Call Of The Sea Review


Call Of The Sea is a first person walking sim, with puzzles, that was developed by indie studio Out Of The Blue. It was published by Raw Fury and was released to Consoles and PC in December 2020.


On an island 74 Miles East of Tahiti, there lies ancient ruins. Norah’s husband, Harry, goes to try and find a cure for her illness. But after months of not getting a letter from Harry, Norah receives a package at her door. Telling her of the island, a picture of her husband, and a weird dagger. So she finds her way to this island to find out what has happened to her husband.

As you explore the island, you learn more about how Nora lived her life with her debilitating illness. Or what happened to Harry and his crew. You also see how this island can drive people to madness and learn that people used to live there thousands of years ago in such strange ways. Although a lot of this is given to you in straight up dialogue, a lot of the story is also put into environmental pick ups. So say you’re someone who doesn’t want to interact with every single item on the ground. Well unfortunately you’re going to miss a lot of the character building and relationship that Harry and his crew had. Or how they all struggled on the island, and didn’t want to press further. But Harry didn’t want to leave until he found a cure.

The story kept me heavily invested in all honesty. To see what happened to Harry. Whether he was dead or alive. What happens to Norah, and whether there was an answer to her disease. What really kept me invested though, was the story of the ancient civilization that used to live on the island. As you get further in, you learn so much about them. How their society worked, what kind of people they were, and even how they saw the island, that they lived on. It was incredible and the developers did one hell of a job crafting every single thing about them. I wanted more, I craved it. 

As for the gameplay, it’s relatively simple. All you do is walk around the island, and solve puzzles that are in the environment. Though as I said, there’s items you can. Pick up for more story and lore if you’re willing. Now the puzzles are my sore spot for the game. Not because they’re bad. Some of them were really quite good! Especially near the end of the game when you’re crafting constellations on a star chart on the floor. But then there’s others that I felt were not so well done. The game has some puzzles that make you think, and I mean really think. To the point where I had a headache and an hour had passed and I still had absolutely no idea what I was doing. To the point where I honestly turned to google. Sure after seeing the solution, I understood how it was found. Maybe those few puzzles just didn’t click properly in my head. It happens. Or maybe they were just way too convoluted. Who knows.

Throughout all of chapter 4, I had to use a walkthrough. Except for one or two puzzles that I managed on my own. But even streaming the game, there was one puzzle that me and the community didn’t understand, and we came up with ideas, and I went “what about this way?”, but got no results. Until finally, I turned to the walkthrough and everyone scratched their heads about the solution. No puzzle should be that convoluted. Then after that, the puzzles were well crafted, and amazing. Some required thought, but not to that extreme. So the inconsistency for difficulty in the middle half of the game was very off putting.

But even when I struggled with some puzzles, the game was still a delight to look at and listen too. The beautiful sombre music, the amazing visual appearance of the island. Plus there were some underwater sections that were so amazing. I’m a sucker for underwater areas. So when it happened, I was gushing over them. Between the fauna and the fish in the water that you can see. I wish there were more areas like it.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Fantastic Immersive Story
  • Amazing Music 
  • Great Puzzle Designs


  • A Few Terribly Inconsistent Puzzles


This game really caught me off guard. I expected a basic walking sim with slight puzzle elements. But the story was fantastic, the world was immersive and the puzzles were excellent in the way they were crafted. But there were 3 specific ones, that without Google, I would’ve been screwed. But luckily they didn’t ruin my experience with the game too much! I can’t recommend this game enough.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Out of the Blue Games
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Raw Fury
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £15.99/€19.99 Europe / $19.99 North America
Trophy Information: 35. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 4 / Silver 11 / Bronze 19

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Call of the Sea – Release Date Trailer

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