Super Animal Royale Weekly Challenges! September 13-20th, 2021!

A new week is upon us in the wonderful Super Animal Fun park! This means new weekly challenges to complete, and boy are these ones a doozy! So without further ado, let’s break them down here!

  • First up we have “Play 25 Matches”.
    • Easy. 2,200 EXP for completion.
  • Second up we have “8 Hunting Rifle Kills”!
    • That’s right! One of the worst weapons in the game, and you need 8 kills with it. My advice is just land near people, and hope for the best! 2,500 EXP for completion.
  • Last but not least, you have to “Destroy 30 Explosive Barrels”.
    • If you don’t know what that looks like, well it’s a red barrel that explodes when you shoot it! 2,500 EXP for completion.

There you have it! Another week, another set of challenges! Maybe just skip the hunting rifle kills though. Just not worth it.

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