Bunny Bounce Review


Bunny Bounce is the third entry in the Bounce visual novel series! Developed by Dharker Studios for PC, and ported to Switch by Gamuzumi!

*Disclaimer: This review will contain spoilers for the previous game, Beauty Bounce, and spoilers for the main story as well!


Picking up immediately after Beauty Bounce, you’re put in the role of Tomoya for a third time! You’re coming back from the bank after getting a good deal on the land for the Beach Bounce resort, only to almost be hit by a car! Luckily you’re saved by a mysterious stranger. But wouldn’t you know it, you smack your noggin and the fun begins!

Silly Tomo is stuck with hallucinations, where all of the lovely ladies in his life are dressed up….as sexy animals. Cats, Lions, Mice. You name it! But what about men? Well they’re never brought up. Does he imagine children dressed as cute little baby animals? Well it doesn’t really say, even though there is a section about kids. So it really says something about the sex fiend that Tomo truly is. Which at the same time, kind of makes his character a bit boring in this. Though I guess he hasn’t changed. He was a sex starved beast, and he still is. Willing to fuck anything in a skirt.

The game is basically sectioned into stories for each character. You go through a day with each of the 4 main ladies, plus the woman who saved you, Asuki. They were fun little adventures, but ultimately felt like they didn’t go anywhere. Considering they didn’t go anywhere. But you do learn a few things about some of the characters that help flesh them out. But again, it turns into “I guess I’ll take a break. Spend the day with this person. Oh no! Intimate point! Sex?”. Then it continues to the next character. So that was a bit lame.

Though as you play through the game, depending on your choices, you realize there’s a little more to Tomos injury than originally suspected. So there is an ending that was easily my favourite. You can have sex with literally everybody, and you end up insane and stuck in a coma….or as a vegetable…either way your stuck in your own imagination, where you’re having sex with everything and everyone! I had a good laugh.

Though, considering what I can only imagine is the canonical ending, I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here, if there’s any more Bounce games. Though this one does suffer in the same areas as the others. No choice route chart, incredibly short, like Beauty Bounce. But it was fun seeing if you can keep Tomo healthy enough to pull off a recovery.


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Silly Premise
  • Sexy Outfits
  • Hilarious Ending


  • Very Short
  • Story Goes Nowhere


Again we are hit with a very short VN in the Bounce series. The story feels like it goes nowhere, just in circles. Though you do learn things about some of the already great characters! But again, it’s just a decent VN in the already silly series. So if you want a quick read, definitely pick it up, but don’t expect much! Still has one of my favourite endings in the series so far though!

Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Dharker Studios
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Gamuzumi
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Bunny Bounce Trailer (Switch)


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