Henchman Story Review


Henchman Story is a Visual Novel developed by indie studio Silken Sail Entertainment. It was published by Top Hat Studios for consoles and PC. It was released in October 2021.


We all know the story of the superhero, but what about the story of the super villain? Furthermore, what about the super villains henchmen? It’s not enough to get beaten up by the superheroes, but what do they do when they’re not causing massive villainy? Has anyone ever wondered? Well wonder no more! As Stan, we finally get to see a day in the life of the super villain’s henchmen.

The story starts off relatively silly. Stan, and his super villain boss, Lord Bedlam, and other henchmen are robbing a pet food store. At least until the superheroes arrive. Then it all goes wrong for poor ol’ Stan. Then you get to peer into his life as he lives at the hideout. With his own big room, and you see his relationship and general lack of investment in the super villain’s goals, because it’s just a job for Stan. But everyone around him is a treat to interact with. There’s Dave, the overly excited supervisor, who’s impossible to not love, the chef of the cafeteria that Stan has a rivalry with, and Kate. Sweet little Kate. But we can’t forget Lord Bedlam, who just tries way too hard, and is just laughable. Then there’s Madame Scorpion. The mysterious supervillain who is a hard ass and doesn’t allow for leniency. You’re on the side of evil, so act evil!

The dialogue in the game was absolutely hilarious. Which I honestly didn’t expect. I expected a gritty and serious little VN adventure, but it was so light hearted and witty, I was laughing for most of the adventure. It helped that any of the spoken dialogue was actually voiced, and the actors nailed it. Whether it was sarcasm, or someone being absolutely terrified. Plus there are a dozen endings to get! Though two of them have basically the same ending, the other 10 are all pretty different from each other. But some of these were such a pain to pull off, mostly because there was no conversation about this game anywhere! Okay well that’s a lie, but no one had figured out proper routes for each ending. So there was a lot of experimenting until I got them right. 

But with a game of this magnitude, there is one thing that would’ve been nice to have. A route chart. I know I’ve said this a lot with some VNs I’ve reviewed. But if you’re going to have multiple endings, don’t leave it up to the player to remember! The only reason I remembered what endings I had, was because of the trophies. But some of these endings were really great for what it’s worth, as the endings are split up between two giant routes. Whether you’re helping the supervillains, or you turn tail, and become a hero! Though I really hated the super villain route. I didn’t like being mean to everyone. Especially Dave. I loved Dave. But it was interesting to see Stan get serious about the business he’s in.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Silly Story
  • Fantastic Characters 
  • Awesome Dialogue


  • No Route Chart
  • Some Endings Are Very Specific For Requirements


This game really surprised me. I was expecting a serious adventure, but instead I got  a witty and surprisingly funny time instead. I will say I wish someone had an ending guide made as I was playing this, but I still managed to do it all. If you love super heroes, or VNs, I can’t recommend this read enough!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Silken Sail Entertainment
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Top Hat Studios
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £11.99/€14.99 Europe / $14.99 North America
Trophy Information: 27. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 19 / Bronze 2

Images – https://www.igdb.com/

Henchman Story – Launch Trailer

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