Lucid Cycle Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 1 – 2 hours
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Lucid Cycle trophy guide!
From Tonguç Bodur & EastAsiaSoft; Lucid Cycle is a walking sim with puzzles with an easy and short trophy list!


Step 1: Beat The Game
That’s all there is to the trophy list. Once you beat it, you have the platinum. It’s a very basic walking sim, with some different mechanics once in a while! Each level has a walkthrough written for it if you ever get stuck. Once you beat the game, you’ve done everything!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver Dream MuSh8RT
Gold Dream H4ou7S3E
Gold Dream Su56KenC
Gold Dream N3onC2B
Gold Dream S7ta1oN
Gold Dream Ba3LR00m
Gold Dream O77ice
Gold Dream C4n1yon
Gold Dream E3ta4te
Gold Dream C4v1e
Gold Dream P2rk2
Gold End R45dS
40-platinum Shimmering Dreams

Tips and Strategies:

  • Push once to turn on Sprint. You may need to toggle it a few times.
  • The dialogue choices towards the cube don’t matter!

Video Walkthrough:

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Trophy Guide:

Shimmering Dreams
Unlock all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

Dream MuSh8RT Gold
Finish the dream of the mushroom forest.

This level is very short. Walk to the end of the path, interact with the picture on the table, then walk back the path you just came down, and go into the portal!

Dream H4ou7S3E Gold
Finish the dream of the three houses.

In the second level, there are 3 houses. In the first house, walk in and use  to turn all the slugs into food. In the second house, watch the deep sea diver walk into the floor. In the third house walk around and look at the woman until swans start circling the gold and make it disappear.

Once all events are completed, go to the right side of the second house to find the portal.

Dream Su56KenC Gold
Finish the dream of the sunken city.

In the third level, you have the power to jump with . You have to jump onto train cars, as you work your way up until a portal appears. Jump into said portal. In the next spot you’ll be in a house. Walk into the living room and interact with a lamp just to the right of the TV. It’s a black and white block.

Now walk into the door just behind you and interact with the canvas. Then go back to your bed. Let the scene play out then walk to the end of the boat and into the portal. Walk forward into another portal.

Dream N3onC2B Gold
Finish the dream of the neon cubes.

Walk around the left of the iceberg until you see a dragon statue. Walk to it. Repeat this action. Walk forward into the dragon pole. Turn right and you’ll see another statue. Walk to it. Do it again. Then walk straight into a statue and a portal will appear. Now use to knock down all the sailors then enter the portal. Go into the living room, talk to the lamp, go paint the canvas, then go to sleep again. Now get to the other side of the ballroom without touching someone in a Hazmat suit.

When on the other side a portal will appear. Enter it, then fall down the hole. Talk to the lamp, paint the canvas, go to bed. Now you can’t move, but you can shoot the animals with . Do this until a portal opens and go through it. Now you’ll be in a big city, and you’ll need to shoot all the neon blocks.

This may take a while, as there is no indication on where they lie. So look carefully. Once you have them all broken, you won’t be able to shoot anymore, and a portal will open in the map to go through.

Dream S7ta1oN Gold
Finish the dream of the station.

Interact with an item on the center table, then interact with the big urn. Now go to a small door, opposite the giant door. Take the first left, then left again and get the lungs on the crate. Go back to the urn and interact with it.

Go back through the door and take the first right, then follow the hall through a door. Get the heart on the table, and return to the urn. Now enter the giant door. In the big room, the portal is on the left.

Dream Ba3LR00m Gold
Finish the dream of the ballroom.

Do the normal room sequence. Lamp, paint, bed. When you start the next area. Turn until you see a black silhouette. Go to it. Then go to the next, and through the portal. When you start in the maze, turn around and follow the clothes. You should see a purple lamp. You should notice the floor is littered with clothes.

Follow the path of these and you’ll finish the maze easily. In the ballroom, you have to reach the other side while keeping the reticule on the black wall in the middle. It may not touch anything else. No balls or the floor! When you reach the other side of the wall, you need to back up into the portal.

