Hidden Bunny Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 – 3 min
Trophies: 46. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 1 / Silver 20 / Bronze 24
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Hidden Bunny trophy guide!
From DillyFrame Games, Hidden Bunny is “hidden object puzzle game where you need to find all the bunnies on the given location.


Step 1: Find 45 Bunnies
In this hidden object game there is a total of 45 bunnies hidden within the scenery. They are joined on screen by a number of different characters and objects, and they can range from tiny little bunnies hidden in the distance, to great big ones that are part of the rock face. All 45 are easy to find, and the search area itself is not that big.

Work your way along the bottom, moving left to right, and slightly up each time you reach the end point and you’ll have this platinum in no time at all.
Don’t forget to look closely at the trees, and the rock faces, as you’ll be surprised at the ones you actually skipped passed.

Video Walkthrough

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Trophy List

Thank you, my friend!
You’ve found them all!
1 Bunny
Find 1 Bunny
2 Bunnies
Find 2 Bunnies
3 Bunnies
Find 3 Bunnies
4 Bunnies
Find 4 Bunnies
5 Bunnies
Find 5 Bunnies
6 Bunnies
Find 6 Bunnies
7 Bunnies
Find 7 Bunnies
8 Bunnies
Find 8 Bunnies
9 Bunnies
Find 9 Bunnies
10 Bunnies
Find 10 Bunnies
11 Bunnies
Find 11 Bunnies
12 Bunnies
Find 12 Bunnies
13 Bunnies
Find 13 Bunnies
14 Bunnies
Find 14 Bunnies
15 Bunnies
Find 15 Bunnies
16 Bunnies
Find 16 Bunnies
17 Bunnies
Find 17 Bunnies
18 Bunnies
Find 18 Bunnies
19 Bunnies
Find 19 Bunnies
20 Bunnies
Find 20 Bunnies
21 Bunnies
Find 21 Bunnies
22 Bunnies
Find 22 Bunnies
23 Bunnies
Find 23 Bunnies
24 Bunnies
Find 24 Bunnies
25 Bunnies Gold
Find 25 Bunnies
26 Bunnies Gold
Find 26 Bunnies
27 Bunnies Gold
Find 27 Bunnies
28 Bunnies Gold
Find 28 Bunnies
29 Bunnies Gold
Find 29 Bunnies
30 Bunnies Gold
Find 30 Bunnies
31 Bunnies Gold
Find 31 Bunnies
32 Bunnies Gold
Find 32 Bunnies
33 Bunnies Gold
Find 33 Bunnies
34 Bunnies Gold
Find 34 Bunnies
35 Bunnies Gold
Find 35 Bunnies
36 Bunnies Gold
Find 36 Bunnies
37 Bunnies Gold
Find 37 Bunnies
38 Bunnies Gold
Find 38 Bunnies
39 Bunnies Gold
Find 39 Bunnies
40 Bunnies Gold
Find 40 Bunnies
41 Bunnies Gold
Find 41 Bunnies
42 Bunnies Gold
Find 42 Bunnies
43 Bunnies Gold
Find 43 Bunnies
44 Bunnies Gold
Find 44 Bunnies
45 Bunnies Gold
Find 45 Bunnies

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