Highschool Romance Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 0/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5-10 Mins Skipping (3-5 Hours Reading)
Trophies: 15. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 2
Missable trophies: Gold Fallen Kiss
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 3


Welcome to the Highschool Romance trophy guide!
Another short VN by Dharker Studio, ported by Gamuzumi. You take the role of Shoji in an all girl’s school! You can either read the silly story, or get the platinum in 5 minutes!
Dealer’s choice!


Step 1: Lea’s Route
First things first, if you want to skip this game, go into the options, turn text speed to max, and turn on skip all messages!
If you want to read it, make sure you quit to the main menu before closing the app, to keep your CG Gallery progress.

Now the first character we’re going to do is Lea, the principal! As hers is kind of the longest. Plus it’ll set up a nice save spot for playthrough 2! After this step, you’ll have most of the trophies!

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Go Running
Gold Kiss Selina
Gold Shopping
Gold Shocked
Gold Kiss Lea
Gold Lea’s Yukata
Gold Be A Maid
Gold Lea True Love

Step 2: Selina’s Route
Luckily if you followed the walkthrough and saved where I said, you’ll shave off a minute or an hour! Depending if you’re reading the novel or not!
After this run, you’ll only need a tiny handful of trophies left!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Silver Picnic
Gold Festival
Gold Selina True Love

Step 3: Hoshi Route
Last but not least, we have Hoshi. I saved this for last because you have to start a whole new playthrough because Gold Fallen Kiss is highly missable, if you don’t choose the right options, which are also contradictory to Lea’s route. But after this, you’ll have the platinum!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Play Tennis
Gold Fallen Kiss
Gold Hoshi True Love
40-platinum Shoji’s Year

Text Walkthrough:

Lea’s Route

  • “I’ll do what I have to.”
  • Gold Shopping
  • “Only if you do first.”
  • Gold Shocked
  • “Leave her to it.”
  • “Go Running.”
  • Bronze Go Running
  • Save On Save Slot 1
  • “Let her win.”
  • “Risque Underwear”
  • “Cough.”
  • Gold Kiss Lea
  • “Finish the race.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Sure, I’d be glad to go.”
  • Gold Lea’s Yukata
  • “It’s very nice.”
  • “No.”
  • “Park.”
  • “Classical.”
  • “Say Nothing.”
  • Gold Kiss Selina
  • “I’m still interested.”
  • Gold Be A Maid
  • “Pervy.”
  • “Show me how.”
  • “Selina.”
  • “Let it be.”
  • “Lea.”
  • Gold Lea True Love

Selina’s Route

  • Load Save File 1
  • “Try to win.”
  • Silver Picnic
  • “Stop and help.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • “Help Selina.”
  • Gold Festival
  • “No.”
  • “Park.”
  • “Pop Music.”
  • “Admit the truth.”
  • “Selina.”
  • “Let it be.”
  • “Selina.”
  • Gold Selina True Love

Hoshi Route

  • Start New Game
  • “Heck no.”
  • “I lost mine.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Play Tennis.”
  • Bronze Play Tennis
  • “Invite Hoshi to karaoke.”
  • “Sexy bra.”
  • Gold Fallen Kiss
  • “Finish the race.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Help Hoshi.”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Park.”
  • “Classical.”
  • “Say nothing.”
  • “Hoshi.”
  • “Leave Selina alone.”
  • “Hoshi.”
  • Gold Hoshi True Love & 40-platinum Shoji’s Year

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Trophy Guide:

Shoji’s Year
Find everything there is to find about Shoji’s final year.


Play TennisBronze
Play Tennis With Hoshi.

You get this when choosing to play Tennis with Hoshi, instead of going running.

Go RunningBronze
Go Running with Selina.

This unlocks when you choose to go running as opposed to playing Tennis with Hoshi.

Have a picnic with Selina.

When you have a nice picnic with Selina, this trophy will be yours!

Kiss SelinaGold
Receive a kiss from Selina.

You get this from just about any choice you make. Selina just decides to kiss you.

Go Shopping with Lea.

When Lea takes you to go shopping for clothes, this is yours!

See everyones booths at the festival.

Partway into the school year, there is a festival. This only seems to unlock on Hoshi or Selina’s routes. Not Lea’s. You don’t get options to see stalls, it just happens.

Lea Suprises you when shopping.

When shopping with Lea, you have to tell her to try the clothes on first, before you will! She decides to show you what they look like. Steamy!

Kiss LeaGold
Lea suprises you with a kiss.

When you visit Lea’s house on her route, she lays one on you!

Lea’s YukataGold
See Lea in her Yukata

This unlocks during the Festival scene when you’re on Lea’s route.

Be A MaidGold
Lea makes you be her maid.

When you’re trying on play clothes for Lea, you get to be a naughty maid!

Fallen KissGold
You and Hoshi kiss… sort of.

Kiss the drunken Hoshi! This is highly missable! So I recommend looking at the walkthrough portion of the guide for this, as the very first choice impacts this trophy. You can still get Hoshi’s perfect ending without acquiring this trophy.

Lea True LoveGold
Completed the game and found love with Lea.

This is for getting the best possible ending with Lea. Refer to the walkthrough for more info!

Hoshi True loveGold
Completed the game and found love with Hoshi.

This is for getting the best possible ending with Hoshi. Refer to the walkthrough for more info!

Selina True LoveGold
Completed the game and found love with Selina.

This is for getting the best possible ending with Selina. Refer to the walkthrough for more info!

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