Rogue Explorer Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 45 – 90 Mins
Trophies: 16. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 10 / Silver 5 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None


Greetings comrades and welcome to Rogue Explorer trophy guide!
Rogue Explorer is a Roguelike from EastAsiaSoft and ZOO Corporation. Think Of the game as a 16 bit “Returnal”, but with much more forgiving RNG elements.

The game has regular stages and depth explore  versions of the same stage. Basically a slightly harder and more chest filled version of the same Stage. You can earn upgrades for each run in a level and then purchase permanent ones from the shop after the level is over.


One could say the game objective is to play and beat the first 3 levels, but that wont get you all the trophies.

If you want to make your playtime shorter you need to make sure you are completing the bonus task found in the players hub area. Such as, Kill X amount of enemies, merge items, etc.
You will have a much easier time getting the coins needed for the 50k coins collected trophy this way.

Also make sure to utilize the permanent upgrades that can be bought in the players hub area. My recommendation is to play the first level and beat the boss then do the depth explore of the level. After that complete the second level of the game.
After the second level you will earn a spear from the side quest menu. Equip this as your main weapon and along the way to level 2 victory you earn a secondary weapon that will aid you in your quest. Just give it a few upgrades and you will be set.

The spear weapon is the real hero here. It can hit enemies from much farther away and it makes the game a lot easier. Yes the spear may take a extra hit or two to dispatch with a enemy, but the safety it grants you by attacking from afar is worth it. Personally during my playthroughs in and outside of the levels I focused on weapon attack powerups.

Any time you can get a weapon attack, or health powerup focus on those. You won’t have enough coins or chest for a couple trophies after level 3, unless you died a lot.

I’d recommend playing through level 4 for mop up of those trophies. There is a chest collector side quest, so you can use that to track the chest trophy, and I just kept a tally of coins earned on a separate piece of paper.

There is also a glitch with the level 3 boss that can help you out as well. When fighting the level 3 boss, if you are quick enough and make him slam into the wall, there is a good chance he will clip into it and become stuck. This happened to me in half the stacks I played.

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Trophy List:

Rogue Master
Unlock all other trophies.
Enemies I Gold
Beat 5 enemies.
Enemies II Gold
Beat 100 enemies.
Enemies III Gold
Beat 200 enemies.
Coins I Gold
Collect 5,000 coins in total.
Coins II Gold
Collect 25,000 coins in total.
Coins III Gold
Collect 50,000 coins in total.
Items I Gold
Get 50 items.
Items II Gold
Get 250 items.
Items III Gold
Get 500 items.
Treasures I Gold
Open 1 treasure box.
Treasures II Gold
Open 10 treasure boxes.
Treasures III Gold
Open 30 treasure boxes.
Explorers I Gold
Complete the exploration mode of “Grassland”.
Explorers II Gold
Complete the exploration mode of “Mine Tunnel”.
Explorers III Gold
Complete the exploration mode of “Abandoned Town”.

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