Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 3 hours
Trophies: 17 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 3 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: One


Welcome to the Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins trophy walkthrough!
Developed by Kaigan Games and published by Maze Theory; Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is an investigative horror adventure game where you need to search through texts, emails, pictures, and video files to solve the mystery of two missing people.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies:

The game only autosaves when you add a clue to your inventory.  Plan accordingly if you’re not going to do this in one sitting.

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Trophy Walkthrough:

There are JUMPSCARES in this game.

Do whatever symbols you want until you’re in the phone
Decline the call – Bronze Well that was rude… unlocked
Click the Osgood icon (from now on, I’ll just say “Osgood”)
Click the yellow bar to bring up your responses.
This sounds weird, but I’m not sure how either
You expected me to pick up this phone?
That’s rather presumptuous of you
Intriguing!  How can I help?
Gold We’ve got a game… unlocked
Where do I start?
Great!  How do I do that?
Find a picture of Lawrence.  Got it.

NOTE: Whenever you’re in text conversation with Osgood, wait for her to finish texting before you go back into the phone to investigate. Otherwise you may miss story triggers or her unlocking more of the phone. It’s not game breaking if you miss these things, but not waiting for her to finish texting is ultimately just a waste of time.

Home screen

Gallery – Photos
Open “img_019” (lower left picture) and scan it (yellow bar) –  click the yellow bar, then move the cursor into the non-yellow area and hold down until the bar fills. – Silver First clue! unlocked
Home screen

I think I’ve got his picture
Upload clue – Lawrence’s photo
Odd?  What’s odd?
But something’s different here?
Okay, so what do we do now?
Any clues from the bug you put on his phone?
What else do you know about Lawrence?
Home screen

Read the first message (mail.web) and scan it (clue: argument with Flint)
Read the second message (, scroll down, click the “open link” button
Order ID 574320
Order Date 13/02/2021
Status Delivered
Submit, then scroll down and scan the receipt and scan it (clue: party supplies)
Back x3
Home screen

Bronze Well that was strange… unlocked
Answer the call, then hang it up

Read Mo’s message
Scroll down to the glitched message, and scan it
Close all the error windows, then scan the glitched message again (clue: corrupted chat)
Scroll further down until you reach the audio message
Click play and let it play out, then scan the message (clue: Mo’s apology) – Bronze Mo’s Apology unlocked
Back out
Read Sally Sparrow’s message – Bronze An old friend unlocked
Home Screen

Upload clue – Mo’s apology
This just got more interesting
Upload clue – corrupted chat
What’s up?
It could still be useful
Upload clue – party supplies
Think his car is still at the address?
Upload clue – argument with Flint
Seems like Mr Nightingale was causing trouble
Do you think Flint could’ve harmed Lawrence?
Maybe he just got tired of the city life
There was an incident with a woman close to him
Sounds promising
How do you know?
But he DID try to call his phone!
These weird, flashing images appeared
So, what now?
Right.  Where should I start?
Gold Never run when you’re scared! unlocked
Home screen

Read the first new message (findme.web)
Scan the glitched message
Click the fourth bar from the top
Scan the glitched message (clue: corrupted email)
Scroll a bit further down and open the link
Type in, then search:
71 Timber Street
45 / Brown / Female
Scroll down to the message and scan it (clue: Natasha is missing)
Back x3
Open the second new message (thecraft.web), and open the link
Scroll to the second photo and scan it (TARDIS 1/4)  (clue: Louvre’s blue box)
Back x2

Open the third new message (sacredcircle.web) and open link
Scroll down to jjjackpot’s second comment and scan it (clue: Sacred Circle)
Scroll down and click “Back to Main”
Read @inquiringminds’ message, and open the article linked there
Scroll down into the article until you can scan it (clue: The Drumlins Disappearances)
Back x2

Read @citysighs’ message, scroll down and open the webpage linked there (Metropolitan Archives)
Click the download button

Click the top left corner of the phone to bring up a newspaper page
We are now in the Gallery
Scan the newspaper (clue: The London Chronicle)
Back out x2
Til Death Do Us Part
Click the fifth picture (glitchy), scan it, back out of the warped photo, and scan the glitchy photo again (clue: corrupted photo)
Click the bottom middle picture (img_311) and scan it (clue: someone special)
Home Screen

Click the plus sign on Sally’s chat and click the new part of the chat
Play the audio clip and scan it (clue: Lawrence’s concern)
Home Screen

