Encodya Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to 100%: 3 – 4 hours
Trophies: 16. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 4 / Bronze 12
Missable trophies: 0, with the walkthrough (Otherwise, several)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: One


Welcome to the Encodya trophy walkthrough!
In 2062 Neo-Berlin, young Tina and her companion robot SAM have been tasked by Tina’s missing father to save the world.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies

There’s a speedrun trophy for this game – under 4 hours. You can skip cutscenes with  and speed up dialogue with . Run by holding . You can check your time on the pause menu. Loading screens do not count, but cutscenes do. This walkthrough will get you through the game in about 3 hours.

I sequence broke the game a bit to help with the speedrun, but in the back half of the game there’s a lot of unavoidable back and forth. Sorry.

There’s a trophy for using no hints. As such, avoid talking to SAM as Tina (you still need to choose the hint option twice when you talk to him, so it’s difficult to accidentally get a hint). You can make sure you haven’t used any hints by checking the pause menu.

Press to highlight stuff that can be picked up. This does not count as using hints.

There are many optional items to pick up that serve no purpose in the game. I will be skipping those.

You can press to bring up your current objectives.

A full written text walkthrough is provided below, and if you enjoy my work, please consider donating to my Ko-fi.

Text Walkthrough

New Game – EASY

Pick up empty jar (behind SAM)
Exit left to Rooftop, then back left to Street Level

Street Level
Pick up antenna piece
Walk right
Pick up trash – get broken floppy and rotten sushi
Exit to Rooftop

In inventory (R2), combine rotten sushi and empty jar – get stinky jar
Use stinky jar with hole in the wall – get cockroach in a jar
Click hole in the wall – get fly bus ticket – Bronze TRAVELER unlocked
L2 – Crossroad, then back left to Bright Alley

Bright Alley
Pick up capacitor (sidewalk)
Exit back to Crossroad, then enter Electronics Shop (left)

Electronics Shop
L1 – SAM
Face the left window so you can access the top shelves hotspot (RAM banks)
Pick up 16MB RAM
Pick up 5 1/4 inch floppy disk (left side of counter)
Talk to Clerk
I’m searching for a can of robot oil.
I’m getting a headache.  Better if I go.
L1 – Tina
Exit to Crossroad, then Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop
Talk to Chef
Do you have any free food or leftovers for me?
It’s indeed such fine cuisine…
– get Bavarian marinated fish
Exit to Crossroad

Pick up stick (in front of ramen shop)
L1 to choose SAM
Use vending machine down the road right of the ramen shop – get Vintage Me! device
L1 – Tina
In inventory, use Vintage Me! device (1/10)
Exit down to Bus Stop

Bus Stop
Walk left until you see a robot
L1 – SAM
Talk to Nasty Robot
What are you doing here?
Use 16MB RAM with Nasty Robot
L1 – Tina
Exit left to Long Road

Long Road
Walk left until you see an elevator
Use elevator control panel (nothing happens, but required for upcoming conversation)
Walk left until you see a kid
Talk to kid
Do you know where I can find a token for the elevator? – get holographic prism
Exit right to Bus Stop, then Crossroad

Use holographic prism with ramen signboard – SKY
L2 – Historical Quarter, then Diner (Renzo’s)

Pick up Kurina’s tape (middle booth)
In inventory, combine stick and antenna piece – get long stick
Exit to Old Gate

Old Gate
Use holographic prism with Old Gate (building in background ) – BLUE
Walk left
Use long stick with electrician – get electrician’s keys
L2 – Shelter

Street Level
Talk to Eku
Do you by any chance have a 288-to-184-pins RAM adapter?
Use capacitor with Eku – get RAM adapter
Use electrician’s keys with orange panel box
Pick up fuse from panel box
L2 – Historical Quarter, then down to Long Road

Long Road
Talk to kid
So, about the riddle… – get token
Walk right to elevator
Use elevator token with elevator panel

Terrace Bridge
Walk (do not run) right and stop right before you reach the wall/panel
At the base of this wall/panel you should see a red dot.  Approaching it will bring up the hotspot “hidden button”
Click the hidden button (2/10)
Exit right to Terrace

Pick up waterproof flag
Exit left to Terrace Bridge, then Long Road, then right to Bus Stop

