Under the Warehouse Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 25 min
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: One


Welcome to the Under the Warehouse trophy guide!
From GoolWorks and EastAsiaSoft, “In an unnamed city, deep in the urban sprawl, lies a darkened building of brick and concrete filled with boxes, documents, appliances and enigmatic workers of all sorts. No one seems to question the mysterious, haunting atmosphere of the complex. In first-person adventure Under the Warehouse, you take the role of a worker who receives a phone call and a request for help.


Step 1: Find the Colourful Egg
This puzzle walking sim will have you searching for clues to ultimately find the colourful egg. During your playthrough you will need to head backwards and forwards finding the clues to proceed, and also solving the puzzles.
below we have included a full text walkthrough to acquire the egg, which should hopefully shorten your platinum run.

Tips & Strategies

to Select / Spam Dialogue
Hold to Run
– Exit Inventory

Text Walkthrough

– New Game
– New Game
– Answer the Phone – Trophy EarnedSilver The telephone

– Head through the opening at the back and then left when you enter the room, then take the first right opening
– Once in the next room turn left and pick up the Gold Stein
– Head around the bar in front and interact with the door at the back
– Interact with the character in the room and exhaust the dialogue
– Go back behind the bar and Interact with the Keg (by the door) – Select the Gold Stein from your Inventory and exit it with
– Interact with the character in the room and exhaust the dialogue to open the door at the back of the room
– Head through the door, first left, then right and Interact with the Character at the end of the room
– Go straight and pick up the black/red card that is located directly ahead of you on the floor by the knocked down lockers
– Head to the right through the opening, then right through the classroom, and right again through the door
– Interact with the Bucket on the floor and click the Card from your Inventory to clean it – Trophy EarnedGold The badge card I

– Make you way back to where you retrieved the card and interact with the double door to your right by the Guard – Trophy EarnedGold The entrance

– Go right and make your way left after the first set of stacking shelves. Towards the end you will need to interact with a note on some boxes on the left that say FEED
– Turn around and head back the way you came, then left at the end and through the opening
– Interact with the Strange Machine in front of you and FEED it
– Go back the way you came and towards the other end of the Warehouse. On the left side after going past the way you came in you will find a green “Recycle Rewards” box that you will need to interact with, and place the paper inside – Trophy EarnedGold The meal token

– Turn and head to the back of the Warehouse, Interact with the Fishdog Vendor, and give them the Meal Token
– Now head to the far right side of the Warehouse again and enter the doorway that is located to the left of where you found the Strange Machine
– Go forward a bit and then round to the right. Pass the feet of the big statue and on the right side of the room you enter will be another opening in a wall (Head right as much as you can and make your way through the storage mess to find it)
– At the end of the tunnel the room will open up and you need to select the Mustard Dispenser from the right side of the room, then add it to the Fishdog in your Inventory
– From here go back the way you came and head straight towards the door you used to enter this second big Warehouse. By the door (hidden by some shelving) you will find a Worker sitting on the floor that you will need to trade your Fishdog for their Hardhat – Trophy EarnedGold The fishdog with toppings

– You will now want to head through an opening that is straight ahead as you originally entered the room
– Continue to the right once inside and follow the path upwards until you reach the end of the path into a big opening
– Go left and through the door and into the Laboratory
– Grab the Battery from the back side of the right table
– Go into the next room via the left side and grab the blue spindle off of the desk in front of you and interact with the The Professor – Trophy EarnedGold The badge card II

– Exit the room by entering and interacting with the weird looking machine behind you
– Turn immediately left and interact with the door that has the Guard next to it
– Straight on and then to the right into the plant growing room, where you can grab the SEED from in front of you – Trophy EarnedGold The bag of seeds

– Back the way you came and turn left at the first chance, then through the door
– You’ll be back in the Warehouse where you deposited the Recycling, so head back to that point and through the door right by the box
– Make your way down the corridor and right around the bend. Through the door and grab a piece of Cake off of the table
– Head back through the door and around to the left, then take the first open door on the right once you have gone around the corner
– At the back left of the room full of Washing Machine’s you will find an open one with a Bone you can grab sticking out of it
– Go back into the corridor and head to the right, and through the next open door on the right where you will need to follow the room round to the left
– In the back left corner you will find a Burning Cabinet and you will need to use the Cake on the Cabinet (This will light the Candle on the Cake)
– Back to the main corridor and exit via the door on the right
– When in the Warehouse head to the far side and through the door located in the middle of the far wall
– Go immediately to the left and you’ll find a small opening that you can head down to find a Chicken. Use the Seed on the Chicken to get an Egg
– Head back to the main warehouse (through the opening, then the door on the immediate right)
– Make you way to the door located in the far left corner by the Fishdog Vendor
– Use the battery on the left side of the Machine at the end of the room, then use the Egg on the main part of it – Trophy EarnedGold The chicken egg