Upload clue – Lawrence’s concern
They seem scared of the place
Pick up the phone call and let it play out
Just someone saying a bunch of random numbers…
Could it be the data corruption?
Upload clue – someone special
Seeing them makes this much more…real
Upload clue – corrupted photo
Great!  These items ARE useful!
They might connect to other fragments as well…
Upload clue – corrupted email (you’ll need to click over to the icon)
Something wrong?
Odd is better than wrong!
That’s good, right?
Maybe the last piece will make sense of this.
Upload clue – Louvre’s blue box
Sorry, doctor…who?
What’s so special about an old phone box?
Time-traveling alien Doctor.  Why not
Maybe Lawrence found the Doctor?
Upload clue – The Drumlins Disappearances
How do 12 people go missing like that?
Upload clue – Sacred Circle
Have you seen anything like it?
Yet another mention of that place
Upload clue – The London Chronicle
Yes!  I spotted the anomaly too…
What’s a Time Fracture?
Upload clue – Natasha is Missing
Luckily, we’re neither of those things
What kind of trouble?
So, what’s the plan?
I feel like I’ve heard about UNIT before…
Wow.  Um, should I be worried about this “Time Fracture”?
It looks like Wester Drumlins might be important
Any new files to look through?
I’ll let you know if I find anything.
Home Screen

Read newest message (r.chandra199)
Scroll down and scan email (clue: Cal Nye Wallers)
Home Screen

Click the plus on Mr Flint’s message, then click the message
Scroll down to the audio recording, play it, and scan it (clue: Mr. Flint’s retaliation)
Home Screen

Click the Into the Unknown bookmark
Click the Alabama blue box article
Scroll down until you can scan the article, and scan it (TARDIS 2/4) (clue: Alabama’s blue box)
Back out, scroll down to the glitched entry, and scan it (you’ll need to click out of a pop-up ad halfway through) (clue: corrupted website)
Home Screen

Click Wester Drumlins, then back out to home screen and click anywhere

Upload clue – Alabama blue box
So, what’s the Doctor like?
Sounds fantastic
Do you know the Doctor?
You got to travel through space AND time?!
What kind of alien is the Doctor, anyway?
Explains the time travel.
Maybe they Lord over…time?
Upload clue – Cal Nye Wallers
Oh, I see it!
I remember Lawrence telling Sally someone new owns it now
Answer the phone and let it play
The same.  Static and numbers.
Both messages started with a word
Can you trace the source?
Upload clue – corrupted website
Thanks!  You’re gonna put them together now?
Upload clue – Mr. Flint’s retaliation
Everything leads us to that place.
We did learn some useful things
But the problem is…
Can you recover more files?
Anything else?
You’re sure it was a mirror?
The answers might be in Wester Drumlins
I take it you’re going with her.
I see why you’d prefer the lab…
Sure. Why not.
Home Screen

Answer the call and let it play – Gold Call it a day, Mr Nightingale! unlocked
Sorry, I couldn’t hang up!
No problem!  How do I do that?
I can do that! I’m on it.
Home Screen

Close out the game and BACK UP YOUR SAVE.  Unfortunately, this is the closest autosave to a timed portion coming up.  It’s good to have something to fall back on if you run out of time.

Wester Drumlins
Put the six puzzle pieces together – they will snap together when placed correctly
Click through all nine pictures, scanning (img_411) on the way (clue: the angel)
Back out – Silver There’s something on the phone! unlocked

A timer has started.  Get through the next conversation quickly.

There’s something ON THE PHONE!
Wait, this sounds familiar!
You know what it is, don’t you?
A weeping what now?
That sounds pretty dire!
Can we just…delete it?
Great idea!  Show me how!
Home Screen

You now have to delete the four corrupted fragments you found.  This is a timed segment, but it’s not clear how much time you have – the phone will just slowly lose all its colors.  So do it as quickly as possible.  Even “pausing” the game (bringing up the objectives menu) will not stop the timer.  The game will continue on if you fail this (the phone will reboot in “safe mode”) but you’ll be locked out of future trophies if you don’t do this.

Into the Unknown
Click the moth picture (should be the top one – you can’t mess it up)
Click the word “CUBE”
Click “NO”
Click “I have my own path”
Delete the glitched file – this works like the scan, except instead of holding you need to spam it. You’ll need to do this a few times to fill the bar. You’ll also have to deal with a few pop up windows on the way; click whatever you need to click (should be “not interested” “I’m fine, thanks” “proceed”) to get out of the ads.
Home Screen

Ignore Osgood’s text – it’ll just eat into your time

Til Death Do Us Part
Click the fifth picture (glitchy)
Delete it – you’ll be sent to random distorted pictures when you make some progress. Just go back into the glitchy photo and keep progressing
Home Screen

Open the third message (findme.web)
Delete the glitched message
When the messages shuffle, you’ll need to find its new location – it’s randomized, so keep clicking the bars until you find it
Home Screen

Open Mo’s message
Scroll up until you reach the glitched part
Delete the glitched message
You’ll be thrown to random parts of the text while doing this, and the final time you’ll have to close a bunch of pop up windows
Home screen

