Racing (Challenge Mode Edition) Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 0/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 mins
Trophies: 12. 40-platinum 1 / Gold11 / Silver 0 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


 Greetings comrades and welcome to the Racing (Challenge Mode Edition) trophy guide!
This one is from the peeps over at Breakthrough Gaming.


This is another super quick one folks. When start the game immediately hit the first hole to lose to pop one trophy. Now before starting the next race hold Left and Cross to begin it. Now you will be immune to falling in the holes. Just collect 40 flags and you will have you plat.

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Trophy Guide

You got all the trophies! Congratulations!
You got all the trophies! Congratulations!
Play one game of racingGold
Play one game of racing
Get 1 flagGold
Get 1 flag
Get 5 flagsGold
Get 5 flags
Get 10 flagsGold
Get 10 flags
Get 15 flagsGold
Get 15 flags
Get 20 flagsGold
Get 20 flags
Get 24 flagsGold
Get 24 flags
Get 28 flagsGold
Get 28 flags
Get 30 flagsGold
Get 30 flags
Get 35 flagsGold
Get 35 flags
Get 40 flagsGold
Get 40 flags

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