Bus Stop
L1 – SAM
Use RAM adapter with Nasty Robot – get robot oil
L1 – Tina
L2 – Historical Quarter

Old Gate
Walk left, past the electrician
Use fuse with fuse box
Enter Abandoned Store

Abandoned Store
Pick up pair of socks (by middle pillar)
Pick up pliers (between left and middle pillar)
Exit to Old Gate, then Diner Alley (right of diner)

Diner Alley
Use pliers with (electrified) wire
Use Bavarian marinated fish with robot cat
Pick up leftovers – get cyber lasagne
L2 – Shelter, then rooftop, then shelter

Pick up copper wire
In inventory, combine copper wire and long stick – get long copper stick
Use long copper stick with power box (under the laundry line) – get long electrified stick
L1 – SAM
Exit left to Rooftop

Use long electrified stick with watching drone
Talk to watching drone
I wonder if you can show me what happened here a few hours ago
If they didn’t come to book us for loitering, but for you…
(if you make a mistake, it’ll just reset the conversation)
Is your memory intact?  Can you remember everything since you were built?
Can you go over them from the beginning, deep-scanning everything?
Bronze NEO BERLIN BY NIGHT unlocked after cutscenes
L2 – Downtown, then back right to Bureaucracy Street

Bureaucracy Street
(Switch to Tina if you aren’t already)
Pick up phone book
Exit back right to Registry Office

Registry Office
Use missing persons database (left of receptionist)
Search by date / 2050-2059
Just keep clicking through the list until Tina starts talking to SAM
Talk to roboceptionist
Is this where you archive people’s records?
Okay, I’ll see if I can get that permission.
L2 – Crossroad, then back right to Dark Alley

Dark Alley
Move around so that you have a clear view of the pipes against the wall (SAM likes to block them)
Take the 5 1/4 floppy from your inventory, and drag it around the base of the pipes
Near a tiny green dot is a hotspot for “slot”.  Use the floppy there (3/10) – Bronze LUCKY FINDER unlocked
Pick up canned food and old mug
Exit to Crossroad

Talk to traffic bot
I need a police permission to use the registry archive of the city. – get adult authorization
Exit to Electronics Shop

Electronics Shop
L1 – SAM
Talk to Dick Bates
Do you know how to recover deleted data from a model SAM? – get recovery pill
I’m getting a headache.  I’d better go.
Use recovery pill
L1 – Tina
Exit to Crossroad, then Bright Alley

Bright Alley
Talk to old lady
What are you doing out here?
I’ve been given a mission.  Will I complete it?
– get fatemancer flyer
Nothing…I’d better go.
Exit to Crossroad, then Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop
Use old mug with greasy substance (right table)
L1 – SAM
Look at greasy substance (inventory) (4/10)
L1 – Tina
Talk to moustache guy
Who are you?  You look like a criminal.
Nothing, I’ll leave you alone.
L2 – Historical Quarter, then Diner

Walk right
Talk to Maisy
Could you sign some paperwork for me?
Is there really no way to help you escape?
L2 – Downtown, then Bureaucracy Street, then Registry Office

Registry Office
Use missing persons database
Search by name / Ren Herzog (just click the input area) / print ticket – get missing person ticket
Exit to Bureaucracy Street, then Zeit Square

Zeit Square
Talk to redhead twins
Do you know Maisy, the singer?
I’ll owe you.  I’ll help you whenever you need me.
Exit back left to Business Street

Business Street
Talk to Aga (one of the redheaded twins; they’re on the valves and pipes)
How’s it going?  Have you managed to release Maisy?
Use greasy substance with Aga
L2 – Historical Quarter, then down to Long Road

Long Road
Go right until you see Maisy
Use adult authorization with Maisy – get signed authorization
Exit right to Bus Stop, then Crossroad

Use signed authorization with traffic bot – get police permission
L2 – Downtown, then Bureaucracy Street, then Registry Office

Registry Office
Use police permission with roboceptionist
Exit to Corridor, then Archive

Use archive terminal
Click the input area / Ren Herzog / print file – get file about dad
L2 – Residential Area, then left to Flats

On each floor are three or four doors with intercoms.  Use the intercoms until you enter a conversation where you can choose the following options.  If the door is not randomized, it should be door C02-5:
You won the lottery!
It’s Christmas Eve today!
Enter the flat