– Back to the main entrance of the warehouse and you will find a ladder on the wall that you will need to head up, right by where you originally came in
– Give the Dog a Bone – Trophy EarnedGold The watchdog

– Head to the Pedestals and place the Cake on the middle right one to reveal the door that you can head inside to grab The Golden Bell – Trophy EarnedGold The golden bell

– Now go back all the way you came (Pass the Pedestals & the Dog), and back down the ladder
– Go left (Towards the Recycle Box), through the door ahead of you, and back into the Corridors
– Take the first open door on the right and located in the back left corner of the room is a Trapdoor that you can interact with
– Head straight within the Filing Room until you are forced to stop; open the inventory, and select your Golden Bell (x2). This should reveal some floating steps that you can cross
– Through the door and head straight to the statue with the Pink Eyes (right side). Interact with it twice to open the door at the back of the room
– Head through this door and continue into the next room
– Interact with the first statue on the right once, then the one back left three times to reveal another door opening
– In the next room interact with the statues again (Right side x1, Middle Left x2, Far Right x3)
– Another room (more statues) – Left Front x3, Back Right x3. From this statue turn right and the door is located there where you will find another statue within that you need to interact with once
– Back to the previous room and interact with the 2 statues here three times each (again)
– Head through the revealed door and continue on until you reach an open area with a Great Big Frog in the middle of the water
– Turn left and interact with the Sparkling Pool (small pool of water), then grab some water with your Hard Hat
– On the opposite side of the room head up the ladder and flip the switch located to on the right side immediately as you change screens
– Head into the rooms and take the first possible left, through the doorway and right, then through another door (Should be back in the warehouse)
– Turn left and head to the back of the ware house by the weird looking machine (by the FishDog Vendor) where you will see an opening on the left side just before it. Head down here and unlock the door
– Once inside to through the door on the back left and pick up the Trowel from the table, then back through the door and into the warehouse
– Go through the door just left of you here by the Guard and the first right once you’re inside (Plant Growing Room), then interact with the big Pot in the right corner. Add the Water (Hard Hat) – Trophy EarnedGold The flower

– Use the Trowel on the Flower, then head back to the warehouse and back into the area where you first acquired the Trowel and down the stairs on the left side and grab the Fishing Rod off the table in the middle of the room
– Take a left into a Study area and place the Flower on the right side HeadlessStatue
– On the left use the Key with the burning corpse in the coffin, and head back the way you came
– When back in the bigger area head right through the glowing blue doors and right as soon as you enter
– Pick up the Green Worms from the desk at the back and then head back to the main warehouse
– Go through the door just left of you here by the Guard and this time turn left at the end, then straight to open the frozen door ahead
– Head straight and use the Fishing Rod on the Fishing Hole before heading back to the warehouse again
– Once inside head back to where you got the Fishing Rod and back through the big frozen doors, then left once inside
– Interact with the character in the far left corner and pick up the Gold Stein next to them before heading back to where the Fishing Rod was
– Head to the right side opening of this room and interact with the Funnel Machine inside it
– Add the purple Fish, then move around the left side of it and fill your Gold Stein with Fish Paste from the Bathtub
– Go back through the frozen doors, left, then place the Gold Stein in the Machine in the back right corner
– Proceed to go back towards the entrance to this room, but turn left at the crossways (rather than right to exit the room), and into the Elevator
– Go straight and follow the waters edge around to the left for a bit, then head off to the right once you get to some shell like creatures and follow the sand around to the right where the colourful egg is located
– Grab it and you’re done! – Trophy EarnedGold The colorful egg & 40-platinum Warehouse Master

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Trophy List

Warehouse Master
Unlock all other trophies.
The telephone Gold
Answer the call.
The badge card I Gold
Find the badge card and clean it.
The entrance Gold
Enter the warehouse.
The meal token Gold
Receive a meal token.
The fishdog with toppings Gold
Bring the worker his meal.
The badge card II Gold
Get the badge card from the professor.
The bag of seeds Gold
Find the bag of seeds.
The chicken egg Gold
Get the key from the chicken egg.
The watchdog Gold
Bring a distraction to the guard dog.
The golden bell Gold
Find the golden bell.
The flower Gold
Let the flower grow.
The colorful egg Gold
Find the colorful egg.

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