Dream O77ice Gold
Finish the dream of the office.

Complete the room sequence. Cube, paint, bed. Just walk to the end of the path in the first section. In the next area, look at the piano and keep interacting with it until it disappears. Now make your way to the portal without being caught in the light of the lighthouses. Go up the right or left side for an easier time. In the office, there are four hats.

A wizard hat on the left shelf next to blue folders. A top hat on the far left shelf, just under some coloured folders. A sombrero next to the end of the table you started on. Then a football helmet on the shelf on the right side of the room. Put all these hats on people to open the portal and finish the area.

Dream C4n1yon Gold
Finish the dream of the canyon.

Complete the room sequence. Lamp, paint, bed. In the next sequence, you can only move forward. Do so until it’s complete.

Dream E3ta4te Gold
Finish the dream of the estate.

In the first area, you’re driving a car. Use the left stick to go forward and the right stick to steer. If you crash, use triangle to reset the car. You have to break every orange square in the area. When you break the last one, the portal appears right in front of you. In the next area. Walk forward and turn right to find a light on in the cornfield. Stand in it until the sequence completes.

Complete the room sequence. Lamp, paint, bed. In the next area, just walk to the end of the path. Once you’re in the big room, walk slightly to the left and there’s a big block in the center of the room with two levers. Use the left hand one to switch the symbol you see to a circle. Then use the right one to open the portal. In the next area, you’ll be on a street with apartment blocks around you.

Start walking down the street, and you can enter the last building on the left. Walk all the way up the stairs and you’ll see a door that’s open on the left. Go into that door and the next, and interact with the TV. Then the portal appears in the hall. If you’re not fast enough, the screen will turn red and you’ll need to try again. Complete the room. Cube, paint, bed. In this area, you need to walk around and interact with all the red brains.

After that, a portal will open where you started. Make sure to check every staircase. If you get close enough to one, you’ll see the square prompt on it. You then have to watch the next sequence and it will end on its own.

Dream C4v1e Gold
Finish the dream of the cave.

At the beginning of this level, you’ll see footprints on the ground. Follow them. At the last set you’ll notice there’s a room in front of them. On the right side of this room there is a staircase. You’ll need to look carefully as it’s incredibly dark. Work your way up the stairs and go into the room. Now stand in the room until the scene is done. Now do the room scene. Cube, paint, bed. Now walk into all the statues and the portal will open.

In the next area you have to stay near campfires or you freeze. The path is, go to the campfire in front of you. Then go right to the front of the, then behind it. When you get to the intersection, go left, and follow the path straight, cutting through some grass beside a house. Once past the house, immediately go right and you’ll see the portal. Now press the elevator button and enter it, and watch the scene.

Finish the room sequence. Cube, paint, bed. Now for the last sequence, you have to make it across the cave by walking on standing bodies. You start on the left side and slowly work your way to the right side for the correct path. You shoot the head to rotate them the way you need them to be. If you fall, you go back to the beginning. So be careful!

Dream P2rk2 Gold
Finish the dream of the park.

The level starts in a room. Possibly a university study. At the far end you’ll see a door and three red balls. Interact with them in the correct order. Left, right, middle. Walk to the end again, and there’s four balls. Starting left to right, we’ll count them in numerical order.

The order is two, four, three, one.
The next order is three, five, two, one, four.

Now enter the portal. Complete the room sequence. Cube, paint, bed. In the next area, you’ll be in a field of purple grass and trees. In the center, there is a blue balloon that you have to shoot. Once you do, the camera will pan up into the sun. Look down and enter the portal.

End R45dS Gold
Complete the game.

In this last level, you’ll be in what looks to be a sewer. Go straight and follow the path. You’ll end up coming to a room. Once you enter, turn around and a portal should have appeared.

Complete the room sequence. Cube, paint, bed. In the next area, you’ll see a room ahead of you. Maneuver in the dark until you reach it. Once inside, follow the appearing floor tiles until you reach the end.

Complete the room sequence again. Except when you paint, the game will be complete!


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