Hilde’s Flat
Talk to Hilde
I’m Tina.  I guess I used to live here when I was very little. – get signal disturber
Exit to Flats

Go to the top floor, then all the way right
Pick up old music player
L2 – Historical Quarter, then Diner

This next part is timed.  If you mess up, just try again.
L1 – Sam
Use old music player on mixer (right side of diner)
L1 – Tina
Pick up DNA bracelet
L2 – Residential Area

Residential Area
L1 – SAM
Talk to android
You seem in distress.  Is everything all right?
Where is your human now?
How can I help you?
Interesting.  I’d better go now.
Use DNA bracelet with android
L1 – Tina
L2 – Historical Quarter, then Diner

Pick up online transmitter
In inventory, combine online transmitter and signal disturber – get online disturber
L2 – Downtown, then Business Street, then Corp Lobby (Cybergaia Corp)

Corp Lobby
Use online disturber with corp guard
Exit to elevator, then Corporation Office

Corporation Office
Use corp computer
Past employee records / 2054 / R / Ren Herzog / quit (Tina should start talking if you’ve done this correctly)
L2 – Residential Area, then Flats, then Hilde’s Flat

Hilde’s Flat
Talk to Hilde
About Dad’s friend…
L2 – Slum, then right to Clubs Alley, then back right to Narrow Way

Narrow Way
Pick up rocket soda voucher
Exit to Club Alley, then Slum, then back left to Asian Alley, then Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel
Exit right to Floor 1, then up the stairs to Floor 2
Walk right and pick up empty spray can
Exit to Asian Alley

Asian Alley
Walk right to artist
Use empty spray can with spray can (on ground) – get red spray paint
Exit to Slum

Talk to old man
Do you know where Smirk’s Bar is? – get emosphere
Better if I go.
Use emosphere with clerk
Talk to clerk
Looks like something’s bothering you…
So what happened?
L2 – Crossroad, then Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop
Use emosphere with Chef
Talk to chef
I sense there’s something not right in your sentimental life…
Talk to Rosco
Considering you are a criminal…
Exit to Crossroad, then Dark Alley

Dark Alley
Use rocket soda voucher with rocket soda dispenser – get rocket soda bottle
Use red spray paint with poster (1/5) – SAM is probably blocking it
Exit to Crossroad

Talk to cyber junkie (near Bright Alley)
Are you Joe, the son of Hayao?
Use rocket soda bottle with Joe – get father and son photo

Now you need to spray paint the other four posters:
Residential Area
Slum (near the exit to Club Alley)
Slum – Club Alley – Narrow Way

When you’ve finished, go to Crossroad, then Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop
Talk to Rosco
About the Rumpf posters… – get biometric cheater
Use father and son photo with chef
L2 – Slum, then Asian Alley

Asian Alley
Use public phone
Dial 791904015, then click the phone button (this is the number from the fatemancer flyer, and I think this secret won’t unlock unless you have the flyer in your inventory) (5/10) – Bronze TREASURE SEEKER unlocked
Look at phone book in your inventory (required)
Use public phone
Dial 144852976 then click the phone button
Exit to Slum

Talk to Valentina
I spoke with your boyfriend…
Exit right to Club Alley, then Narrow Way, then right to Smirks and enter the bar (if you can’t pass through the scanner, press and make sure the stuff related to the bioscanner is all green)

Talk to robust man (red jacket/hat)
Do you know anyone named Joseph?
I need to speak to him!  He knows about my dad.
You know about the code in SAM?
– get pendant
Exit to Narrow Way, then Clubs Alley

Clubs Alley
Use pendant with bouncer
Enter the club (6/10), then leave
Exit to Slum

Use pendant with old man
Exit to Asian Alley, then Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel
Exit right, then go up to Floor 3
Use the keypad outside of 303, then enter

Chip’s Flat
Walk right
Talk to Chip
Fair enough…can you help me find the secret code in SAM? – get note and floppy disk
L2 – Crossroad, then Electronics Shop

Electronics Shop
L1 – SAM
Talk to Dick Bates
Do you happen to have a model SAM transistor?
Something you really need that I can find for you?
L1 – Tina
L2 – Slum, then Club Alley, then Narrow Way, then Smirk’s

