Super Animal Royale: Story Quest Locations Season 1 Guide

In Super Animal Royale, there’s a few silly story “quests” you can do. You can get the hint to most of them from the Professor in the park, while you wait in the lobby for it to fill up, but others are a bit more hidden.

Whether more will be added next season or not remains to be seen. But for now, this is your one stop shop (on a highway of shops) for some information!

Each quest you complete, you get a cosmetic as well. But you can only claim it if you have the Super Edition. So pay up. I promise it’s worth it. So without further ado, let’s move on shall we?

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Praise Banan – Reward: Banana Emote

  • Here we go. For the first story challenge, you have to find the cave of Banan and offer up a Banana to the altar. The cave is located in the top right of the map, where you’ll find a mountain range, and the entrance is on the left side. Look around for bananas before you enter. Enter the cave, go down the narrow hallway, and toss a banana at the statue to get this! The location is on the map below, marked by the Red X!

A Tip For Sink – Reward: Suit

  • This and “Found The Sasr Hideout” are in the same building! You first have to find a banana. Whether it’s in the opening, or you obtain it by cutting grass! Then go to Super Animal Farm, where the Red X is on the map below, and you’ll find a big barn with a blue tarp on it. On the right side of the building, there will be a small hallway, with ropes that form a line. Go to the front of the line, and throw a banana at the cardboard cut out, to give Donk a tip, and complete this challenge!

Found The Sasr Hideout – Reward: Rebel Hat

  • This is in the same building as “A Tip For Donk”. You don’t need any special weapons for this! Simply drop to Super Animal Farm, the Red X¬†on the map below, and find the barn with a big blue tarp on it. In the centre of it all, you’ll find the room with a blue tarp, but you won’t be able to get it. Go against the top wall, and to the right, you can smash some boxes and find a button to step on behind them, unlocking the room and the challenge! The picture below the map shows the button!

Dart The (Not A) Rat – Reward: Prison Outfit

  • For this challenge, you must first find a dart gun! You can find this in most red crates that are scattered around the map! Once you have a dart gun, head to Superite Mountain, marked by the Red X on the map below. In one of the caves, you’ll find a bunch of prison cells, and The Rat. Hit him with a dart gun shot, and finish this challenge!

Dr. Dognas Secret Lab Lab – Reward: Lab Coat

  • This one requires you to do a tiny little puzzle. First go to the Pyramid, which is marked at the Red X on the map. Then go into the bottom entrance to the pyramid. Next you’ll want to go into the pyramid and go to the left most pillar. Next to it is a button. Step on it and a hallway will open to your left. Go into the hallway, and at the top you’ll find a button.
  • Follow the little line on the floor to the right, to go into a little square room with a cat sarcophagus in it. Interact with the sarcophagus with X, and it’ll open, and you’ll see a switch. Interact again, and the lab will open up to your right with the Professor. Exhaust his dialogue and finish this challenge.

The First Super Skullcat – Reward: Cat Staff

  • This is just outside the Super Pyramid in Super Saharaland. If you go to the Pyramid, marked by the Red X on the map, go south and left to find a sphinx. On the left side is a button you can step on to open a door between its feet. Go inside and exhaust the dialogue to get this challenge done.

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