Ravva and the Cyclops Curse Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 45 Mins
Trophies: 13 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


 Greetings comrades, welcome to the Ravva and the Cyclops Curse trophy guide from Publisher EastAsiaSoft, and Brazilian Developers Galope Team.

For the small title that this game is there is some good depth to the game; especially with some of the gameplay. I do recommend playing to the end of the game to finish the story, which only adds about 20 mins to the game post the Platinum.


First things first go to options and set the game to easy, as with this option selected you cant lose any lives – otherwise this would be a significantly harder platinum to obtain.

In a weird twist you don’t have to play the tutorial first in order to progress with the game. The tutorial trophy was actually the last trophy I earned.

The portals will not disappear until you attack them and make them disappear. I personally had all kill trophies by the end of World 1, except for the basic kill trophies. These you can work on in World 2, and after that you can continue to work on them in World 3, or farm them in the tutorial level like I did.

Anything else will be listed under the trophies. Happy hunting comrades.

Tips and Strategies:

You have 4 powers to use on the game and you will have to use them all to get the plat in this game.  The game just list them by colour, as per below –

  • Blue – Used to freeze enemies
  • Red – Used to shoot upwards
  • Green – Used to shoot downwards
  • Yellow – Used to look for hidden things

The game game has plenty of “enemy dies x amount of times” by “x ability trophies” but they can be farmed if you want at any point in game when you see a enemy portal.

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Trophy Guide:

Level Master
Unlock all other trophies.

Earned after all the other trophies.

Ohh, shiny! Silver
Get your first Rainbow Star.

These will be one of the items that you find hidden within multiple levels. I found mine in 1-2.

Learning the Basics! Gold
Complete the Tutorial.

You can do this at any time. This was actually the last trophy I earned, as I forgot to do tutorial. Also a great level to farm kills in as well.

Through the Woods Gold
Clear all the Forest stages.

You will earn this after beating the boss of Level 1-3.

At the end of the level your path is blocked by plant vines, where a red angry plant appears and you have to defeat it to eliminate one of the vines blocking your path.
After the red plant is dealt with you have to backtrack in the level to defeat the other 2 coloured plants.

It was not a mirage! Gold
Clear all the Desert stages.

You will earn this for beating the desert level boss.

With kids mode on the boss is just a bullet sponge. Just keep shooting him until he’s nice and dead.

I’ve got the power I Gold
Kill 15 enemies with standard power.

See Gold I’ve got the power lll.

I’ve got the power II Gold
Kill 35 enemies with standard power.

See Gold I’ve got the power lll.

I’ve got the power III Gold
Kill 50 enemies with standard power.

Just use your standard power to defeat enemies 50 times to earn this one.

Green Power Gold
Kill 35 enemies with green power.

This power is the one used for shooting downwards, so the enemy will need to be below you, or right in front of you.

Red Power Gold
Kill 15 enemies with red power.

This is the shoot upwards power, so the enemy will need to be in front, or above you to hit them.

Hidden Secrets Gold
Find 15 hidden power-ups in total.

Using your yellow power constantly, be on the look for hidden blocks or power ups. I earned this before the end of Level 1-3.

Extra lives ftw! Gold
Collect 3 extra lives in total.

They are scattered around the levels or hidden. I earned this one during level 1-2.

Glitter stuff Gold
Collect 250 coins in total.

Just keep collecting all the coins dropped by enemies or in hidden blocks . I earned this one during 1-3.

If you haven’t by then don’t worry, as you still have the desert levels to go through.


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