Rain On Your Parade DLC Review


This DLC is for Rain On Your Parade. It adds new levels and new accessories for your friendly little cloud, and was released in December of 2021.


Cloudy The Cloud is back to cause more mayhem in this fun filled DLC adventure to one of the best games of 2021! With more homages, more accessories, and more secrets to find! I was so excited for this DLC to arrive, and boy did it deliver. The very first level that you’re dropped into, is all about farming. But you don’t have to stick around and wait for your crops to grow. No no, they grow as you play the game! Or you could watch them grow…maybe it goes faster that way. But this set the stage for the rest of the DLC! As once you’re done with planting a crop or two, and leave, the map starts to open up!

You get to choose between three separate directions to go, to some fun filled levels. Sure there weren’t as many levels as the base game, but I thoroughly enjoyed them all. At one point I helped a dragon destroy a town. During another level, I was in an old vertical SHMUP like 1942! In another, I was going through what was basically rapture, with reference to the dialogue and everything! Even the iconic “would you kindly?”. I was so stoked!

Then on the flip side of excellent reference to video games, there’s pop culture TV show references. Now in the main game, there was a level built around “The Office”, but in this DLC, there was a level built around Parks and Recreation. Even the part where Ron has the big circular desk and spins in his chair to avoid talking to people. I loved it so much.

Then outside of that, you’re just causing mayhem in the craziest of ways! One of my favourite levels included messing up a mall, and a fair. Where I had to make a roller coaster shoot off its tracks, and make a ferris wheel get loose from its bearings. There was also a fun little museum level that helped showcase the development of the game. I read each and every entry in it to better understand the time and fun the devs had with making the game. I do wish we got a whole lot more levels. Or even secret things on the overworld to do! As the main game was packed full of secrets, and in the DLC, there were only a few. But I still got new accessories for each secret, so I was happy either way!


Rating: 10 out of 10.


  • Fun References
  • Exciting Levels
  • More Accessories For Your Cloud!


  • Not Enough Levels!


Unbound Creations knocked it out of the park again with this DLC. Sure I wish there were a whole lot more levels, but the ones that were there kept me smiling the whole time, and if I failed a level’s objectives, I was determined to try again, just to get the accessory. This game continues to please me, even with more levels, and I cannot wait for me. My GOTY just keeps getting better and better!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer/Publisher Website: Unbound Creations
Developer/Publisher Socials: Twitter

Rain on Your Parade – DLC Announcement


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