Go to the bar
Talk to cool guy
Do you know where I can get a car battery?
I’d better go
Talk to bartender
Sounds like you worked in a car shop once
Do you have one I can borrow?
– get hacked remote
Okay, I guess I’ll go.
L1 – SAM
Talk to Roger
I am detecting that you are drinking a gin and neon tonic
A SAM is his programming –
get gin and neon tonic
L2 – Crossroad, then Electronics Shop

Electronics Shop
Use gin and neon tonic with Dick Bates – get model SAM transistor
L1 – Tina
L2 – Downtown

Zeit Square
Use hacked remote with parked car (by Business Alley)
Click parked car – get car battery
Exit to Business Street, then Corp Lobby

Corp Lobby
MAKE A MANUAL SAVE.  You’re about to waste time in this lobby, and while you can’t reload this save and keep the secret, if you end the game just over the time limit for the timed trophy, this will save you from playing the first half of the game over again.
Put down the controller and wait 15 minutes.  You will get secret (7/10) – Bronze TREASURE HUNTER unlocked
Go back into Corp Lobby after you regain control
Exit to elevator, then Corporation Office

Corporation Office
Use Chip’s floppy with corp computer
Past archive / 2054 / cyber octopuses development – Bronze CYBER OCTOPUSES unlocked
back / alternate cyberspace / download file – get string of Ren’s code
L2 – Slum, then Asian Alley, then Abandoned Hotel, then Chip’s Flat (303)

Chip’s Flat
Use Ren’s code with Chip
Bronze JOURNEY TO ENCODYA unlocked after cutscenes

Forest (Arrival Point)
The next several screens all look similar, and you can’t use your map. Follow closely.  This is another area where you may want to make a manual save (separate from the one before), so once you’ve figured out your way through, you can reload it and get through much more quickly.

L1 – SAM.  He’s needed for the majority of the stuff in this level, so it’s easiest to just stay as him
Exit right x2, then up
Look at elevator – get list
Exit down, then left
Pick up flat stone (in front of mushrooms)
Exit left x2
Pull crate, then pick up ladle and dust blower
Exit left x2
Use hydraulic press (turn it on)
Use flat stone with hydraulic press – get sharp stone
Exit right, then up x2 (“hidden path” (8/10)
Exit down
Talk to biped bot
Actually, we’re trying to find some items to fix a lift.
A small piston
Actually, I would like to ask something else about the piston
Is there no way you can give us your piston?
Exit down, then right x5
Pull junction pipe x3 (SAM is probably blocking it)
Use sharp stone with vine – get vine
Exit left
Use ladle with eerie plant (SAM is probably blocking it) – get super sticky resin
Exit left x4
Pull lever on tree (SAM is blocking it)
Quickly use sticky resin with the horn-playing bot
Pull lever again – get lever
Exit up
Talk to biped bot
About the piston…
Pick up biped bot
Exit down, then right x3
Use biped bot on transport pipe – get piston
Exit right, then up
Use broken lift (repair it)

L1 – Tina
Exit up (via lift)
Walk right, pick up dry weed
Use horn (nothing happens, but needed for later)
Click on panorama (the view) – Bronze FOREST PANORAMA unlocked
L2 – Clearing Access

Clearing Access
L1 – SAM
Talk to mutadroid
Could you move so that we can proceed to the clearing?
Never mind.
Pick up wire (in tree branches above the thing that looks like a stove with 022 on it)
L2 – Cave

Pull the branch the sling shot is attached to, then pick up the slingshot
Pull the vending machine, then pick up the shiny token
L1 – Tina
L2 – Cubic Stone

Cubic Stone
Pick up crowbar
Use shiny token on console
Talk to cubic stone
Can you tell me more about this place?  And the mission my dad has for me?
My birthday is in a few months!  Does it really matter?
L2 – Pond

Pick up bunch of pebbles and round flint stone
L2 – Cave

Enter the cave
Pick up rusty key (right of gears) and square flint stone
In inventory, combine round and square flint stone – get fire stones
L2 – Arrival Point

Arrival Point
Exit left x2, then up
Use rusty key with crate
Pick up crate – get hook and shovel blade
Exit down
Use slingshot with horn bot
Pick up horn – get mouth piece
Exit left
Use crowbar with hatch – get baseball, bat, and glove
In inventory, combine bat and shovel blade – get shovel
Exit right x5, then up x2 (via lift)
Use mouth piece with horn, then use horn
Pick up air cog
L2 – Futuristic Building

