlds, five of which have six puzzles, and the last world, Foxington, which unlocks after you beat the game, has sixteen puzzles/challenges. In the first five worlds, along with the puzzles, there are four sub-worlds where you need to complete challenges to earn pages from the Book of Ages, and defeat a boss before moving onto the next world.

Very colourful and interactive backdrop, with catchy, upbeat music throughout; which made for the majority of challenges and worlds to be non-stop enjoyable.

Lots of collectables; coins, pages, diamonds, outfits, and more, and collecting them was actually fun for a change, plus the perfectionist in me just had to get 100% in each world, which wasn’t difficult.

After you beat the game, and Foxington unlocks, you can then complete sixteen puzzles/challenges so Lucky can become a true Guardian. I felt that, even though they were fun and a mixture of all the puzzles and challenges I had already nailed, this wasn’t really necessary as Lucky had just beaten all the bosses, plus recovered all the pages from the Book of Ages. It was still fun though.

The characters, colours, art design, music and challenges made this game truly special, and aside from the three ridiculously hard trophies, in my opinion, I fully enjoyed this experience, and highly recommend.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Fun story
  • Easy to complete if not going after trophies
  • Beautifully coloured surroundings 
  • Cute and comedic characters


  • Platinum is way too difficult for the game it is, due to three trophies
  • My game crashed once – so could happen to others


A really fun and challenging game with lots of collectibles and worlds to explore. Like I’ve said, three trophies have stopped me getting the platinum, so, for me, the difficulty of these trophies are way too challenging for the game. I did really enjoy the game however, and would recommend.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Playful Studios
Developer Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £14.99/€17.99 Europe / $17.99 North America
Trophy Information: 55. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 1 / Silver 7 / Bronze 46

Images –

New Super Lucky’s Tale – Launch Trailer


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