List of Must buy Titles in the Black Friday and Indies Sale

It is that time of year again, where Sony lures you in with some amazing discounts on what it feels like a million games. You can’t decide on what you want to buy and run post to pillar looking for some recommendations, it is time to take a break as this article will definitely alleviate your frantic search and provide you a list of games which you should definitely buy from these two sales.

  1. Metro Exodus: Gold edition – The most recent entry in the beloved Metro series has been a hit amongst the players. This first person shooter has been updated with 2 fantastic DLCs which are part of the Gold edition and in addition to that there is a free upgrade to ps5 as well. The game will take around 40-50 hours to platinum and 70 hours to 100% it. The game is at its lowest price yet. ₹749 India/€11.99 EU/$11.99 US
  2. Gris – This lovely indie game with platforming and adventure as the main focus has been a must buy since it released. With its gorgeous visuals and an enchanting soundtrack you wouldn’t want to miss it as it is on sale and the lowest it has ever been. Time to platinum is around 4-5 hours. ₹566 India/€6.79 Europe/$6.79 US
  3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Deluxe Edition – Sequel to New order, this entry takes you to Nazi controlled America where in typical Wolfenstein fashion you get to kill Nazis in a variety of gruesome and cool ways. The Platinum is one of the most difficult ever due to the requirement of playing the game on Mein Leben difficulty which essentially disallows checkpoints and saves forcing you to finish the game in one sitting, don’t forget the hit scan enemies as well. It will take you anywhere between 60-80 hours to 100% the game. ₹699 India/€11.99 Europe/$11.99 US
  4. Outer Wilds – This open world game loaded with mysteries about the solar system will surely capture your interest and will make you immerse yourself in the mysteries that have to be uncovered. Discover plenty of hidden locations that are affected by time passage and visit them before they are ravaged by the passages of time. The game takes about 20-25 hours to platinum and 100%. ₹1,198 India/€14.39 Europe/$14.99 US
  5. Guardians of The Galaxy – Most of you would be skeptical about touching this game because of the flop show that was Avengers but fret not as Guardians surprised many critics with how good it was and what a pleasant change it was from Avengers. The game is being offered at its lowest price ever so don’t forget to grab this deal. The platinum takes about 30-40 hours to achieve and requires two playthroughs. ₹2,599 India (Not including EU and US prices as it available for cheaper, physically) Free Ps5 upgrade.
  6. Deathloop – This timed exclusive has been one of the best experiences this year and has been nominated for Game of the Year award. This first person shooter with a focus on assassination has a seamless blend of single player and multiplayer gameplay. The game is being offered at its lowest price ever and takes about 20-25 hours to platinum. ₹1,999 India/€34.99 Europe/$29.99 US PS5 only.
  7. Resident Evil Village – The survival horror title, popularised by the voluptuous Lady Dimitrescu, is the sequel to Resident evil 7 and you play as Ethan Winters who while searching for his kidnapped daughter finds himself in a village full of mutant creatures. The game takes about 30-40 hours to platinum and it requires 3 playthroughs. ₹1,719 India/€30.09 Europe/$29.99 US Free Ps5 upgrade
  8. Mafia Definitive Edition – Remade from the ground up, this cult classic is sure to wow you with its visuals and the gameplay. The action adventure is a must play for older fans and new people alike. The platinum takes about 25-30 hours and is a bit difficult due to a few trophies. ₹1,249 India/€19.99 Europe/$19.99 US (Also available on ps now)
  9. It Takes Two – This adorable action-adventure and platforming gaming has been the talk of the town since it released. Requiring two players, the game will be an experience that you will never forget as the game takes you on a journey filled with challenges as you and your divorced partner try to find a way back to your real bodies. The platinum takes about 15-20 hours depending on players and has a free friends pass so only one person has to buy the game but only the person with the game can earn trophies. ₹1,549 India/€24.79 Europe/$24.79 US Included in EA Play. Free PS5 upgrade.
  10. Hades – I can’t gush enough about this game so I will keep it short here, this game of the year nominee from last will wow you with its incredible gameplay, mechanics, art and its fabulous soundtrack. This rogue-like dungeon crawler is an experience no one should miss out with its fantastic replayability value, even if you die a lot, lol. The time to platinum is some where around 50-60 hours. ₹1,399 India/€19.99 Europe/$19.99 US Free PS5 upgrade.
  11. Resident Evil 3 (Remake) – The game puts you in the shoes of Jill Valentine for most of the game and Carlos Oliveira for a few sections and the game is played from an over the shoulder third person perspective. Greatly improved visuals and a smooth gameplay makes this game a must have. The game is short and it will take about 20 hours to platinum as you need to do multiple runs. ₹1,049 India/€17.99 Europe/$17.99 US