Delete the home screen
That was…way too close
Should I expect more of these things…?
Upload clue – the Angel
The same creature I fought off earlier?
Home Screen

Play and scan the movie file (clue: corrupted video)
Scan the photo (TARDIS 3/4) (clue: flying phone box)
Home Screen

Read the new email (met-archives.web)
Scan the link (clue: MET Archives download link)
Open the link and attempt to download it
Home Screen

020 7946 0827, then dial (Metropolitan Archive)
Enter 3 (you need to wait to hear that option first) then 1034 (after the beep)
Wait for her to hang up
Home Screen

Upload clue – flying phone box
Why are you so interested in finding the Doctor?
Seems exciting!
I’ll think about it
The Doctor visits Earth a lot, then?
Altering history?
Upload clue – MET Archives download link
I haven’t a clue!
Upload clue – corrupted video
Can you fix it?
We should get a hold of it, then!
I can do that!  Game on!
Home Screen

Open Marguerite’s chat
Sorry, I’ve got a problem with the file you sent me
We met last week
It was good to meet and chat in your office
Yep, the old video footage
I accidentally deleted it 😦
Can you give that to me too?
Gold Master persuader unlocked
Open the link from the chat and click the download button
Click the top left corner of the phone

Let the video play, then scan it (clue: a message from Natasha) – Gold Wibbly wobbly…time-y wimey…stuff unlocked
Back out
Open the drawing next to the long video, then scan it (TARDIS 4/4) (clue: phone box on Bleak House)
Home Screen

That was emotional!
Upload clue – phone box on Bleak House – Gold Not your average police box unlocked
That’s a lot to live up to
Perhaps Lawrence has already found the Doctor
Upload clue – a message from Natasha
Not all love stories have happy endings
Think they’re still at the house?
Home Screen

Watch the final video clip, then scan it (clue: don’t blink) – Silver Don’t blink.  Don’t even blink.  Blink and you’re dead. unlocked
Click the bottom middle video, let it play, then scan it (clue: Lawrence’s plan)
Home Screen

Upload clue – don’t blink
So is this who you were looking for?
Upload clue – Lawrence’s plan – Gold Lawrence’s plan… unlocked
Poor Lawrence.
Does it?  Could you summarise?
Oh, besides that I mean
It’s up to us then
Lawrence wanted to use their own reflections against them
Answer the phone and wait for it to hang up
But three calls can’t be coincidence
Who do you think is behind this?
There must be a reason for the calls!
Lawrence’s phone came into my possession?
Could it be Natasha?
Maybe it hasn’t happened yet
We need to help her!
Click the connect button
Answer the phone and wait for the call to hang up
Home Screen

Open the Mr Flint chat (not the plus symbol)
Scroll down until you reach a picture, then scan it (clue: Flint’s bad side)
Home Screen

Consider backing up your save here; you’re coming up on another timed portion soon.  If you didn’t have a problem with the first one, you should be okay; the upcoming one is easier, because there’s only one piece of business instead of four, but it’s still a one-shot thing.

The Angels got to Flint!
Hey, we’re in this together – I can help!
How did Ayesha get in?
Bring it on!  How can I help?
Find an image of Flint? Got it. On it.
Upload clue – Flint’s bad side
No, wait for backup!
Click the connect button
Can I help?
What?! Get out and barricade the door!
To trap the Angels with their own reflections!
Can you watch them with Ayesha’s cameras?
Maybe we can rotate some of the cameras?
Answer the phone and wait for the call to hang up
Click the camera icon in the top right of the bar above the Osgood chat
Unlock each camera, then position them to look at the windows of the house.  You’ll know you’re in the right spot because the tracking box will turn green and say LOCKED
Shark: 1747 / Watcher: 9327 / Angel: 5801 / Joker: 9226
Home Screen

Open Mr Flint’s chat (not the plus)
Delete the picture of Mr Flint’s face
Click the connect button
Home Screen

Hey…Are you there?
Please…say something –
Gold Saving the world with a disco ball unlocked
So you’re okay?
Will the disco ball hold in that position?
It’s not your fault
What about Lawrence?
Thanks Osgood
You’re welcome.
Right back at you 🙂
Answer the call and wait for it to hang up
Let the credits run.
After the post-credits cutscenes, Gold Happy ever after… and 40-platinum Clever Clogs! will unlock.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

If you enjoy my work, please consider donating to my Ko-fi.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Trophy Walkthrough

  1. I usually love your walkthroughs but not this one.You left out a lot of stuff & i had to start from beginning using another walkthrough whick is more in depth.


    1. Thank you for your comment. The walkthrough has been thoroughly tested, however we respect that some may struggle to follow the instructions provided.
      If you would be happy to provide feedback on where you think the walkthrough is lacking , then we would take this into consideration for potential improvements.
      Thanks again for checking out NODE Gamers.


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