Futuristic Building
Walk up to the square on the right side of the building (“fireplace”)
Use dry weed, then fire stones, with fireplace
Pick up fire cog and the stick next to it
In inventory, combine stick and wire, then add the hook – get fishing rod
L2 – Pond

Use fishing rod with pond – get water cog
L2 – Cave

Enter cave
Use shovel with “X on the ground” (hotspot in the middle of the floor)
Pick up earth cog
Use all four cogs with mechanism, then use mechanism
L2 – Cubic Stone

Cubic Stone
Talk to cubic stone
About my task…
Of course I am!
L2 – Clearing Access

Clearing Access
L1 – SAM
Talk to mutadroid
About the clearing…
L1 – Tina
Exit into the clearing
Bronze THE LOST TANKER unlocked after cutscenes
Use console – type 2053, then enter – make note of what the rhyme is (may be randomized, but I don’t think it is)
Example: mine was BLUE ONE THREE and RED THREE TWO
Exit up to Oil Tanker

Outside Oil Tanker
Exit right x2 to ship stern
Use control box
Set the dials as instructed by the final line of the rhyme – if the rhyme isn’t randomized, then turn on dials 2 and 3, and the red button – the game will not tell you when you’re correct – back out when you’ve finished
Exit left x2 to ship bow
L1 – SAM
Use lever left of the anchor – if the anchor doesn’t lower to the ground, you messed up on the control box
L1 – Tina
Exit right x2 to ship stern
Use control box
Set dials as instructed by the first line of the rhyme – so for my example, turn on dials 1 and 3, and the blue button.
Exit left x2 to ship bow
L1 – SAM
Use lever left of the anchor

L1 – Tina
Talk to Strawbot
I’m Tina, Ren’s daughter
My teddy
SAM’s lullaby
Mom’s strudel
The old skate rink
Exit up, then enter the Cabins

Exit right x3
Use down ladder once
Exit left x3 and enter the door
Pick up old card (between closet and overturned chair) (9/10)
Search the drawers above the fridge until you get a key (if it’s not random, then bottom right)
Exit right x4
Use up ladder once
Exit left x4

Use key with first aid box
Pick up defibrillator
Enter Cabins


Follow carefully.  These rooms are very similar.

Exit right x3
Use down ladder x2
Exit left x2 and enter the door (“tank”)
L1 – SAM

Turn up the volume – this part isn’t subtitled and should be, considering it’s a random puzzle.  After SAM talks in the next step of the walkthrough, there will be a musical echo of three distinct parts with a pause in between each part.  You need to remember the sequence.  For example, mine was la la la la / la la / la la la, which translates to 4 / 2 / 3

Talk to vastness (the open area) – Bronze SCREAM INTO THE VOID unlocked
Exit right x2 and enter the door (“cabin”)
Use crowbar with corrugated pipe – get corrugated pipe
L1 – Tina
Exit left, then exit right
Use corrugated pipe, then defibrillator, with power aspirator 2000
Use the power aspirator 2000
Use down ladder once and enter the room
Pick up helm, then exit right
Use up ladder x3
Exit left, then up the stairs

Use helm with helm hub
Use helm to turn it
Exit left to Cabins

Exit right
Use down ladder once
Exit left, then enter the room (”storage”) (you just unlocked this)
Search plastic box (under electric panel) x2 – get battery
Exit left, then exit right
Use down ladder x2
Exit left x2
Use battery with keypad
Use keypad, then type in whatever the code was you got from the singing.
Enter the lab

Use red spray can on motion sensor (small hotspot; it’s just above SAM’s hand)
Use double lever (left of SAM)
Use emergency button (the man is pacing in front of it)
BronzeSEE THE LIGHT AGAIN unlocked after cutscenes

Again, this last area has a lot of similar screens.  Follow carefully.
Exit down

L1 – SAM
Pick up big rock
L1 – Tina
Pick up raspberries (tiny red dots, near where the large rock was) (inventory: “a few raspberries”)
Exit right, then up

Click flickering reality
Pick up raspberries (inventory: “some raspberries”)
Pick up small rock (between the cube and the power box)
Talk to cubic terminal
What’s happening over there?
Are you saying you’re not good enough to fix it?
Walk left
Pick up box – get rope
Pick up work pants – get coin
Exit down, then right