  12. Tales of Arise – An action jrpg which follows a man and a woman from the opposing worlds of Dahna and Rena and their journey to end the Renans’ oppression of the Dahnan people. Unanimously praised by fans of the Tales series, this game is an excellent combo of looks, music and gameplay. The time platinum is around 60-70 hours. ₹2,799 India/€48.99 Europe/$41.99 US You can also try a demo version if you are feeling skeptical. Free PS5 upgrade.
  13. The Last of Us Part II – This game needs no introduction and the story starts a few years from the events of Last of Us 1. You must have heard lots of rumours and leaks about this one but please ignore them and experience the game yourself before forming an opinion about it. Time to platinum is 30-40 hours and it takes around 50 hours or even less to 100%. ₹1,249 India/€19.99 Europe/$19.99 US (Also, part of ps now for a limited time)
  14. Immortals Fenyx Rising – If you want a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild like experience with updated graphics and laid back story then this is your game. You, Fenyx, in order to save your brother, have to stop the evil Typhon after his escape from the underworld. The game’s combat and the comedic way it is narrated coupled with great visuals is something to experience for yourself. Time to platinum is around 35-40 hours. ₹1,399 India/€24.49 Europe/$19.79 US Free PS5 upgrade.
  15. Mass Effect Legendary Edition – This edition contains the Mass effect trilogy which has been boosted with gameplay, visual and technical improvements. This is a great way to experience these wonderful games all in a single bundle. So, each game has its own platinum and it will take you quite some time to 100% everything. ₹2,599 India/€44.79 Europe/$34.79 US
  16. KINGDOM HEARTS All-In-One Package – This massive collection gives you access to: KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, KINGDOM HEARTS III. An action rpg at heart, the story takes place across many Disney worlds featuring plethora of your beloved Disney characters. To platinum all games in this package, prepare for a marathon as it will easily take you upwards of 350 hours to do everything. ₹1,799 India/€27.49 EU/$24.99 US
  17. 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim – Another beauty from Vanillaware, this game is a mix of side-scrolling adventure and real-time strategy battles and the setting involves 13 students being dragged in a fight between mechas and giant monsters. I’d buy the game simply for its gorgeous visuals and the gameplay is just so refreshing for someone who hasn’t played such games. The platinum takes about 35-45 hours. ₹1,399 India/€23.99 Europe/$23.99 US
  18. MotoGP 19 – Looking for a fix for your racing demands and that too at an affordable price? Then, MotoGP is sure to assuage that fix and provide you with hours and hours of fun. Time to platinum is 40-50 hours. ₹374 India/€5.99 Europe/$4.49 US
  19. Sayonara Wild Hearts – Gorgeous visuals, a custom sound track and a lovely story, experience this rhythm based adventure that is sure to capture your interest from the moment you load up. Time to platinum is 6-8 hours and requires multiple playthroughs. ₹598 India/€7.19 Europe/$7.79 US
  20. Seasons After Fall – Ohh, how I fell in love with this game just by seeing the visuals. I, personally picked this title and I would definitely recommend it to others as well. As a wild fox you are sent on a perilous journey to meet the four Guardians, aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will, manipulating a gorgeous 2D world. Time to platinum 7-8 hours. ₹166 India/€1.99 Europe/$1.99 US (Also included with PS Now)
  21. Hoa – A beautiful puzzle platformer with hand crafted art combined with a mesmerising music and a lovely story. This lovely little title was another instant draw for me. The platinum takes around 2-3 to get and we have a guide for it as well. ₹623 India/€7.49 Europe/$7.49 US (These prices reflect the 10% ps plus discount, so adjust accordingly if you don’t have ps plus)
  22. Spiritfarer – You play as Stella, a ferrymaster for the deceased and in this lovely indie management game with a rich story you explore the world, care for your spirit friends and guide them to the afterlife. Time to platinum: 30-40 hours. ₹1,040 India/€12.49 Europe/$14.99 US
  23. A Hat in Time – A cute and gorgeous 3D platformer where the protagonist is a little girl who is a space traveller. In this entry you are tasked with collecting timepieces to repair your ship so you can go back to space travel. Time to platinum is 25 hours. ₹1,186 India/€14.24 Europe/$14.99 US
  24. Cat Quest 1&2 – I would recommend getting both of these games as they both are genuinely fun to play. Both are open world rpg with really cute visuals and great combat. However, it is better if you don’t play it one after the other. Time to platinum for both would be around 20-30 hours. Cat quest 1: ₹149 India/€1.94 Europe/$1.94 US Cat Quest 2: ₹499 India/€5.99 Europe/$5.99 US
  25. Creaks – A puzzle adventure set in an eerie world accompanied by awe-inspiring hand drawn visuals and an original soundtrack that will rock your sound buds, if that was a thing. This little indie game is definitely a must buy and the time to platinum is 5 hours. ₹581 India/€6.99 Europe/$6.99 US (These prices reflect the 5% ps plus discount, so adjust accordingly if you don’t have ps plus)

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