Cross the bridge and pick up the raspberries (inventory: “a bunch of raspberries”)
Pick up board (middle of bridge)
Exit left
Pick up raspberries (SAM may be blocking them) (inventory: “enough raspberries”)
L1 – SAM
Use board, then small rock, then large rock, with pointy rock
Pick up bucket
L1 – Tina
In inventory, combine bucket and rope
Exit right
Use bucket/rope with stream – get water
Exit left x2
Use coin with bread dispenser – get bread
Exit left to Hilltop

Talk to Ren
About the picnic…
Yes, here’s everything.
Exit down

Exit right x3, then up
L1 – SAM
Pick up mini bot (saw blade)
Walk right and pick up big rock
Exit left
Pick up big rock
Pick up aerial
Exit left
Cross the bridge, but do not exit
Use mini bot with porous rock – get sharpened mini bot
Exit left
Pick up big rock
Exit up

Walk left
Use sharpened mini bot with cabinet
Pick up cabinet – get fast release spray, screwdriver, and plunger
Exit down, then right x2, then up

Use screwdriver on big dead robot
Pick up big dead robot – get magnet
Exit left
Use magnet with generator
Use fast release spray with valve
Pull valve
Exit up
Pick up pumps and pipes – get elastic band
Exit left x4
Pick up large cog
L1 – Tina
Exit left to Hilltop, then talk to Ren

Use terminal – start the scan
You needed minutes for some weird shapes and muddy colors?
Wait, are you jealous of my dad?
Use screwdriver on power box (looks like a gas can or computer tower at the bottom of the screen; touchy hotspot)
No doubt it’s your space, Mr. Rumpf.
Use baseball on open pipe (left of ticket machine)
I trust my dad!  I’ll launch Encodya and everything will be okay.
Just because you can’t understand…
Use fast release spray on fan
We’re not trying to defeat you, we’re trying to help Neo Berlin
Neo Berlin is grey, and sad.  My dad and Encodya will change it.
Use plunger with drain
What a nasty man you are, to bring my mom into this
Yeah? Then who is cyberspace for?
Use terminal

Unskippable cutscenes – about 3 minutes

You will be in Chip’s flat
Exit left to Asian Alley
Walk right – directly under the archway is a hotspot (“hidden buttons”)
Use the hidden buttons, then enter the door – Silver EASTER EGGS FANATIC unlocked
Exit left x3
Exit up to Rooftop
Use shelter
SilverUPLOAD ENCODYA unlocked
Bronze SKILLED ADVENTURER and Silver ADVENTURE MASTER unlocked for using no hints
Silver SPEED RUNNER unlocked for finishing in under four hours

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Trophy List

Get a Fly Bus Ticket
Complete Part 1
Uncover the Octopi plan
Complete Part 2
Find a vantage point to see the landscape
Complete Part 3
Listen to the mysterious echo
Complete Part 4
Finish the game
Discover 3 Secrets
Discover 5 Secrets
Discover 7 Secrets
Discover 10 Secrets
Finish the game with less than 5 hints
Finish the game without hints
Finish the game in less than 4 hours

3 thoughts on “Encodya Trophy Walkthrough

  1. Thank you so much! I used this walkthrough and got all the trophies no problem. 
    There were a few things you seem to be unsure of whether they’re randomized. Here is my findings:

    Hilde’s Flat and the echoing singing voice  in the ship’s cabins were different than yours. So those do seem to be random.

    The rhyme for the ship’s anchor (Blue one threw in the sky could be! Red three two you can join it too!) and the cabin first aid key in the bottom right drawer was the same as what you got. So those are probably consistent for all games.


  2. Thanks Mindy! Do you know if it’s possible to read all dialogues as outlined in the walkthrough and watch the cutscenes and still end up under 4h? Kind of don’t want to do two playthroughs, but also would like to know what’s happening?


    1. Hey, thanks for checking the walkthrough –

      “You can get enough from the dialogue if you’re a quick reader. I did it in 2h45 while skipping cutscenes and speeding up dialogue, having already played the game once.
      So going in blind, I don’t think you can watch every cutscene and let all dialogue play and do it all in under 4h”

      Thanks again.


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